SmithF's 9th Age Battle Reports 51

MSU battle reports, as first seen in TWF.

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  • New

    Greetings, fellow gamers!

    About a month ago Team Belgium played in the first BeNeLux cup, organized in Luxembourg by @kiri .Being a part of the team, I attended with my Dwarves, in all of their pre-hotfix glory. Time has passed and now Forge Wardens hunt skirmishers instead of monsters, but I thought that some of you might enjoy reading about my adventures in the fiscal paradise of Europe.
    A total of four 8-player teams competed for the title: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and team Portugal as a ringer (which is actually mostly comprised of French nationals). Over the course of a very long day we’d get to play 3 games with ETC-style rules for pairings and scoring.Whoever scored the best, would get the Benelux champion title!
    After the very positive experience in Lille in January, I used the exact same list:

    SmithF wrote:

    King on Warthrone, Shield, Rune of Might x2, Rune of Destruction, Holdstone
    Thane BSB, Shield
    Runic Smith, 3 Battle Runes, Shield
    Anvil of Power

    36 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command, Banner of Relentless Company
    20 Marksmen, Crossbows, Great Weapons, Standard,Musician, Banner of Dismay

    24 Seekers, Champion, Musician, Vanguard
    6 Hold Guardians, Musician, Champion

    18 Forge Wardens, Standard, Musician, Banner of Swiftness

    Flame Cannon, Rune-crafted
    Flame Cannon, Rune-crafted

    For our first game we got to face the Netherlands,captained by none other than our @Blonde Beer ! As he has stated in his videos, the actual team that attended is a mix of experienced players and relatively new faces to the tournament scene. As luck would have it, I got to face Menno, an Ogre Khan player and a tournament regular.
    He had brought the following list:

    Menno wrote:

    Shaman Adept, Thaumaturgy, LA, Magical Heirloom
    Khan BSB, Trolleater, LA, Paired Weapons, Cleansing Light, Wrestler’s Belt, Potion of Swiftness
    Shaman Adept, Pyromancy

    9 Tribesmen, Full Command, Paired Weapons, Pennant of the Great Grass Sky
    5 Tribesmen, Standard, Musician, Paired Weapons,Banner of Discipline
    3 Bruisers

    3 Tusker Cavalry
    2 x 1 Sabretooth Tiger

    5 Bombardiers, Musician
    5 Bombardiers, Musician
    2 x Thunder Cannon

    Slave Giant, Ironfist

    So a list with very decent shooting potential but also solid counterchargers. We got to play Dawn Attack and the King of the Hill scenario. For spells, he got Flaming Swords and Pyroclastic Flow from Pyromancy, as well as Hand of Heaven, Smite the Unbeliever from Thaumaturgy and the OK hereditary spell. I picked Rune of Resilience, Gleaming and Resolve twice.The Hold Guardians chose the +1S/AP upgrade.

    I won the roll for sides, and decided to impose the deployment zone with the impassable terrain on my opponent, forcing him to split his forces. I picked the forest to the right as my target objective and he picked the central hill. We alternated deployments for a while, and once Isaw where the Tusker Cav would go I went for a full drop and the first turn. Menno reacted to that by deploying fairly deep, since he had the ranged advantage.

    The Forge Wardens and Seekers vanguarded forward,ending up with a pincer-like deployment:
    (In the diagram I actually forgot to place the bruiser dart, just to the left of the thunder cannon on the left flank)

    My adversary, Menno, not the slightest bit worried about the approaching dwarves:

    TURN 1 – Dwarven Holds

    The dwarven combat contingent moved up at full speed, the seekers placing themselves opposite the tuskers and giant, urging them tocharge. The Hold guardians had to stay a bit back due to the Trolleater BSB: 5 attacks s6 with MW(2) is not something I was looking forward to facing!
    Magic was concentrated on the seekers, but none of my augments went through. However,I was able to get off the rune of resolve on the king’s unit, moving them forward another 6” for an impressive 21” first turn movement! The Forge Wardens took pot shots at the big Tribesmen unit and caused three wounds, killing an ogre.

    TURN 1 – Ogre Khans

    After a bit of thought, my adversary sent both the Giant and the Tusker Cav into the seekers. I was fine with that, since I’d rather have them die in combat and take the enemy with them in the process! A tiger moved up to redirect my combat block, and the big tribesman unit advanced so as to be able to charge the forge wardens on the following turn.
    In the magic phase I dispelled a boosted Flaming Swords, and had to let go the Smite the Unbeliever on the seekers, resulting in -1 resilience. The bombardiers aimed at my king’s unit and killed 7 warrior swith their first volley. The cannons took aim at the left flame cannon and one struck true, dealing two wounds.
    Combat was bloody: between impact hits, close combat attacks and stomps, 11 seekers died to the attacks of the Ogres.… [Read More]
  • Our final opponents for the tournament were the players from Normandy (team Hot n’ Bash).They had brought a super-fast super-hitty WoDG list, a Change-Wrath DL gunline,Von Karnstein VC with double shrieking horror and my final adversary with Orcs and Goblins.

    Gaspard @gaspacho is a veteran of many a tournament, and was the team’s captain. He had brought the following combat list, which I had rated as a good matchup for my dwarves:

    gaspacho wrote:

    So a list with very few ranged threats, but instead relatively cheap monsters that synergize quite well with the solid infantry core, and backed up by good combat buffs.

