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    is a community-made miniatures wargame in which two armies clash in an epic battle.

    The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles
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The 9th Age

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age

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Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age is an independent table top miniature wargame set in a fantasy world, in which players take control of armies and set them upon one another in conflicts ranging from minor skirmishes to mighty battles with hundreds of models.

The game and all of its rules are completely free to download and use, and consist of a main rulebook and over fifteen army documents, ranging from stoic men and noble elves to the feral orcs and dread worshipers of the dark gods. You can easily assemble your own army using appropriate 28mm miniatures from any manufacturer.

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age has been created by a group of experienced wargamers, a large supportive staff and continuous input from the wargaming community. We aim to provide a competitive, balanced and fun game, with updates and new rules to be released regularly.

We’ve created 16 unique armies from the Dread Elves in the west to the Ogre Khans in the east. Each army has different units and playstyles and can be represented by models from any 28mm model company. People said it was impossible, but we have created a game that is both balanced and fun. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourselves.

Happy wargaming.

The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Newest News

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    Happy Aspid

    Hobboth? Sounds like small rat like creature, but not sure I am correct.

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Hobo-a-bit? Something like a teacher during the summer holiday period?

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    Nonono, that's hoe-bit. Like, the metal part of a gardening tool.

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    Hoe-bit sounds like a pornstar nickname. "Need seeds planted? I got tools."

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    Lich King

    Love the new Hereditary Spell of the DL. Is it really +1 Strength for any spell cast earlier in this phase? Or do they have to be successfully casted?

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Guessing successful

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt
    Lich King

    Would be a bit broken otherwise. :D

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    yes - iirc the book will be clear and it will be successful casting

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    but you can build a list around spamming this spell and gaining tokens if you wanted - its pretty cool

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    actuall you should spam other spells to buff this one...?

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    Oh it is Rep...

  • wcf.user.avatar.alt

    what's "Rep" in this context?

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    Bugmans Advent Release Timing Randomness (BARTR) is not stressful at all

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Upcoming Events

  1. Sat, Dec 15th 2018

    Caledoriv - Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 138, 66740 Saarlouis, Germany

  2. Sat, Jan 5th 2019 - Sun, Jan 6th 2019

    Kathal - St. Veiter Str. 26, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria

  3. Sat, Jan 12th 2019, 9:00am - Sun, Jan 13th 2019, 7:00pm


  4. Sat, Mar 9th 2019, 9:00am - Sun, Mar 10th 2019, 5:00pm

    kiri - Tramsschapp, 49 Rue Ermesinde, L-1469 Luxembourg


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Recent Activities

  • Kaitin -

    Liked WastelandWarrior’s post in the thread .205 Warriors of the Dark Gods.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from Mahlzeit: “Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Keep sorceror cheap. Reduce all his stats to one except wounds for all i care. Hes just there to cast spells. ” that was the idea for this iteration of the sorcerer, I think. However, seeing how other…
  • Since I've been gone for a few updates I guess I'm a beginner again. So I DL the 2.05.1 rules and I don't see the enchants anywhere..? Do these still exist and if so then where? Thx
  • Idahoquantum -

    Liked DanT’s post in the thread O&G community feedback on Trolls.

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    Ok, as promised, this is the redesign I recently put together for trolls. It was vaguely inspired by the (currently WIP) background that was available to me internally. Please don't take this as the project direction on trolls, or indicative of how the
  • WastelandWarrior -

    Replied to the thread .205 Warriors of the Dark Gods.

    Quote from AutoHammer: “I had a game today vs VC. Lost fairly decisively despite quite a lot of very good luck. My list: (Hidden Content) Opponent's list: (Hidden Content) Summary: - I tried to flank with my unit of chosen knights but got permanently…
  • Grimbold Blackhammer -

    Liked DanT’s post in the thread .205 Warriors of the Dark Gods.

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    Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Yeah but other books are allowed good stuff at discount prices, its our asaw for all our stuff to be at least slightly over costed ” Get back under your bridge... :P
  • ArchangelusM -

    Liked BondageGoatZombie’s post in the thread HE General and News - Discussion.

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    Well gf is gf. Gotta go full in or out. Everything else will ultimately lead to catastrophe. Dismiss or marry :P
  • Eisenhans -

    Like thr news The Ninth Age Christmas Advent Day 4 from Bugman.

    Hello, fellow Legionaries, On the fourth day of Advent, Chaos Santa brought us a new unit from the Daemons Legion book.... * * Brazen Beasts3 models, may add up to 3 additional models for pts/model * 0-3 Units per Army Height: Large Type:…
  • Idahoquantum -

    Liked sgu97bjd’s post in the thread O&G community feedback on Trolls.

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    Correct, there should be a tactical challenge to using trolls, rather it just being a case of once every 4 or so turns they fail. I don’t mind them being difficult to use as long as there are ways to semi control it and they are enough benefit to make…
  • zqn365 -

    Liked Wesser’s post in the thread Are SE disappearing in your meta?.

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    "Scratches head". Usually I dont manage much damage with shooting unless Sentinels roll more 6s than they should, and my Heath Riders have been doing more Damage in CC and Sylvan Archer tends to die inshooting duels against more cost-effective…
  • Idahoquantum -

    Liked sgu97bjd’s post in the thread O&G community feedback on Trolls.

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    @xaby86 i don’t think it’s a bad idea but there is very little tactical element to it. Basically as long as they can see an enemy (which will be almost all the time) they take a test where they have a roughly 75% chance of success. Whilst I don’t like…