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    In my ongoing effort of giving money to starving artists, I've once again commissioned art of one of my generals.

    Art by Shane Mercer, goes by the moniker littleliongod on Tumblr

    This is Duke Robert Roquerre, wielder of the Dragon Lance and jouster extraordinaire and well as owner of a magnificent Mustache!

    The first and most useless of my Dukes. In the three games....
    In The first one he brutally murdered a Flame Warden champion before being chased off. He was later charged by a Lion Chariot (which he admittedly beat up).
    In the second he never got into combat.
    In the third he roaster three Reavers before being charged by s bunch of Lancers and a Eagle and run down.

    Love the guy but he just doesn't do that much for me.

    As for the Duke himself, he's quite interesting. A knight of the old school, he keeps himself to a very high standard despite his age and his knights to one almost as high.
    And he is always ready to prosecute any injustice done be the lower nobles in his duchy against even the peasantry, at the point of a Lance, if need be.
    He's very much the honourable bull in a China shop.
    Knowing that he couldn't get away with this approach for too long until someone smarter and a better schemer than him (a list of which includes most of the populace of Equitaine, including some of the horses!) would eventually out-manoeuvre him intl either death or worse, dishonour. Knowing this, Duke Roquerre set about to find an ally to compliment his strengths and shore up hid failings.
    He found Duchess Lovisa and found a solution to not only this problem, but the issue of an heir and got himself a life-parter than was even willing to indulge in his... Less than acceptable behaviour sometimes.

    Both of them being about as straight as a rainbow, he and Lovisa love each other dearly in just about every way but the physical, using their wedding bed only to produce a decent number of heirs before finding lovers of their own.

    Duke Roquerre had drunk of the sacred Grail and moves like a man less than half his age and has no problem unhorsing one either. He is the Lance that Lovisa wields, the brawn to her brain and they make a formidable team, defending their shared realm against elven raiders on multiple occasions.
    Duke Roquerre's Arms are those of the Swedish Special forces, whose motto of "Forward Through the Night" he also shares; perceiving Equitaine as having fallen into a deep dark night of corruption and dishonourable behaviour, he hopes to lift it into the light through personal example and ruthless pruning of those that do not live up to his standard [Read More]
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    So it has been a while since I was able to download a battle report onto youtube and then post here on the site so I am making up for lost time. Here are some of latest games. The are bloody and fun. Hopefully you enjoy them.

    First up is @PrettyBoy 2nd game from Quest for the Grail. I still have 3 games myself to post. One of which is my own loss to a great ID player at the tourney, but in this episode Prettyboy's Dread Elves take on an enemy more sinister then them.... Daemons! It is a blood bath, or what ever daemons call blood.

    This episode is my own fight, SirMC2015 vs @Dan and the Fanciest Rats you will ever see. I always thought EoS looked too much like rats! Enjoy.

    This episode is the Dread Elves played by Chris vs my stubby dwarves.

    Prettyboy is trying out armies to see what he likes. I personally think he found a winner here. It is a GREAT game and heavy losses on both sides. Enjoy!

    And the Rats came back asking for more. There is bodies lying everywhere on the battle field in this blood bath. Who was the victor.... just watch and see.

    [Read More]
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    In the last article I talked about the thinking behind our choice for setting in the narrative campaign, today we will discuss my line of thinking behind the army choices we made and the characters we created. Rather than discussing some set of overall rules, I am going to focus on each player in the campaign and what I know of the reasons for their choices. As we are allowing each player to introduce more than one army into the narrative as time goes by, I will only be talking about the initial armies in this article.

    Mittierim: I will start with me. I chose Dwarven Holds as my first army for the narrative. The main reason for choosing them was that I have just gotten my Dwarven Holds army back for Christmas (after I had foolishly traded it away during 8th edition), and I was very interested in playing them. So with that choice being made, my next job was to come up with the story seeds that I will be pursing with them in the campaign. Since my army is composed mostly of smaller units (20 models or less) I decided that my Clan (named Whitehammer for the icons on the shields of my Deep Watch) was a newly founded clan, trying to make their way in hostile territory. Now with this understanding, I did have to flesh out some fluff that does not exist in the writings, namely that the other Nevaz are ruled over by Kings who form a council of sorts who have the ability to form new clans and command the creation of new holds. This gives a connection to the lore as it exists, as well as giving the opening for our other dwarf player to bring his Dwarves into the narrative at a later point if he wishes.

    Now that I had a general idea of my armies place in the narrative I chose to create 4 named characters. I have discussed my characters in another blog article, so won't really go into detail on them now, but rather talk about what I see as the purpose of characters in the Narrative Campaign. It can be very difficult to write about entire armies. So you need some personalities upon which to hinge the story. And furthermore since we do not write in omniscient 3rd person, these characters and their point of views are the main way that the viewer gets to see and understand the events of the story. This being the case, there are two different ways to look at the existence of these characters. First, and in my opinion less interesting, is to make them the unchanging core of the army. This gives a stabilizing center to each armies narrative, but can stretch immersion as such a character will be protected from death and misfortune by "plot armor". The second way is to have the narrative flexible enough to deal with changing characters, which can lead to the story
    evolving naturally based on the events of the game.

    Michael: Moving on, Michael actually chose his army, the Highborn Elves, based on a story he wanted to tell. He has been interested in having a group of elves who are disgruntled with the current rule of their people and striving to live alone. This has led them to form a more harsh, mercenary existence. This includes the acceptance of elves of the other factions so long as their obey the rule of their prince Thal VIctus. This is represented on the battle field by Michael using Dread Elf models for some of his units, and gives an interesting and cosmopolitan look to his force. For his characters, Michael is choosing a much more authoritarian focus and so has only defined 3 characters:

    Prince Thal Victus: A prince of Ryma, Thal Victus believes himself wiser than the leaders of his homeland, and as such sees himself as the only legitimate Highborn Prince. He has founded the city of Port Kaer'vyan as his personal hold. His is very protective of his city and its people, to the point of possessiveness. A merciless and cunning warrior, Thal is unforgiving of any who would challenge his rule.

    Commander Sul: First officer of Prince Thal's fleet, Commander Sul serves as the banner bearer for the forces of Port Kaer'vyan. Possessing more empathy than his master, Sul often serves to soften the effects of Thal's edicts. In battle, Commander Sul stands with the Sea Guard, most of whom he trained personally.

    Alora Victus: The high mage of Port Kaer'vyan, Alora Victus is also the wife of Prince Thal and the one thing that he cares for more than his city. Alora is as much a warrior as her husband and often leads the foot forces of the city while Prince Thal rides with the cavalry.

    Skip: Lastly, we will discuss Skip's choice. I know the least about this since he will not be officially joining the narrative until next week but he has chosen the Beast Herds as his first army. He chose them because they are his newest army, and he seems to want to kill elves with them. A noble goal if ever I've heard one. I plan on doing a blog article at some later point going into detail on his army after they have joined the narrative.

    So, I hope this has been an interesting look into why we have chosen our starting armies, and the place of… [Read More]


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