    We got Secure Target as secondary objective, and the Marching Columns deployment type.We alternated deployments for a while, and once I was sure of where his main combat block could go I deployed the rest of my army and forced my opponent to play first.
    The Hold Guardians got +1S/+1AP, and I picked double Rune of Gleaming, Resilience and Revocation for my spells. The orc shaman opted for the OnG Hereditary spell,Beast Awakens, Insect Swarm, Totemic Summon and Chilling Howl.
    This is how the game looked before vanguards:

    And a shot after my Forge Wardens and Seekers moved up. My plan was to secure the objective on the left flank (Where I had my shooting units and a flame cannon)and tempt the feral orcs to charge in the middle against my Warriors and Hold Guardians. The seekers had the task of keeping my flank protected and keeping the monsters relatively honest.

    TURN 1 –Orcs and Goblins

    The trolls failed their stupidity test and stumbled 6” forward. The orcs in the middle held their ground, wary of the 24”threat range of the flame cannons. The goblin raider cavalry backed up, and the giant on the left decided to move towards the center. The Great Green Idol moved more to the east, so as to cover the trolls for next turn’s stupidity check.
    The magic phase started with the Insect Swarm going off, dealing 4 unsaved wounds to my rightmost flame cannon. The totemic summon was then dispelled.

    TURN 1 –Dwarven Holds

    The King’s retinue used the Banner of Relentless company to move up, with the Hold Guardians close by protecting their flank. The seekers angled themselves to prevent the trolls, cave gnashers and giant from outflanking my army. The Forgewardens moved up on top of the leftmost objective. The runic smith managed tocast -1 to hit and -1 to wound on my king’s unit. In the shooting phase the Forge Wardens and crossbows opened up against the orc archers, killing 4 of them.

    TURN 2 –Orcs and Goblins

    The feral orcs passed a shaky Ld7 to avoid charging due to frenzy, and moved back a bit instead. The archers moved up a bit to be able to take pot shots at my flame cannon. On the right flank,the trolls wheeled past the building , dangerously close to my lines. One giant and two cave gnashers were also in close support.In the magic phase I dispelled the Insect Swarm this time, letting the chilling howl go on the leftmost Flame Cannon. Shooting put a wound on the same warmachine.

    TURN 2 –Dwarven Holds

    This turn the dwarves declared some charges: the King’s unit charged into the Orc Bowmen, who were 8” away. They chose to hold, and I promptly got snake eyes formy charge distance, failing. The seeekers charged into the giant right next to them, who fled through the trolls. The seekers then redirected into the Cave Trolls and made it in.
    In the magic phase I managed to cast the Rune of Gleaming on the charging seekers, to help stack the combat in their favor. The rune of revocation was also cast on the savages, to prevent any augment spells getting cast on the following turn. Shooting was yet again aimed at the orc bowmen, dropping 7 of them. They did not panic,though.
    In combat,things didn’t go as planned: The seekers attacked first with paired weapons,and despite Hatred rerolls and having s5 on the charge they only managed to sneak two wounds past the armour and regeneration of the trolls. The trolls retaliated and killed a whopping 9 seekers back! Their deathblows were also regenerated without breaking a sweat. The dwarves held their ground and reformed to a wider formation, preparing for the grind.

    TURN 3 –Orcs and Goblins

    The feral orcs passed yet another Frenzy check to not charge my king’s retinue. They moved further back from the king’s unit. The fleeing giant rallied, the Gnashers repositioned slightly and the rest of the army held back for now. In the magic phase the Insect Swarm was cast on a… [Read More]
  • Next up in the list of adversaries was a team from Lille,who had had also a pretty good run so far with 2 big wins and a draw. Their team comprised of Highborn Elves with 8 levels of magic and two Lion Guard hordes with Distracting, monster-mash Saurian Ancients with an Alpha Carnosaur,3-lance Kingdom of Equitaine backed by hippogriff lord and Druidism and,finally, Infernal Dwarves.

    Alex @hayaze , the team captain, brought a mixed arms list based around a huge immortal block and a maxed out Kadim unit, backed by warmachines, small arms fire and Pyro/Alchemy combo.

    So overall a list with better shooting than me, and a big block capable of breaking my warriors on the charge if they were depleted. We would play Counterthrust and Breakthrough as secondary objective. For his spells, he chose Fireball and Flaming Sword with the pyromancy adept, Molten Copper,Glory of Gold and the hereditary spell for the Alchemy adept. I picked twice Rune of Resilience, Rune of Gleaming and rune of Revocation. The Hold Guardians picked +1S/AP.

    I won the roll for sides, and opted for the side with better cover so as to prevent the ID from taking refuge inside ruins and castling. In return, my opponent claimed a huge deployment advantage by deploying his wolves in a snake formation and pushing my deployment zone back.

    After we’d exchanged 3 drops, he grabbed the initiative and went for a full drop, opting to play first. I had to modify my plan based on this: giving the entire bowline the opening shot on the seekers was a bad idea, so I deployed with most of my units behind the hill, the flame cannons in position to threaten the advance of the shooters and then used my vanguard to move the seekers back and out of the shooting range of bows and flintlock axes.

