Hells-legions shenanegans 5

So this blog is mostly gonna cover painting,converting and listbuilding aswell as batreps! So tag along and follow my shenenegans:)

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  • Starting to get the feel of the infernal dwarves got my new kadim titan models a few days back its the blood keep miniatures model :)

    Got a hand of a new terrain piece that im thinkin of including in the infernal dwarves displayboard .
    The colours are slowly adding up still swamped though !!

    What do you think of the new terrain piece .
    Ps its my ogre khans tyrant on it just for scale :)

    Till next time !

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  • Wazz up !!
    Just came home after a game of infernal dwarfes against orcs.

    It was a tough fight for the ID and im finding myself really struggling with them at the moment since they don't play like any of the other armies i collect.
    Their movement messes with my initial gameplans wich causes me to do foolish mistakes unfortunatly .
    Did get to try out the diciples however and by god they do hit hard love the feeling as you watch your opponents huge blocks just disentergate :)

    Anyway if you wanna se the batrep check out dwellersfromthenorth page as it will be up there in a short time.
    Ps yeah yeah i know i made a few tactical errors .

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  • wazz up !!

    So the infernal dwarves project is going forward except for the bases.

    I can't for the life of me paint lava its impossible tried at least 20 times and they all end up equally bad.
    So having to ditch that thought is making my brain hurt as i dont know what to do instead .
    Any ideas ?

    Well atleast im making progress with the main guys :)

    Ps here is a few close ups of the sylvan elves.

    Till next time !!
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  • Wazz up, everybody!

    So welcome to my blog. Let me get you up to speed directly. I have been active about 2 years now and love what you guys done with The Ninth Age. The word "Impressive" springs to mind. :)

    I recently played a tournament held in Stockholm, Sweden where i played Sylvan Elves. Although I didn't fight in the top, I managed to take 2nd place for Best Painted Army award, and that really triggered something. So, I decided to start a completely new army, and the poll fell on Infernal Dwarves.

    I have a tournament lined up in july, and I basically have to paint about 2500 pts worth of infernal dwarfes by then. I will keep you posted on my progress via this blog.

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