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    Here we are again with yet another publication of the Behind the Scenes blog,

    You will quickly notice that this BTS is shorter in length than the previous ones, but also that it comes much shortly after in time. That is because we felt that adding more content to it would require significant more time, and there was some information that we really really wanted to share with you as soon as possible. So we have taken the decision to do an early release: today we will talk to you about the changes to Melee weapons and show you all the Weapon enchantments.

    Let's see a list at the mundane weapons that you will find in the T9A 2nd Edition rulebook
    • Hand Weapon: All models comes equipped with a Hand Weapon as their default equipment. HandWeapons cannot be lost, destroyed or nullified by any means. If a model has any Melee Weapon other than a Hand Weapon, it cannot choose to use the Hand Weapon (unless specifically stated). Hand Weapons wielded by models on foot can be used alongside a Shield to get the Parry Defensive Trait.
    • Great Weapon Attacks made with a Great Weapon gain +2 Strength, +2 Armour Penetration and always strike at Initiative Step 0 (regardless of wielder’s Agility ). A model using this weapon cannot simultaneously use a Shield against Melee Attacks.
    • Halberd Attacks made with a Halberd gain +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration. A model using this weapon cannot simultaneously use a Shield against Melee Attacks
    • Lance Attacks made with a Lance gain Thunderous Charge* (+ 2 Strength, +2 Armour Penetration). Infantry cannot use Lances.
    • Light Lance Attacks made with a Light Lance gain Thunderous Charge (+ 1 Strength, +1 Armour Penetration ). Infantry cannot use Light Lances.
    • Paired weapons: The wielder gains +1 Attack Value when using this weapon. Attacks made with a Paired Weapons gain +1 Offensive Skill and ignore Parry. A model using this weapon cannot simultaneously use a Shield against Melee Attacks .
    • Spear: Attacks with a Spear gain Fight in Extra Ranks and +1 Armour Penetration and if allocated towards a Charging model, an additional +1 Armour Penetration. Close Combat Attacks from model parts wielding a Spear gain +2 Agility in the first Round of Combat provided they are not Charging and are not engaged either in their Flank or Rear. Cavalry, Beasts and Constructs cannot use Spears.
    *Note: Devastating charge and Thunderous Charge have been merged. In 2nd Edition the attributes/rules in brackets will describe bonuses that the unit gains on the charge, such as +1S, +1A, Lethal Strike, etc.

    You are probably asking yourselves a number of questions, so let's go one by one:

    Can you quickly summarize what has changed and what has not?

    There is no flails in the list of mundane weapons above...?

    Why haven/t you used the opportunity to redesign Great Weapons now that you have the split of S and AP?

    Now, why are you changing the Spear rules?

    So what about the changes to Paired Weapons, why is that?

    Paired Weapons ignore Parry, but what are the new rules for parry?

    So now that you have explained the mundane weapons, can you tell me about the weapon enchantments?

    Enjoy and let us know what you think in the discussion post here:

    BTS Blog - Issue 11 Discussion Thread [Read More]
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    Game 2: Dread Elves Monster Mash

    So, it should be noted that I was originally slated to play another dread elf this round (who would go on to take best overall), but he was 30 minutes late back from lunch and we decided to reshuffle the match ups so we could get started. Not sure how much impact this ended up having as I ended up playing him Round 4 anyways, but it could have made a difference.

    Anyways, here’s his list:

    For convenience, I took:

    Match up Assessment:Magic:

    Deployment and Objective:


    Dread Elves Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    Dread Elves Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    Dread Elves Turn 3:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    Rest of the Game:

    Post-game thoughts:
    [Read More]
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    Hey folks,

    Well, I’m sure we’re all psyched for 2.0 to drop. The amount of times I have refreshed the 9th Age website in the hopes for yet another breadcrumb of information on the upcoming edition is downright embarrassing.


    I’m a grown man with a career and a family. What the hell is wrong with me?



    The end of an edition of a game is always a weird time. Sometimes, as seems to be the trend, many of us lose a lot of our hobby OOMMPHH; that is to say, we recoil from the thought of painting up a new unit or trying out a new build because, in short order, it may be gone, anyways.

    Here’s how I’ve been spending my hobby time awaiting the release of 9th Age 2.0:

    Revisiting Old Armies
    I’m a Daemon player, first and foremost. I’ve logged roughly 150ish games of 9th with my terrible legions of lust and lethargy (mostly Pestilence and Lust… and that sounded better). I can skew a list against any opponent in the span of a coffee break. I know my combos. I know my synergies. I know what supports to try and what to avoid.