    TURN 1 – Infernal Dwarves

    With all of the shooting out of range, the infernals moved up. The Kadims pushed up on my left flank, squaring off against the Forge Wardens. The Immortals entered the building. In magic, my opponent managed to get off the molten copper on my left flame cannon, killing it outright. The warmachines opened up on the seekers, bringing four down.

    TURN 1 – Dwarven Holds

    With the kadims dangerously close, I decided to push and try to trap them. The Forge Wardens moved up out of the forest, with the Hold Guardians closeby to support. The Warriors scaled the hill, and the seekers moved up, making sure to stay in long range from the citadel guard. In magic I managed to put -1 to hit on the Forge Wardens, all the other spells getting dispelled. Shooting was directed at the Immortals inside the building,now flammable: despite their plate armour and 5+ ward save, 8 elite ID fell to the shot.

    TURN 2 – Infernal Dwarves

    The Kadims charged the FW, while the hobgoblin fast cavalry reformed to sneakily redirect the HG and one unit of hobgoblins did the same for the King’s retinue. The Citadel guard moved up within short range of the seekers. The Immortals came out of the building, threatening the flank of the seekers and the flame cannon at the same time.
    In magic, I dispelled the hereditary spell on the Forge Wardens, then had to let through the Molten Copper on the flame cannon, resulting in 3 wounds. The Fireball failed to cast, thanks to Hewn from the Mountains. Shooting was directed once more on the seekers, and this time took a heavy toll: 9 dwarves lay dead when the barrage ended.
    In combat, things went south: despite needing 5’s to hit, the Kadims produced an impressive amount of 6’s to hit, resulting in a grand total of 15 wounds! What didn’t help was that I assumed that the Forge Wardens had lost their fireborn attribute when they lost the 6+ ward save. Turns out I was wrong, but I only noticed it after the game! The plate armour of the dwarves saved two and allowed them to hold on a steadfast roll. A kadim also died to the return blows.

    TURN 2 – Dwarven Holds

    The FW combat didn’t go as intended, I had expected them to keep steadfast for a couple of turns and pin the Kadims into place. I settled for the second best thing: the HG charged the wolf screen, the King’sunit charged the hobgoblins, hoping to reform to threaten the bulk of the ID shooting next turn. The seekers also moved up to be really close to the Citadel Guard, hoping to force some charges and pin the enemy down.
    Magic put -1 to wound and -1 to hit on the seekers, and… [Read More]
  • After two big victories, we were set to face a team from the “big league”: Paris has a very active tournament T9A scene, and our next opponents were frequent tournament goers. Their team, Friday Night Punto Fever, comprised of Orcs and Goblins, Empire of Sonnstahl, Undying Dynasties and -my next opponent- Dread Elves.

    Juan @Xso hadbrought a mixed arms dread elf list with good counterpunch ability:

    Xso wrote:

    Dread Prince of Nabh, Great Weapon (Death Kiss), Destiny’s Call, Potion of Swiftness
    Oracle Master (Cosmology), Wandering Familiar
    Cult Priest of Nabh BSB, Essence of Mithril, Banner of Relentless Company

    15 Dread Legionnaires, Musician
    36 Dread Legionnaires w/spears, Full Command, Academy Banner
    2 x 5 Dark Riders

    28 Dread Judges, Full Command, Flaming Banner
    5 Harpies
    10 Raven Cloaks, Great Weapon
    9 Raven Cloaks, Great Weapon
    3 x Dread Reaper

    Looking at my opponent’s list, I had put this down as a good matchup: the dread judge deathstar is dangerous for my dwarf king, but the rest of the army should be easier to handle. We got Dawn attack for deployment and Spoils of war as secondary objective.Juan picked Altered Sight, Ice and Fire, Unity in Divergence and Touch the Heart for his spells, while I went for double runes of Gleaming, Resilience and Resolve. The Hold guardians elected to vanguard.

    While deploying I noticed that my opponent was going for a deep deployment, wary of my flame cannons’ range but also looking to capitalize on the superior range of the Dread Reapers and his magic. To counter this, I opted for a full army drop and got the first turn. The board looked like this after vanguards:

    TURN 1 –Dwarven Holds

    The dwarven army moved up, the Seekers and Crossbows taking the long road around the building. The Forge Wardens stepped on the loot counter in the middle, as did the hold guardians to the west. With the dread judges out of position, I could threaten the Spearmen early on without fear of retaliation; if my opponent opted for the charge into the hold guardians, odds were that I’d be able to kill the Oracle and possibly even hold my ground thanks to Hatred and stomps. Magic boosted the hold guardians with the rune of gleaming. The left flame cannon moved up, while the right one opened up on the Dark Riders hiding behind the tower, killing 3. The Forge Wardens took aim at the Harpies, and managed to kill four of them! Unfortunately, the last survivor did not panic.

    TURN 1 –Dread Elves

    My opponent unfortunately didn’t fall for the Hold Guardian bait, but instead opted to play the redirection game: the last harpy moved in front of the Warriors and the left unit of Dark Riders moved up in front of the HG, tempting them to charge into Dread Judge Land. The shades moved around my flanks and the Dread Legionnaires moved back a bit.
    Magic started with a successfully cast Ice and Fire on the Forge Wardens: 12 hits later, 7 ForgeWardens lay dead! I also let the Altered Sight go on the left shades, keeping mydice to dispel the Unity in Divergence on my seekers. Shooting was less effective, a combination of poor rolls for my opponent, cover and distracting meant that the HG only suffered one wound.

