'Ammertime Podcast! 9th Age Podcast from Denmark. 75

We are a group of people in Copenhagen mainly playing the new game The 9th Age. The podcast will be mainly focussed around our gaming experience with 9th Age, rules, game, release reviews and some tournament reports. 'Ammertime Team

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

  • Hi all!

    We had a bit of a session tonight recording.

    The next episode will feature a special guest - Thomas Kyrsting. Thomas is a few times Golden Demon painting winner and very good warhammer player. He and Kristoffer ('Ammertime Podcast member) are planning an upcoming tournament.

    We will to bring you a preview of the event and our thoughts leading up to it!

    Hopefully this will be released this weekend!

    Make sure you stay tuned.

    'Ammertime team! [Read More]
  • Hi guys and welcome to Episode 2!

    This weeks show is basically just covering what we have been up to the last two weeks. I am sorry in advance for the buzzing of my phone (we record on the phone). I seem to be a popular chap and kept getting texts! This is still a learning experience for us so next time I will have it on silent and not vibrate! Anyway. Hope you enjoy the show.

    Part 1: Ulrik and Jonas talk about their game this evening and give us some thoughts on the new Dwarfs and Skaven..."The bitter sweet success of the Dwaaaarves!"

    Jonas Army list can be found here:

    Part 2: Patrick and Henry talk Lizards and Highborn Elves. We go over our game tonight, including lists and general happenings.

    Part 3: We talk about how our lists synergise in particular magic lores. Lore of Nature is the hot topic!

    Part 4: Its late. Patrick and Henry wrap up with some final thoughts and what they are going to do in the next few weeks.

    Hopefully there is going to be an episode about every 2 weeks. As always you can reach Henry on Twitter @henrypmiller or email us at ammertimeDK@gmail.com

    You can find Jonas and his Ratmen here:

    I hope the sound quality is okay! Please give us feedback if you think it will improve the podcast!

    Ammertime Team

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  • No Podcast this weekend :( sorry guys didnt have the time. But we are hopefully planning a recording session on Tuesday!

    Little sneak peak/possible show topics:

    Battle report of Highborn Elves vs. Ratmen.
    Thoughts on our list and some synergies.
    Talk on Ratmen army book.
    Potentilly talk on Highborn Elves and Sylvan Elves army books.
    Discussion some Lore of Nature.

    Or something like that!

    Stay tuned and keep up with the 9th age!

    'ammertime Podast Team [Read More]
  • The first episode of The 'Ammertime Podcast!

    Patrick and Henry take us through their experiences from this weekends tournemant at Dragon Factory in Copenhagen and some initial thoughts on the 9th Age rules.
    Part 1: Introduction and Henry's winning High Elf list.
    Part 2: Patricks pre-tournament thoughts on his Lizardman army.
    Part 3: Lasse's thoughts on Beastmen after a warm up game against Henry's High Elves (recorded last week)
    Part 4: Patrick and Henry go through some highlights from their games at the tournament.
    Part 5: Henry talks Tomb Kings with Micheal after day 1.
    Part 6: A few thoughts on some of the new elements in the 9th Age rules.
    Part 7: Final thoughts and some ideas for new lists etc.

    This is our first podcast. Hopefully the sound quality is good enough. Its just recorded on the phone. I havent bothered to edit it too much as it is the first podcast.
    I think we are just going to put it out there and get some feedback. Hopefully it just gets better from here!
    If you have any feedback for us, please get in touch at:
    @henrypmiller on twitter
    Enjoy! [Read More]