'Ammertime Podcast! 9th Age Podcast from Denmark. 78

We are a group of people in Copenhagen mainly playing the new game The 9th Age. The podcast will be mainly focussed around our gaming experience with 9th Age, rules, game, release reviews and some tournament reports. 'Ammertime Team

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  • Disclaimer - this one is long so by the end we are pretty drunk (for the record about 2 hours of this recording was edited out). Anyone offended by this episode should not take themselves so seriously.

    Also this was recorded about a month ago (pre ETC).

    Henry catches up with the Italian Stallion (who has been at the wine all day) and Kristoffer. We go through the UK and Danish ETC lists. We also discuss magic paths and how they should be assigned to each army and if you make it that far you will hear us make some suggestions about warmachines.

    Also some bonus material at the end. I dont remember what it is but it was probably funny.

    1 more podcast to come very soon. [Read More]

  • A VERY belated episode from back when 2.04 was released. Sorry it has taken so long to put up but life gets in the way sometimes. Hopefully the discussion is still relevant.
    Henrypmiller, Casimir the Swede, Big Jack, and Kristoffer (needs a nickname - please send suggestions to ammertimedk@gmail.com) discuss the recent (at the time of recording) changes to their respective army books. We make fun of the Highborn Elf players whining and give our thoughts on where we feel the armies are/were/are since the last fix.

    If you would like to get in touch with us:


    P.s. Now I am on vacation I can get through my backlog of episodes. Expect 2 more very soon :) [Read More]

  • Exploring the world of the Ninth Age

    The Ninth Age Presents: Art Contest I!

    Against Warriors of the Dark Gods

    The theme for this competition is: Warriors of the Dark Gods versus others. See this beta army book if you are looking for inspirational material.

    Warriors of the Dark Gods are a constant presence all around the 9th Age world. Dark God cults arise in harsh nomadic societies pushed to the margins by settled peoples. Whether among Hakim Nomads in the Great Deserts, Silexian tribes, Åskland raiders or among barbarians roving along the outskirts of the blasted Wasteland, the Dark Gods take root. Even among depraved or dissatisfied “civilized” people trading away their souls for a shot at immortality.

    Do not be shy of inventing your own takes on anything concerning Warriors of the Dark Gods, including wild high fantasy concepts and glancing at real-life tribes for inspiration. You can do the most outlandish stuff, and be welcome to root your Warriors in local cultures never before seen illustrated in pact with such dark forces.

    Warriors of the Dark Gods wallow in sin, while their Sorcerers follow no God at all. These are the sigils of their baleful deities:

    Entries could range from duels between individuals to full-blown land battles; monstrous air combat; sorcerous struggle or naval clashes on the high seas; or something else entirely.

    This can be done by drawing, sketching or painting it (i.e. no miniature entries). Digital tools are allowed, and some scribblings as seen on many concept sketches are likewise allowed, but please keep any text amount low. The amount of work invested in the art entry can vary from a simple sketch up to a full-blown illustration. Flat embroidered textile art (e.g. in Bayeux tapestry style) close-up shots and flat relief carvings are allowed, but for these materials you're encouraged to ask the contest organizer first with some details explaining your plans. Note that several different art pieces are allowed to be included in one and the same image file entry, e.g. two different painted illustrations, or a bunch of sketches leading up to an inked drawing. Sheer mass is no guarantee for advantage in voting, however.

    If you are unsure if your entry will fit the subject matter, then please contact Karak Norn Clansman and he'll sort it out with you and the staff.


    The gold winner will recieve one Warriors of the Dark Gods Wasteland Dragon from Creature Caster and a kit of 12 unpainted Slave Orc Heads:


    Furthermore, the silver winner will receive one kit of 2 unpainted Hobgoblin Slavedrivers:

    And the bronze winner will receive 1 unpainted Elf Heavy Archer:

    While one random entrant will win a kit of 4 unpainted Tjubling Fireguard Hammers:

    Should you wish to donate a prize to this or future contests, please PM Henrypmiller.


    The deadline for the submission of entries is the 26th of August 2018 at 11:59pm EST.