    TURN 2 –Dwarven Holds

    The Hold Guardians shunned the dark rider trap, but my warriors with king charged into the lone harpy. The Forge Wardens stepped into the tower in the middle, taking their loot counter with them. The Seekers advanced into the centrally placed ruins, the marksmen stepped on the rightmost loot counter and the right flame cannon advanced towards the elven lines.
    In the magic phase I used rune of resolve on my seekers to burn through some dispel dice, allowing me to buff the king’s unit with Rune of Gleaming and Rune of Resilience.If the Dread Judges wanted to risk the charge, they’d have a hard time punching through them. Shooting started with the Marksmen killing the two remaining Dark Riders by the tower. The flame cannon misfired its flank shot against the second unit of Dark Riders, meaning that I wouldn’t be able to get rid of themas quickly as their counterparts. Finally, the Forge Wardens opened up on the Dread Judges and managed to kill five of the elves! The king dealt with the harpy and reformed.

    TURN 2 –Dread Elves

    After a bit of deliberation, my adversary elected not to charge my King’s Retinue. He instead positioned his combat units around the 13” mark away from mine, giving me long charges on his units in exchange for more certain charges if I failed. The entire army moved away from the flame cannon range. Magic failed to impress this time; I let Altered sight go, and managed to dispel Ice and Fire on the Forge Wardens. Shooting again was less than impressive: the hold guardians took all the elves had to throw at them and emerged with just 2 wounds suffered,losing a single model.

    TURN 3 –Dwarven Holds

    At… [Read More]
  • After our success in round 1, we would get to face ateam that we fought last year too. They are all international tournamentveterans, and were sure to give us a good run for our money. The armies thatthey brought were a fast WoDG army, a four-varkolak Strigoi VC list, aCuatl-led 3-block Saurian army and, finally, my opponent’s Pestilence Daemons.

    I actually played against Michel @Gandarin the last year, and wehad a very fun game. So I was excited to be facing him again. He is an ESC regularand had brought the following list:

    Gandarin wrote:

    Harbinger of Pestilence on Blight Fly, Halberd,Contamination, Nauseating Aura, Adept (Evocation)
    Harbinger of Pestilence on Blight Fly, Halberd, Tokenof Pestilence, Bloated Putrefaction, Adept (Evocation)
    Harbinger of Pestilence on Blight Fly, Halberd,Nauseating Aura, Bloated Putrefaction

    19 Tallymen, Full Command, Banner of RelentlessCompany
    15 Tallymen, Musician
    15 Tallymen, Musician

    5 Blight Flies, Full Command, Contamination, Banner ofSpeed
    4 Blight Flies, Full Command, Contamination, Banner ofSpeed
    5 Furies of Pestilence
    5 Furies of Pestilence

    A very straightforward list: it hits hard, can soak upa lot of ranged and close combat damage and has the advantage of flying hard-hitters and good redirectors. Wegot Frontline Clash and Breakthrough as a secondary objective. For spells,Michel picked Ancestral Aid, SpectralBlades, Whispers of the Veil and the Daemonic Hereditary spell. I went fordouble Rune of Resilience, Gleaming and Revocation.

    The game plan here was to try and win the objective,and hopefully isolate one of the two Blight Fly units and grind it down. Frompast experience, Blight Flies are surprisingly resilient and their 4+regeneration save makes attacking them a risk. This has only gotten worselately, since the new Unstable rules protect them from taking a lot of damageon an unfortunate Ld roll.
    We dropped units one by one, and we ended up with thedaemons in a pincer strategy and my dwarves more cenrally deployed, with theshooters and the dwarf king’s unit facing off against the small fly unit andthe seeker/hold guardian duo against the bigger one. This is how things lookedafter vanguard:

    Despite my opponent’s +2 bonus for the first turn, Imanaged to win the roll and grab the initiative. My shooting would beineffective, but this would allow me to limit the daemons’ space for maneuvers.

    TURN 1 – Dwarven Holds

    The Seekers moved up to threaten the right Flies, withthe Hold Guardians close by in case they decided to fly past the dwarvenbersekers. On the left side, the King’s Warriors moved up as well, with theForge Wardens in close support. Shooting put a single wound on the leftmostflies, while the magic put -1 to wound on the seekers.

    TURN 1 – Daemonic Legions

    The leftmost flies flew 14”towards the center, leavingmy King’s unit slightly out of position. One unit of furies flew right in frontof the seekers, allowing the rightmost blight flies to move past them and outof LoS of the Hold Guardians. The small tallyman units moved forward towards mydeployment zone, and the bigger one reformed to a wide formation and steppedout from behind its cover.
    Magic was inconsequential, since there were no goodtargets for the evocation augment spells.

    TURN 2 – Dwarven Holds

    Knowing that I’d have to first deal with theredirectors if I was to get any meaningful charges off, I sent the seekersagainst the furies. The Warriors moved up to threaten the big Tallymen unit andthe Hold Guardians reformed to block off the advance of the blight flies to theright.
    The rune of Resilience was once more cast on theseekers, all the rest of the magic getting dispelled. In shooting, 3 tallymenfrom the left unit died, as well as another two from the bigger, central unit.The seekers predicably made short work of the furies and reformed to threatenthe right flies’ path to my warmachines.

