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    is a community-made miniatures wargame in which two armies clash in an epic battle.

    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age
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The 9th Age

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age

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Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age is an independent table top miniature wargame set in a fantasy world, in which players take control of armies and set them upon one another in conflicts ranging from minor skirmishes to mighty battles with hundreds of models.

The game and all of its rules are completely free to download and use, and consist of a main rulebook and over fifteen army documents, ranging from stoic men and noble elves to the feral orcs and dread worshipers of the dark gods. You can easily assemble your own army using appropriate 28mm miniatures from any manufacturer.

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age has been created by a group of experienced wargamers, a large supportive staff and continuous input from the wargaming community. We aim to provide a competitive, balanced and fun game, with updates and new rules to be released regularly.

We’ve created 16 unique armies from the Dread Elves in the west to the Ogre Khans in the east. Each army has different units and playstyles and can be represented by models from any 28mm model company. People said it was impossible, but we have created a game that is both balanced and fun. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourselves.

Happy wargaming.

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  • New

    Because I write longer reports than the forum software wants me to...

    Koe turn 4

    The Yeomen Rally, right in front of the Lion Guard. Oh well, life is tough.

    The Yeomen charge and run down the fleeing Lancers and mage. The elves are now effectively out of magic since their mage-BSB is stuck in combat with his magic missiles uncastable.

    Paladin Calix tires of Chariots existing, charges and topples the last one, though not before it slays the last three Aspirants

    Finally! the trebuchets both hit the almost intact Lion guard unit...

    First hit...

    Second hit..

    Yeah, I can see why people take them. The Lion Guard went form almost-unhurt to effectively neutered in a single turn
    I think the Archers pulled down one of two too.

    The elf BSB slays another two or something peasants. He's not going anywhere.

    Elf turn 5

    With only three units alive, this is a short one...

    The Knights of Ryma shuffles around as the Lion Guard massacre the Yeomen

    Even with the Lion Guard depleted, the result was never in doubt

    End turn 5. They're pretty short now.

    Koe turn 5

    Lovisa and Calix tries for the Lion Guard, Lovisa reaches, Calix does not.
    Hmm, pretty bad. Might lose Lovisa here. But I don't really care, the game is already mine. I'm just mopping up here.

    The halberds go into the BSB
    Not actually expecting them to do anything, but +3 for ranks + 1 for another banner and +2 for the flank should see the pesky elf off

    Meanwhile Elsa sneaks around and draw a bead on the Knight of Ryma, drawns a deeeep breath...

    And sings four out of the five knight to death. The lone knight does not lose heart.

    In the combat, Lovisa is unable to penetrate the heavy pelts of the Lion Guard, Beauty tear a couple apart and take two wounds from their great axes back.
    If Lovisa hadn't had the Blessed Scriptures she's have died here. Took them for Bolt Thrower insurance, am very glad I did.

    in the end it is too much and the elves are unable to avenge their general.
    Mindful of the thorny forest, Lovisa stays her pursuit

    In the other combat the BSB somehow suffers a wound from each unit and only slays a single peasant. Greatly outnumbered, flanked and wounded, he breaks and surrenders.

    End game. Not quite a tabling, but close.
    There was a single Knight of Ryme left, 5 fleeing Lion Guard and maybe some Reavers that we forgot about.
    For obvious reasons we decline to tally up the score as the result was quite plain to see.


    If you are wondering why I never really mentioned elven magic, it's because Elsa did the job I got her for and even without a Dispel Scroll she provided magical superiority, shutting off all but a handful of elven spells, none of which made much of a difference. As an aside, having been on the receiving end of it, I find Cosmology very underwhelming. Sure it is very flexible but out of the three spells I faced I could comfortably let two (the WS and LD ones) through had I wanted it and not really cared.
    Though in return my opponent didn't let me get away with a single The Stars Align, rightly fearing that it would rip his Flame Wardens asunder. Did get a couple of Unerring Strikes in though, and that's a really, really good magic missile.
    My impression of Divination as a very solid Lord continues.

    Lovisa was nice, not as deadly as a Might Lord but the mobility and power of the Hippogriff was very welcome and it is a lovely model.

    Trebuchets were... meh. On one hand they devastated the Lion guard and pulled a rank from the Flame Wardens. On the othe rhand they cost a bunch and did nothing else. And had I the models, I could have gotten another large peasant block or even a proper Knightbus for the cost. I can see their use, but I don't see myself bringing them in every list.

    Paladin Calix did well. Providing rerolls and chariot-smashing where needed. I like the build as most armies have something that Audacity can trigger of on. I don't know how well he's stack up to a proper monster, but he'd at least threaten one.

    Halberds were misused and never really saw combat, only really scaring off the Lion Chariot.

    Pegasus Knights were a.... issue. I pretty much threw them both away in dumb charges but their refusal to die, like, ever also pretty much won me the game since I could just charge unit after unit into the centre melee until Lovisa could finally get there and break them.

    Spearmen did what I knew they do well: poke T3 elves until they fall down. If you can keep them from running, a large block of Spearmen will trade well even with elven elites.

