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    So, having just played 5 games at the Colonial Carnage Team tournament I wanted to put some thoughts to paper whilst everything is fresh in memory! I played one of 4 Vampire Covenant armies at the event (32 players) but was the only one to choose the Lamia bloodline. The other 3 VC lists were Brotherhood of the Dragon. With a lot of luck I went 2-1-2 (my 2 wins were largely due to running out of the generous playing time given). Below I give my review of how well the elements of my list did in each game as well as other important game notes. Unless otherwise noted, the magic I took was Spectral blades, glory of gold, along with 3 instances of "arise!" and the mandatory dead arise. Also, feel free to skip ahead to get to the quick and dirty ratings I gave every unit!

    Game 1 vs. OK - Hold the center

    Count, Gen, Dead Arise, Adept(Evo), PW, LA, Blessed Inscriptions, Destiny’s Call, Dragon Staff, Dragon Fire Gem, Commandment: Did not do much except for just survive! She was caught in a combat where she could only allocate attacks at the Ogre Khan general. The OK allocated all his attacks at the Vampire and did 4 wounds! Luckily, I made 3 out of 4 Aegis saves and a 1 was rolled for the multi wound. The vamp also did a wound. After seeing the tactic of allocating attacks on the vampire, I challenged with her in the next round. With 1 less attacks and hitting on 5's the OK did not successfully hit me in the challenge but I could not kill the Khan either. The game ended before the challenge could be finished.
    Necromancer, Adept (Alchemy), Skeletal Steed, La, Necromantic Staff: Raised skeletons above starting size. Nothing else of note.
    3 Tomb Banshees: I split the banshees up between the ghouls, skeletons and Phantom host and they were ineffective.
    35 Skeletons, FC, Spears: The skeletons won me the secondary objective by holding the center for 3 game turns. However, they were the recipient of an awkward charge. The Ogre Khan general and his unit of 9 tribesman managed to wheel around my phantom host and hit the skeletons in a way that took away 2-3 files of my attacks whilst not taking away any of his. To make things worse for me he rolled out of the box to hit and with battle focus he did more hits than he had attacks! After crumble I was down to just command models! This was the 5th turn and no doubt if the game was finished that the rest of this unit would have been vanquished along with the likely crumbling of the vampire and court of the damned.
    20 Ghouls, Ch: Nothing of note but were about to be crushed by Mercenary Veterans!
    2 Bat Swarms: 1 unit chased the cannon/chariot but never made it as time ran out and the other died to merc vet shooting.
    Altar of Undeath: I can't remember of it died or not but it definitely didn't do anything helpful!
    Court of the Damned: The court of the damned mustered the only significant damage I could do against the big tribesman unit.
    5 Dire Wolves: Chased cannon with bats... They may have been killed by an intercepting ogre dart.
    8 Barrow Knights, Mu, Std, Zagvozd’s Banner: One of the few games this unit did not die but they also were not able to do anything useful.
    4 Vampire Spawns: Passed their frenzy check and were able to dance around and eventually charge the frost mammoth. They kept the frost mammoth away from my lines even though they were slowly being ground down. End of game they gave up half points and did not do enough to get half from the mammoth.
    3 Vamp Knights, Ch: Misplayed them but in their sacrifice they kept the mercenary veterans away from the center of the table allowing the skeletons to easily hold the objective for 3 turns.
    1 Phantom Host: Unsuccessful chaff attempt (see skeleton entry).

    Game notes: This ended up in a small win because of securing the objective but surely I would have lost big had the game played out. I think the skeletons would have done much better against the tribesman if both units were maximized and the tribesman did not go flipping crazy with battlefocus! A fun game but would have preferred to play it out!