    TURN 2 – Daemonic Legions

    In an unexpected move, the big tallymen flank chargedmy victorious seekers. I didn’t expect this to happen, as the odds are reallynot in favor of the daemons there. This allowed the right flies to move up nearthe Flame Cannon, while their counterparts to the west moved behind theimpassable terrain in the centre. After the initial split of the daemonicforces, my adversary was now trying to get both Blight Fly units on one flank,which is what I was more wary of. On both flanks, the Tallymen continued theirmove towards the touchdown zone.
    A big magic phase saw the Whispers of the Veil cast onthe Seekers, then the Spectral blades too. Thankfully, I stopped the ancestralaid spell. That combat was brutal: the charging Tallymen performed an almostperfect round of combat, killing 10 seekers out of 13 attacks! They replied inkind, dropping 9 tallymen between their attacks and the deathblows.

    TURN 3 – Dwarven[Read More]
  • For the first round we had been randomly paired against the "Halfling team", comprised of a nasty mono-Wrath daemon list, an EoS mixed arms list, an infantry-heavy WoDGlist and finally a Dread Elf mixed arms list.

    My opponent, Jean, had brought a balanced EoS list:

    Jean wrote:


    Marshal,GW, Pistol, Imperial Seal, Lucky Charm, Mantle of Ullor
    Marshal,BSB, Pistol, Shield, Blacksteel, Legion Standard, Potion of Strength
    Prelate,Great Weapon, Destiny’s Call, Locket of Sunna
    Wizard Master, Exemplar’s Flame, Magical Heirloom, Cosmology
    Artificer w/ Long Rifle

    47 Heavy Infantry, Spears, Full Command, Household Standard
    20 Light Infantry, Crossbows, Standard, Musician
    20 Light Infantry, Handgun, Full Command, Marksman’s Pendant

    3 Knight sof the Sun Griffon, Lance and Shield, Standard, Musician
    3 x 5 Reiters, Brace of Pistols
    6 Imperial Rangers

    15 Flagellants

    2 Imperial Rocketeers
    1 Cannon

    So an all-around force, with a focus on shooting and damage-dealing magic. We gotSecure Target as secondary objective, and deployment was Dawn Attack. For his spells, my adversary picked Ice and Fire, Perception of Strength, Unity inDivergence and Fireball. In return, I opted for double Rune of Resolve, Rune of Gleaming and Rune of Resilience. The Hold Guardians got +1 S/AP.


    Winning the roll for picking sides, I gave my opponent the side with a big impassable terrain breaking up the deployment zone. With such an amount of high strength shooting I knew I’d have to move fast with the Seekers and the Warriors to avoid getting shot to pieces. The downside to that was that the big unit of spearmen with 4 characters inside and detachment support could win the fight against my warriors and force them to flee(especially if depleted by shootingat first), so I’d have to find away to keep the support units occupied.

    We placed the Secure target objectives in diametrically opposite positions, influenced by the Dawn Attack scenario (each placed his marker near the opponent’s “weak”side. My adversary chose to keep a unit of Reiters and the Sun Griffon knights in reserve.
    After exchanging some drops (warmachines for me, the light infantry for him) I stole the initiative and got the first turn. The seekers and the Forge Wardens both vanguarded full steam ahead.

    TURN 1 –Dwarven Holds

    The King’s unit used its Relentless company banner to close the distance to the light infantry right in front of the Spearmen. The Seekers angled themselves so as to be able to threaten the Handgunners on turn 2. The Marksmen, too far away to be able to shoot at somebody, marched up to the objective next to the tower.Finally, the Hold Guardians stayed behind the safety of the hill, not too keen on getting hit by 2 rocket batteries and a cannon!
    In the magic phase I got a good card, giving me a 9-5 pool. By the end of it, the Seekers had the Rune of Resilience cast on them, while the Warriors got to move a further 6” towards the enemy battleline thanks to the Rune of Resolve.Shooting dropped three of the centrally placed Reiters.

    TURN 1 –EoS

    With the Dwarven Warriors 3”away from them, the Crossbows decided to stand their ground.The Flagellants moved up to threaten the Forge Wardens, while the Reiters onthe left threatened my left flame cannon. The Rangers chaffed up the seekers.
    In magic I had to let the Ice and Fire through on the Forge Wardens, losing 6 models in the process. Then Altered Sight was cast on the rightmost Rocket battery.Shooting bounced harmlessly off the seekers thanks to the rune of Resilience,but the augmented rocket battery shot true and managed to kill my rightmost Flame Cannon. The left Reiters put a single wound on the left Flame Cannon,too.

    TURN 2 –Dwarven Holds
    The Seekers charged against the Imperial Rangers, while the Warriors fell upon the Light infantry detachment. The magic phase saw me put Rune of Gleaming on theseekers, all the other runes getting dispelled. The remaining flame cannon took a shot at the reiters harassing it, killing four out of 5 and sending the lastone fleeing. The Forge Wardens and Marksmen opened fire on the Flagellants,leaving just 4 of them alive.
    In combat,the king and his retinue killed 7 crossbowmen for no wounds back, but the lightinfantry held its ground thanks to the Parent unit’s proximity. The seekers did short work of the Imperial Rangers, and reformed to face the Handgunners.