    And at this point, that’s a bit boring.

    I’ve been playing my original Fantasy gaming love recently. That’s right, The Crooked Fang Tribe; my goblins have been exclusively my army of choice for the past two months. This has been a pretty interesting experience. It’s given me the chance to see the game from a different angle. That is to say, after playing an elite army for the past 2 years, its been fun to jump back into a horde (tricky) army. I find my deployments to be much tighter. My lists to be far more solid. And, above all, I find myself accepting my Goblins for what they are, rather than forcing the issue to paper over weaknesses.
    This has led to … sadly… a far better win % than even with my (fairly successful) Daemons.
    And, now, I find myself eyeing my Dread Elves…. Hmmm…

    Stop Neglecting the Hobby Aspect
    Look, if push comes to shove, I would chose playing a game of 9th above painting/building any day of the week. I have a career, a one year old son and an incredibly patient wife… so, my time with my toy soldiers is limited, at best.

    It’s been a bit of a downer to see fewer games of 9thavailable lately in my local scene. But, I get it… many are awaiting 2.0 and focusing on other games and other hobbies, for now. Rather than find this to be an out-and-out bummer, I’ve decided to recommit to painting things that have, sadly, not been painted.
    Behold! The Murder Snails (Pestilent Beasts)!

    I’m now trying to schedule a gaming night every two weeks (usually two or three games in an evening). The week in between I am now committing to Hobby time.
    Also, I’m Canadian… and it’s hockey season… so staying up late to watch back-to-back games when my wife goes to bed has given me a great window of opportunity to Get Sh(tuff) Done! (Also, Go Bolts!).

    Help the Newbies

    I guaran-damn-tee you…. There is at least ONE person in your local scene who wants to try out 9th Age. And, to this point, you may have paid little heed to this.

    No, this doesn’t make you a jerk, it makes you a bit competitive. You probably eschew’d teaching a youngling the ropes for having a grudge match at least once. And that’s fine. This is a competitive game and, as stated, hobby time is sparse.

    So now you can stop being a selfish doofus, and teach a newbie the ropes.

    You, yes, YOU…. I know you have multiple armies (many in their grey-glory), schedule a game with one of these non-9thers. Hell, get an “intro to…” night going at your local FLGS. This is the perfect time to get new blood into the game. Remember, once 2.0 drops, we’re all going to be scrambling to figure out what the hell we’re doing, again. For new folks, this’ll be a great time… they have some semblance of parity. [Read More]
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    Half way through my tournament over the weekend I realised I had a glitch in my latest upload that I posted right before I left - sorry for the delay, I am happy to say that;

    Game 5 from Guardcon is now online - enjoy

    SE vs VC Guardcon Game 5


    On another note I had a great weekend away in sunny Napier enjoying War banner, a 6 round tournament with unique secondary objectives, this year we had a great turn out and most of the countries best players were there. i've got another six great games to share with you, although I am now back at work so they may only come out once a week or so - sorry, I will do my best to get them all out asap. [Read More]
  • Excited to share my battle reports from Infernal Zoo 2017! You can expect 5 battle reports coming up a few thoughts before I get started:

    • I have always done some sort of fluff piece to accompany my army before and after a tournament. I like the depth it adds and the motivation for the characters. But I’ve released more fluff in 2017 than the Background team and I’m not feeling particularly inspired so unfortunately I didn’t come up with anything.
    • I had mixed success with taking pictures, between some very tactical games and a few beers I was well short of a pic every turn. I’ll do my best to bridge the gaps and will try to do a PPT pic for each battle to set the stage.
    • Preliminary list thoughts- I thought I brought a bit of a non-traditional list as it was really lacking in shooting (no SGRs or sloops, oh my!) Jack of all trades but master of none is a good synopsis. I’ll speak to the strengths/weaknesses throughout and do a summary at the end.

    So without further adieu, onto Game 1!

    I had:

    He had:


    I rolled up healing waters, transmutation of lead, glory of gold and silver spike. Silver spike wasn’t very useful and the sig was worthless in this match up but transmutation and healing waters were great assets.

    He got the ideal spells: unerring strike and reroll to hit/diving attacks…drat

    Deployment/Scenario: Refused flank and hold the center


    His HBE Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    His HBE Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    His HBE Turn 3:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    His HBE Turn 4:

    Rest of the Game:

    End of Game:

    [Read More]


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