    Archers were complete naff. But much of that were down to dice. And Elsa needs a nice, safe place to hang out in, so I guess they're staying.

    Overall a quite enjoyable list with some staying power, a fair amount of mobility and powerful characters. [Read More]
  • New

    So, once again the Knights of Equitaine take to the field to defend their realm against the raiding Highborn Elves!
    Eh wait.... I said Knights, didn't I? I clearly menat peasants!

    This is one of the three armies that i'm currently testing out

    Size of Game: 5000pLength of Game (time). 5 hours
    Victory points and army We didn't actually tally it up, but I Think I would have won with 20-0, or Close to it
    Player Experience Level: Casual/IntermediateOpponent Experience Level: Casual/Intermediate
    # of Game With Current Draft: 0# of Game with Current Draft: 0-1
    If you played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)
    If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n): Yes, but my list countered his pretty hardIf opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n): Y
    Your most valuable unit: One particular unit of Pegasi Knights, the other was uselessOpponents most valuable unit: Small Lancer unit
    Your least valuable unit:; Archers, they once again brought the foam arrowsOpponents least valuable unit: The Lord, tough I personally Believe that was at least party due to missplay

    Duchess Lovisa, Renown, on her Hippogriff, wielding the Blessed Sword and clad in the Crusader's Helm and awarder the Blessed Scriptures.
    She's gonna try and rub herself over any chariots, Phoenixes or other targets of opportunity and well as providing some cavalry superiority and generally playing the really super-Heavy chaff game, if she need to.

    Paladin Calix, on pony with the usual Audacity, Questing Oath, Hardened Shield, Lucky Charm combo.BSB
    The makes the Peasants not run away and in a pinch he can probably see off any Phoenixes that try their luck. Also complimentary super-Heavy chaff, if needed. But basically he should keep the peasants within 6", if able.

    Dame Elsa, Lv 4 Wizard Master of Divination with the Book of Arcane Power. Rolled Fate's Judgement, Know Thy Enemy, The Stars Align and Unerring Strike
    Magic support, pure and simple. There to provide Cold-Blooded to the peasants and general support.

    5 Yeomen
    5 Yeomen
    5 Aspirants, musician
    5 Aspirants, musician
    Chaff, chaff, chaff, also warmachine hunters and anti cavalry units. Aspirants have Musicians since they're not light troops

    3 Pegasi Knights
    3 Pegasi Knights
    Heavy chaff. Skirmishers because why would you ever not? Have some thoughs about sacrificing some peasant to make them vanguard just to have lots and lots of people up the field very quickly. Decided not to right now. Might change in the future. At the moment they're tasked to support the Aspirants.


    50 Spearmen, FC
    50 Halberdiers, FC
    30 Archers, no command since Archer champions are now useless
    2 Trebuchets
    I know from experience that peasants can fight even elite elves really well, since you get about 4 of them for the price of one elf. So I got a hundred of 30 of the Little buggers
    They'll deal with most elves that want to throw down and don't carry halberds, especially if I land a few rocks on them first.
    So their the meat of the army that the rest will support

    The enemy (From memory so might be slightly off in the exact numbers)

    High Prince of Ryma, Lance, Shield, Dragon Armour, Potion of Strenght
    Really, really scary for one turn and on the charge. Not so much otherwise. Has a 1+ and a 4+ regen which is Always a solid combo.

    Commander, BSB, 3+ AS, was a lv 1 mage of Pyromancy as well, because elves can do that. Had Fireball and Scorching salvo.
    Decently tough BSB and secondary mage. Negligable thread in combat.

    Mage, Asfad Scholar, Lv 3 of Cosmology. Had Altered Sight, Mind games and Perception of Strength, pony
    Solid secondary mage.

    12 Lancers
    Main combat unit, Lord and Mage Went here.

    5 Knights of Ryma with the Banner of Ryma
    scary, scary, scary combat unit

    5 Lancers
    Heavy chaff

    5 Reavers
    5 Reavers
    Light chaff and chaff superiority unit

    20 or so flame Wardens with the Rending Banner
    Still super-scary! but too low in number to actually chew through one of my peasant blocks with any speed.

    20 Lion Guard
    Solid, hard to shoot. Will kill any Knight of Character they touch. Will lose to peasant blocks.

    2 Reaver Chariots
    Light chariots,chaff and pressure unit, since it has vanguard

    1 Lion Chariot
    Still scary. I really respect this one and it did kill anything it touched!

    So a infantry-based KoE army against a Cavalry-based HBE army?
    Very interesting.

    We used the first official map of the map pack and rolled up the center objective mission for it.
    My oppponet won the roll off and took of course the side I had wanted.
    We both had a equal numbe rof drops so none really had a deployment advantage.

    After Vanguards it looked like this:

    My main force on the left facing of against Flame Wardens, two Chariots and the Lancer block and assisted by half of my Chaff and all my characters.
    The elven right flank was much heavier than min, with Lion Guard,… [Read More]
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