    TURN 2 –EoS

    The flagellants charged the Forge Wardens, losing another 2 of their number to stand and shoot. The two remaining central reiters flanked the King’s unit,while the fleeing reiter fled out of the table. The final unit of reiters held in reserve arrived and moved up towards the remaining flame cannon.
    In the magic phase the Crossbowmen were boosted with Perception of Strength, while the Unity in Divergence was dispelled.… [Read More]
  • Greetings,fellow gamers!

    With the new version of T9A just released and the hotfix discussions still ongoing, I bring you a report of my latest games. This time last year, some mates and myself attended a team tournament organized in the nearby city of Lille, France. We did pretty well for ourselves, playing very good French teams and finally getting first place! But more importantly, we had great fun in a well-run team event, which is why we decided to go back for another go this year.

    The event was ran by Myreille Strategic Team ( @Tartignolle ) , who this year surpassed all expectations and brought us an even better experience: In total, 12 teams of 4 players attended, making this a pretty big event by local standards. Teams from Paris and generally the north of France attended, as well as two teams from Belgium.

    The Team:

    Our team (the Belgian Chocolates) comprised of @gregor with a polytheist Daemon Legion army,@'PrinceCharming' with his Quatl saurian ancients, @IHDarklord and his Undying Scara…ehrm, Dynasties, and yours truly with Dwarven Holds (you can find all of the lists in this pdf:

    The pairings would be done in a scaled-down ETC manner: every team pushes one army forward,and the opponent gets to propose two matches for that army. The rest of the matches are decided on the choices of either team and the army left “in hand”. Essentially,it allows one some freedom, but getting the right army into the right match can be a challenge.

    The list:

    Since the v2.0 has been released, I’ve been trying out some Sylvan Elf lists and generally having fun with them, but I’ve also been painting some Dwarven Holds miniatures. So I jumped at the chance of giving the stunties a go, and decided to bring the following list:

    SmithF wrote:

    Dwarf Kingon Warthrone, Holdstone, Rune of Destruction, Rune of Might (x2), Shield
    Thane BSB,Shield
    RunicSmith, 3 spells, Shield
    Anvil ofPower

    36 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command, Banner of Relentless Company
    20 Clan Marksmen w/ Crossbows and Great Weapons, Standard, Musician, Banner of Dismay

    24 Seekers,Vanguard, Musician, Champion
    6 Hold Guardians, Musician, Champion

    18 Forge Wardens,Standard, Musician, Banner of Swiftness

    2 x Flame Cannon, Runeforged

    So a variationof a list I’d previously used back in v1.0: three solid combat units, backed up by two multi-tasking support units, runic magic and a couple of those 24” flamethrowers for good measure. The list was designed to be able to deal with a multitude of threats and be able to grind it out against most enemy combat lists.It has the speed needed to compete in all secondary objectives, an attribute that would come in handy since the tournament rules stipulated that deployment type and secondary objectives would be randomly decided for every game.

    The army is pretty compact and has very few loose points outside of the five main units.These can take some punishment from afar, especially when backed up by therunic magic. It is definitely a departure from my usual MSU combat elf armies,but it keeps the close combat focus. Another common point is the lack of “chaff”,which I’ve found to be redundant provided you can position things correctly.

    Despite the presence of some ranged support units, the army is essentially a “push” list, very frequently ending up on fighting inside the enemy deployment zone. With high resilience, some very decent anti-character and anti-monster capabilities and a good splash of unbreakable and steadfast it can create difficult situations for opponents.

    Over the course of the weekend, I’d get to test out the new bound spell magic phase,play all the new and weird deployment scenarios and generally have a great time. I’ll be sharing this experience with you in the coming reports, stay tuned for game 1 against Empire of Sonnstahl!

    Smith [Read More]
  • ETC 2017 – Impressions

    The games: I got 6 good games in, against fun and very competent players. We got to play the people that travelled the furthest to get to Spain (Australia, New Zealand), got to meet 5 new country teams, we even got to play the guys who won the sportsmanship award.

    As is the case in big events, there seems to be a separation between the “top tables" where things get very tense and serious, and the "lower tables" where the games are friendlier yet competitive enough. We had the chance to play against like-minded people for the most part, and managed to score the best result in the history of the Belgium ETC team! (We ended up 15th, tied for 14th spot with Germany)

    Given that our preparation was essentially a get together for a single game and a beer on a Saturday evening, I think we can be happy with the end result!

    As far as my games are concerned, writing the reports made me realize some mistakes that could have affected the outcome, although I wouldn’t classify them as major tactical blunders.

    The social aspect: the ETC is a unique occasion to get to meet people from all over the world and share their love of this (and other) games. Returning to the event for the second time, I was happy to find some of the usual suspects, but also new faces.

    Most of my time was spent with the other 7 members of team Belgium, who proved once more to be excellent company. Hats off to all of them, especially to Loick and Camille, our two newcomers, as well as Francois and Zach, our french «mercenaries».

    Salamanca is a beautiful city, full of history and a perfect setting for our event (We are all suckers for medieval history, after all). This year’s event was also a testament to how popular our game is in Spain: not only did people travel across the country to participate in the singles event, but there were non-competing several players watching games, taking pictures and discussing between games. I can only wish that at some point T9A will have such a big following in Belgium!