    Game 2 vs. UD - Secure Target

    Count, Gen / Court of the Damned / skeletons - Picked up points for an ethereal scarab swarm but the overrun took them out of position where they were comb charged by Shabti, skeletons and another ethereal scarab swarm. The Shabti did most of the damage and it was enough to crumble everything... this was more to do with a horrendous mistake I made than to the performance of the list elements. Ouch! The court may have actually killed his wizard master (my opponent was being a great sport and mentioned to me I could attack him - I wouldn't have seen this otherwise as my chariot was sideways and I couldn't see what was in base contact).
    Necromancer - Was foiled by the casket and could not get a spell off until he was about to die. When he did finally get a spell off (Glory of gold on the vampire spawn) he rolled three 6's on a 5 dice casting attempt. I'll let you look up the miscast table :whistling:
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    Hi team

    Well I know I promised battle reports... and I haven't delivered...
    A brief run down,
    • I got half way through my first game and then realised I hadn't taken any photos.
    • I was the umpire, and with it being the first tournament using 2.0 - well i was very busy.
    • I realised early on, I didn't understand VC as well as I thought and had to do a lot of rules checking. I sadly played a few rules incorrectly too, this rather spoiled one game.
    • I had 3 kids and the wife playing as well. This kept me rather busy...
    All up sorry folks, the tournament was crazy and i didn't record anything to make battle reports.

    A quick run down based on what I can remember
    Game 1 vs BH
    He ran a fast and heavy hitting list, he pushed too hard and bounced off my VC. i got lucky with some terror checks late in the game to scare off his scoring units and won comfortably in the end 17-3 (i think)

    Game 2 vs Dwarves
    He ran an army entirely of combat blocks that vanguarded and tripled marched onto my side of the board turn 1. So I combo charged and ground him down. MVP was the wraiths which managed to sweep attack an entire unit of slayers dead. End result 20-0

    Game 3 vs WotDG
    A tense stand off kind of a game, little really happened until turn 5. Then it got brutal with us both giving up some soft points, he out played me throughout the game but made a careless error on turn 6 failing to move into the deployment area for breakthrough, handing me an 11-9 win

    Game 4 vs HBE
    He brought the entire reason HBE got hit so hard with the nerf bat. This was the list I wanted to avoid, infantry blocks all tooled up with the banners, nasty characters and magic. He surprisingly was stand offish and we basically stood and looked at each other all game. he ground down a block of skeletons, my dark coach caused a spearmen unit to flee and ran them down, and that was about all that happened. I ended up losing 9-11 which I was more than happy with. If he had pushed at me I was expecting a huge loss.

    Game 5 vs SA
    Well this was vs my Team NZ etc co-captain, I only had 2 raise spells and turn one I miscast and lost 1 of those spells. Some more bad luck on his turn 1 with my wraiths being slaughtered (he rolled high for damage, I failed a lot of 3+ saves). I took a punt and charged my vampire and barrow guard into his temple guard. I slaughtered all but 2, but that was enough as I was stuck and his alpha carno flanked charged me and it was over fast with me conceeding on turn 3.

    Despite going reasonably well in the tournament I didn't really enjoy the experience of VC as much as the previous event. This co-incided with the hotfix and well I have to say I love what has been done to my beloved SE. While in my opinion there is a lot more to be done, things are on the right track. I am for the first time in several years excited about building SE lists, and feel I have almost an overwhelming range of builds available and can't wait to try them out.

    So hopefully starting very, very soon you will start to see a flood of battle reports of me trying to figure out how SE play - I am excited and really looking forward to giving you some new content from the forests - and just quietly I am releaved to not need to paint the several hundred VC models sitting beside me just yet.

    See you on the battlefield
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    I wanted to try out a list that I felt was a good mixed arms/all-comers list against a nasty new variant of my usual opponents Saurian Ancients.

    I was looking forward to this game as we were trying out the new hotfix rules and I felt this build took a slight hit due to the becalming/hereditary nerfs. However, I did also try out the Sea Guard, checking to see if the points reduction had made them more playable.

    Sea Dragon Host-

    The Host of the Protean Frog:

    Thoughts on the match up:

    Secondary Objective and Deployment Type:

    Spell Selection:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 3:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 4:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 4:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 5:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 5:

    Host of the Protean Frog- Turn 6:

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 6:

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
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