Painting and Project Blog 3

Various painting projects and updates on my steampunk dwarven holds army.

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  • I didn't paint any dwarven holds this week. I was battling a cold all week and just wasn't feeling up to painting more dwarves. So instead I grabbed an old stray goblin and painted him,

    Then I decided to paint up a Slaughterer to work on some reds for another project I have planned,

    Then mostly painted up a siren (with no head) for another test of a possible Lust themed army, I was trying out some skin colors and highlights, and some claw colors mostly.

    So while I didn't really finish up any units, I like what I accomplished and hopefully I can take what I learned from doing up these models and use it to make future ones look better. [Read More]
  • I'm a happy happy wargamer!!!

    Dwarven Holds 0.99.4 is amazing!

    I painted these guys up because I like the thought of Dwarves with guns. Unfortunately BS 3 and a 24" range compared to the 30" of a crossbow was rough, but NOW, they have the Guild-Crafted Handguns with +1 to hit! Its 10 points more for a unit of 10 with full command but with the +1 to hit they are much more worth their points. [Read More]
  • So I started a new Dwarven Holds army a while back, I figured 'new game, new army'. I had never played a dwarven army before but I have always loved the fluff of them. Then I saw the Metal Beards models from Titan-Forge and couldn't resist. To see the rest of my army linky HERE.
    I've been painting them up and I just finished my 4th Hold Guardian. I wanted them to be red and gold for if I got the flaming attacks and fireborn upgrade. I didn't realize until about 3/4 of the way through the first one that they looked a bit like Iron Man, so I had to turn some of the gold parts I had painted back to silver to try to fix it. I haven't decided on what the bases are going to be quite yet so they aren't done up yet. But I'm going to check out if the awesome guys at 6squaredstudios can get movement trays for them and the rest of my dwarves.
    [Read More]