• The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles

    is a community-made miniatures wargame in which two armies clash in an epic battle.

    The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles
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The 9th Age

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age

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Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age is an independent table top miniature wargame set in a fantasy world, in which players take control of armies and set them upon one another in conflicts ranging from minor skirmishes to mighty battles with hundreds of models.

The game and all of its rules are completely free to download and use, and consist of a main rulebook and over fifteen army documents, ranging from stoic men and noble elves to the feral orcs and dread worshipers of the dark gods. You can easily assemble your own army using appropriate 28mm miniatures from any manufacturer.

Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age has been created by a group of experienced wargamers, a large supportive staff and continuous input from the wargaming community. We aim to provide a competitive, balanced and fun game, with updates and new rules to be released regularly.

We’ve created 16 unique armies from the Dread Elves in the west to the Ogre Khans in the east. Each army has different units and playstyles and can be represented by models from any 28mm model company. People said it was impossible, but we have created a game that is both balanced and fun. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourselves.

Happy wargaming.

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  1. Thu, May 25th 2017, 9:00pm - Fri, May 26th 2017, 4:15pm

    Life - C-huset, Stratomtavägen, 581 83 Linköping, Sweden

  2. Sat, May 27th 2017 - Sun, May 28th 2017

    Poxous - Williamsburg, VA, USA

  3. Sat, May 27th 2017

    Pellegrim - 91080 Courcouronnes, France

  4. Sat, May 27th 2017

    Pellegrim - 86240 Fontaine-le-Comte, France

  5. Sat, May 27th 2017

    Pellegrim - 89075 Ulm, Germany

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Recent Activities

  • Poxous -

    Replied to the thread Memorial Day Mayhem.

    Got it fixed. Alos 9 centaurs were missed in Joes army, lores in a few others, and some commands. :( Note: These were missed on the list summary sheet going around. The lists posted by me are correct PDF versions from AB of the lists. If you are in doubt…
  • matrim -

    Replied to the thread #13 / Quarters and reserves.

    I like it however my pet hate corner huggers might be advantaged. even if I have 4 units ambushing my corner hugger can plan for it and will have 2 turn to shoot. yeah I know use terrain etc. But I'd still recommend allowing ambusher to arrive wherever…
  • matrim -

    Liked fjugin’s post in the thread #13 / Quarters and reserves.

    Like (Post)
    The Table is divided into quarters by the straight lines through the centre of the board, parallel to the table's long and short edges. Deployment Zones are one of the corners and more than 12”away from the centre of the table. The opponent has the…
  • matrim -

    Replied to the thread #10 / Protect the Valley.

    Basically that. Volley fire, catapults and cannons on top of chariots will have a slight advantage. if they deployed deep and had some chaff it'll give them reasonable time. As you have eluded it is a narrow field so chaff can delay more (2 units at…
  • WhammeWhamme -

    Replied to the thread Proposals - Terrain Rules - Water.

    Deep Water: Deep Water terrain features can only be placed with at least two sides of the terrain feature being flush against the edge of the table. Deep Water terrain is shallow water terrain for up to 3" in, and thereafter impassable. Rationale: That…