    The list:

    To do this properly, I need to underline that Sylvan Elves in the v1.3 era are in a very tight spot: I blame pyromancy, the shift from Shortbows to bows, the rise of cheap as chips tough MSU lists (ogres, but also daemonsand WoDG). Building a list that can reliably perform well is a challenge, especially if you want to get more unusual units in the mix.

    I cannot say that having SE in the team made my captain’s life easier: there are simply too many hard counters that one needs to avoid. My approach was thus to build a list that can play every objective, as long as the matchup isn’t too bad.

    Dryad Matriarch: (B) as always, solid Ld9 source, and the cement that holds together the treefather duo with Druidism spells. Nothing to write home about, but maneuverable enough in the dryad retinue.

    Druid Master: (A) Shamanism was the missing link of the list. Every single spell ended up being useful, including pounding drumbeat. The only problem I encountered was limited range of the Augment spells (the basic version of frenzy is so short-ranged that I never had the opportunity to cast it)

    Bladedancer BSB: (A) very solid choice, and surprisingly resilent, despite being a T3 elf. His spear keeps expensive T3 elves alive, making grinding a possibility.

    Dryad Skirmishers: (B+) Mobile, but still a glorified wizard bunker. They had their moment in the sun by almost killing a Taurosaur in game 3, but ultimately their role is to protect the general and be a roadblock in dire situations.

    Forest Guard: (C) while not a powerhouse per se, they proved to be very reliable scorers. Lots of bodies makes them reliant to ranged attacks, and I noticed that enemies tended to target them with mass-destruction spells/artillery. I prefer losing 15 FG to burning embers, as opposed to losing 10 Sylvan Archers, so add “decoy» to their battlefield roles.

    Sylvan Archers: (B+) There is relative consensus that SA are the most point-efficient ranged unit in our book. Their ability to move and shoot without penalties helps them win shoot-outs by getting that first volley in. In my games they played an important role, either by whittling down key enemy units (Bombardiers in game 1, Taurosaurs and Spearbacks game 3, miners on game 4) or by failing to do so (failing to kill the miners on game 2, not being able to hurt the vampire covenant on game 6). I was glad to bring 20 of them, and I don’t think that bringing more would have helped immensely: I do not expect them to win the game for me, but rather tip the balance by eliminating enemy chaff and warmachines. As a plus, they survived all of my games!

    Bladedancers: (A) the swiss army knives of the list! BD can take on pretty much everything save from a very tanky lord and eventually come out on top. Unless a stiff breeze hits them, that is: their scoring status, their price tag and negligible ranged protection makes these difficult to use in an environment where your opponent… [Read More]
  • In the last round of the tournament we’d get to face Latvia: these guys are relative newcomers to the ETC scene, but they had a couple of Russian mecenaries with past tournament experience. At this point everyone was getting tired, so memory of the game might be a bit hazy.

    I got to play a gentleman named Roman and his Vampire army:

    Roman wrote:

    Going into the game, a couple of mates from other countries warned me that the team was notorious for playing slowly. So during the entire game, I kept nudging Roman to play a bit faster, as he was taking a lot of time for each move. After the game, he revealed that he was actually a replacement player, and that he didn’t have much experience with the army, which is why he took so much time. I kind of felt bad, since my pressure may have lessened his enjoyment of the game, so I’ll use this space to apologize once more to him (in case he’s reading).

    We got to play Flank Attack and Secure Target (that makes what? 5/6 games?) and my adversary won the roll for choosing sides. He promptly parked his Shrieking Horrors behind the immense impassable terrain in the middle, with his troops guarding either side and properly covered by the Altars of Undeath.

    I opted to put my objective on the top left corner, as far away from his deployment zone as possibble. That meant that he’d have to deviate one scoring unit from his battleline to claim it, making my chances of killing it with something fast (kestrels, BD) substantial.

    For spells, my opponent got both Evocation snipes, the Spectral Blades and the Evocation trait. I got Awaken the Beast, Insect Swarm, Break the Spirit and Totemic Summon, while the Matriarch got Master of Stone and Entwining Roots.

    After alternating deployments for a while, I forced my opponent to go first by dropping my entire army. I pushed the kestrels to the left forward, within range of the Shrieking Horrors’ scream. I wanted to bait them out of hiding to be able to deal with them swiftly. As long as they hid behind that impassable I couldn’t really dare to press the attack.

    TURN 1

    The Vampires aren’t pressed: movement is minimal on their side. The Kestrel bait was unfortunately refused, and in the magic phase a huge amount of zombies and skeletons were raised.
    On my turn, I began hatching a plan: even at 60-strong, the spearmen will fall to a combo-charge from the BSB’s retinue and the treefather. So the plan was to storm the right flank with them, while trying to keep the left flank at bay with minimal casualties.
    With 3 magic missiles, I tried to whittle down the wraiths to the left: only the Insect swarm went through, and it failed to cause any wounds. My shooting didn’t have any good targets, so they took some potshots at the skeletons.