    Rules of the Competition

    Each member may only enter once.

    Sketch, draw, paint and use digital tools to come up with artwork or concept image(s) for Warriors of the Dark Gods versus others.

    Submissions should include one picture file only. Your one picture file with art may contain any number of objects, figures and scenes.

    You may not submit a picture of a drawing or painting that have been entered into other online competitions or posted in a finished state before.

    Don't post your entries in the forum before the contest is over.

    By entering this contest you give everyone in general, and T9A in particular, rights to use your entered artwork.

    See also the General Rules & Guidelines:

    How to Enter?

    Submit your entry by uploading one image file to the contest gallery. Please do not send an e-mail to any of the admin or staff accounts as this is a surefire way to have your entry missed.

    How will this be judged?

    By the due date the forum software will automatically post an update in this thread, opening the gallery for voting. All T9A users can then rank the entries.

    Good luck everyone!
    T9A Team [Read More]

  • Henrypmiller takes the trip across the water to join Casimir the Swede and Marcel now named "The Flying Dutchman" (We always assumed he was Swedish). We play a small 1 day tournament against the local gaming club in Hassleholm.

    If you are interested in playing 9th Age in the South of Sweden, you can get in touch with their gaming club at the Swedish Forum:


    You should also download Conflict Calc - available currently only on IOS is an app for doing quick 9th age calculations. [Read More]

  • Welcome back to another Episode of Ammertime Podcast!

    This is a rather special episode of Ammertime. Casimir The Swede and Henrypmiller went to the UK to participate in the English Championships (TEC).

    (Part 1)
    We have a bit of a chit chat with Jack "The Cheesemonger" Chapman from the Thundercocks Podcast, Jack "Big Jack" Austin, and Barry about our first day of games.

    (Part 2)
    We have an exclusive interview with Executive Board Chairman @Giladis. This is mostly about Highborn Elves (as promised).

    (Part 3)
    Casimir the Swede and Henrypmiller give a recap of their games and the results of the tournament.

    This episode was recorded on the road/in airports/at the event so the sound quality is not as good as our usual studio quality.

    Hope you like it!

    Coming soon on Ammertime Podcast

    Casimir the Swede, henrypmiller and Marcel "The Flying Dutchman" go to Sweden for a 1 day'er. This epsiode has been recroded and will be edited soon! We also ave a big tournament next weekend (Arsecon) which should produce some decent content!

    hpm [Read More]

  • I dont know what to say about this one. Its probably not our best episode and I wasnt sure I was going to release it or not.

    We had a lot of fun and alcohol when recording it and a great night out afterwards.

    If you like this kind of thing, you will like it. By that I mean, if you are one of our listeners that enjoys 7 guys screaming drunkenly at each other about 9th age enjoyable then definitely give this episode a listen. If not then skip this one.

    HPM [Read More]

  • Welcome to Episode 30!

    Another gin infused episode of Ammertime Podcast(This is becoming a tradition). Casimir the Swede and Henry discuss in detail the new Warriors of the Dark Gods Background(and little about the Artwork).

    We take almost a page by page view of the book. This episode does contain a small discussion about the new "Favours of the Gods" rules but is mostly just background discussion.

    A mighty 4 hours of profanity, this episode is not for the feint hearted! Let us know what you think!

    HPM [Read More]
  • Hi Everyone.

    I am running a 14 person event today and doing a lot of coverage. If you want to follow the event (were just starting round 2) you can do so on the "9th age in Denmark" Facebook page. Request access and see the updates here:


    This is more of a plea than an advertisement as right now @tommytucker is stealing the show.

    Send us your thoughts.

    HPM [Read More]

  • Just in case you missed it in the advent calendar, we got an exclusive insight into Dread Elves 2.0/Beta. The team give a quick preview of the book and give our insights into how we think the Dread Elves will play in the coming edition.

    Are harpies, dread knights and sex dungeons the way to go? Listen in and find out!

    If you want to get in touch with us, you can send us mail to ammertimedk@gmail.com [Read More]