    TURN 2

    Again, movement for the vampires was minimal. A good magic phase saw my opponent raise the right skeletons and the zombies to full strength, and then he even managed to conjure a free zombie unit on the left flank.
    In response, both Kestrel Knight units performed outflanking maneuvers: on the right I wanted to pull the shrieking horror out of position, while on the left the target was the vampire knights. In the middle, the treefather and dancers both advanced a bit towards the skeleton spearmen.
    Magic was uneventful, as was shooting.

    TURN 3

    The vampire knights took the bait but failed to get in. The 60-strong spear block advanced towards my bladedancers on the right. Magic was now focused on raising the other skeleton block, and they too reached the maximum level.

    This turn I sent my right treefather in the skeletons, making it in. The bladedancers bid their time: still enough turns for them to commit, but I’d rather not risk losing the scoring unit to lucky skeleton rolls. On the left flank I couldn’t declare a legal charge on the vampire knights, which kind of ruined my plans for the kestrels.
    I moved my left treefather within the Shrieking Horror’s threat range, making sure that he’d have to land on the ruins to be able to scream at me. The Kestrels, small Bladedancers and Forest Guard all moved in support. To the right, I gave up my other kestrels to the shrieking horror to pull him out of position: I didn’t want the beastie to set up any flank charges onthe treefather.
    All of my magic was aimed at the left Shrieking Horror, but failed to wound the monster.
    In combat the treefather took a wound, but… [Read More]
  • For the fifth round we were drawn against Australia: the guys from down under have a reputation of being fun but also quite capable generals. We had the pleasure of facing them in Athens during the 2016 ETC, and they gave us a good spanking on the last round of the tournament sending us down to the bottom half of the results table.

    This year the Australian team didn’t only bring the usual suspects, but they enlisted the help of former German team captain @Frederick (of T9A fame). So the chances of winning the round were pretty slim, but we had to try and make it work.

    One list that caused a lot of issues was the dreaded Peasant Army, led by none other than Mr Akhter Khan. In the end I got to face him, and I was very glad to do so as our vampire count player couldn’t stop rambling last year about how awesome their game was and how fun a player Akhter is. (this would also prove to be true in our game, facing Mr Foodmonster was a pleasure)

    He'd brought:

    Foodmonster wrote:

    And we got to play Capture the Flags with a Flank Attack scenario.

    Having played this matchup before against Yannick from team Germany, I knew that the key to even have a chance was to rush forward with the treefathers, dodge every single projective the KoE threw their way and get into combat. The rest of the list is practically free points for the peasants if I ever engage, so the trees would have to do the heavy lifting.

    For magic I got Awaken the Beast, Insect Swarm, Howling Wind and Totemic Summon on my Druid, while the Matriarch took Oaken Throne, Spirits of the Wood and Entwined Roots. The Damsel failed to get Stars Align, and had to settle for Scrying, Know Thy Enemy, Fate’s Judgment and Unerring Strike. The Duke with the Wizard’s Hood got Druidism and rolled Healing Waters and Spirits of the Wood.

    Akhter picked a corner and deployed his army in a very compact manner, making sure to not leave any space for a totemic summon to threaten his trebuchets. I responded by putting the trees centrally and far enough to rush the KoE lines, with dancers and kestrels in support. The juicy targets for Trebuchets stayed hidden behind the hill and building. My opponent won the first turn roll and started the game.

    TURN 1 – KoE

    With no considerable movement, we went straight into magic: The Unerring Strike was dispelled, then the Fate’s Judgment went through irresistibly on the closest kestrels. The spell was lost, and a single kestrel fell to the spell’s damage. The massed shooting managed to deal a further 2 wounds on the kestrels despite needing 7’s to hit. The Trebuchets failed to hit the Treefathers.

    TURN 1 – Sylvan Elves

    The wounded kestrels moved back to safety, right behind the building. They’d stay there all game long. The archers also spent a good amount of time hiding behind that building, wary of any stray trebuchet rocks. In the middle, the Treefathers rushed forward, with the wardancers close behind and inside the forest’s protection. The Forest Guard reformed 2-deep and moved up to give my Druid line of sight to the warmachines.

    In the magic phase the Insect swarm went through, dealing 3 wounds to one of the Trebuchets.

    TURN 2 – KoE

    The Peasant line angled to face my treefathers, the far left unit wheeling to threaten with countercharges. Magic saw a bubble scrying go off, but the Unerring strike was dispelled yet again. Shooting was focused on the Treefathers now, and a couple of wounds went through on one tree.

    TURN 2 - Sylvan Elves

    Yet again, things were straightforward: the trees moved up aggressively, just making sure that the peasants wouldn’t be able to charge out of LoS of either of them. Kestrels moved up to the flank of the peasant line, and the dryads and bladedancers stayed in support of the trees.

    In combat I managed to heal one of the wounds on the Treefather. My opponent stopped the totemic summon, and the insect swarm failed to cast. Shooting with the tree roots dropped a couple of peasants.

    TURN 3 – KoE

    The peasant levy declined the charge, and instead decided to try and kill the treefather from afar. In the magic phase I stopped the Unerring Strike once more, and the scrying bubble went off. The shooting was ineffective, thankfully: only a couple of wounds were suffered, in a combination of bad rolls for Akhter and spectacular saves for the forest giants.

    TURN 3 – Sylvan Elves

    Both treefathers went into the rightmost peasants, and the general and BSB made sure to be within 12in case things went wrong. The Kestrels stood their ground, since the peasants hadn’t… [Read More]