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This is the place for me to post pics of my existing armies as I add to them (ID mainly, but also some BH and VC) as well as document my newly started and slowly growing KoE force.

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  • Sometimes even I am struck speechless by the generosity of my dwarven hosts. A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to examine the corpses of a band of marauders that had struck one of the trading caravans traveling from Hammerhold through te Ashen Wastes into the realms of the Ogres, to there trade fine dwarf-wrought steel for vast amounts of Auroch and Yak pelts and meat, raised by the Ogres in great number on the slopes of their great mountains.

    The creatures were apparently fast-moving slavers, striking quickly at a lightly defended part of the caravan before carrying away their victims, their mutated hindquarters enabling them to outpace any pursuers as none of them were mounted.
    The six bodies I were given to study had been felled by crossbow bolts and shotte as the dwarven escort counter-attacked. It is possible by the muttering of the caravan guards that i overheard that the creatures also had infantry support, but no bodies of such were provided to me and the dwarves were reluctant to discuss them with me.

    The bodies were badly decomposed when they arrived to Hammerhold but I have included several sketches based on the bodies, the equipment and witness-accounts from the caravan personnel to illustrate how imagine how they looked in life.

    The creatures were all large, the smallest of them twice the height of a dwarf, with the weight to match, the largest of them being the size of a Bögenhafven prize bull; a most imposing stature! I would hate the sight of such a grand creature bearing down on me, intent on my demise!

    Other than their bipedal form, they had few similarities. The two smallest of the herd were still twice the size of a dwarf, and lightly armoured, in the manner of the depraved men of the northern ice wastes, with tight-fitting helmets concealing their features. While the clime of the Ashen Wastes is very differnet form that in the north, such similarities could mean that these raiders either do war or perhaps even trade with the northmen.
    Given the position of their horns it is unlikely that the helmets can ever be removed and may indeed have been forged right on their heads! Such as act would surely mean that the creatures either possess some form of magical resistance to fire or simply and astonishing willpower and stamina to endure such pain. Surely such as act would tax even the enduring dwarves!

    Two of the other corpses were much larger, being the size of a smaller bull. They were very similar in both features and gear, possibly they were brothers, or at least part of the game grouping in whatever society these creatures live in?
    Weighting close to a thousand pounds even dead and unarmoured, they must have made exemplary linebreakers on the charge. I have a hard time imaging even a dwarven shieldwall standing up to such a creature.
    Their armour were more advanced than their smaller brethren being heavily armoured over their entire figure except for their massively muscled arms with great slabs of iron.
    Still, their protection was fairly primitive, being strapped on with leather straps instead of fitting them properly, making it clear that their gear was either looted or perhaps traded, clearly it was originally meant for someone else.

    Only the gauntlets and great, high helmets seemed to really fit them well.

    As for physical features I was much intrigued by the massive tusks sprouting from their lower jaws and contrasting with such brute features, their finely coiffed beards which even several weeks after death still smelled faintly of perfumed oil. It is clear then that despite their barbaric appearance, these were civilized creatures, not merely roving marauders.

    The next centaur-like creature also proved interesting. It was built closer to the ground that the others, with a somewhat smaller lower body and a grossly oversized, almost ogre-like upper body and unlike the previous specimens it had armour clearly made for it. Clad in a close-fitting breastplate, great black laquered pauldrons and both forelegs armoured in thick greaves and heavy bracers on both arms and wielding a great blade a fair bit longer than my own lanky form, it too must have been fearsome in life.

    The creature either fought helmetless or its helmet had been lost in battle but it too had similar tusks as the previous ones together with short, thick horns sprouting from heavy brows.

    Given the higher quality of its armour, most of which seems to have been custom-made for it, I feel that this creature must have been the leader of the band, or at the very least the second in command to the last creature.

    The least creature of the six was also the largest of them, the humanoid portion almost the size of a Ogre and the quadruped part as large as any prize bull I ever saw at a market!
    It too was only partly armoured, wearing a finely crafted gutplate with a ghoulish face molded into it, perhaps a image of one of the creature's foul deities? It also wore and elaborate helmet and[Read More]
  • On Flying Skiffs and Their Mysterious Decline (Part I) (Steam Bombers)

    One of the things that so much surprised my military sponsors during their ill-fated last conflict with Hammerhold was the appearance of fast-moving light flying skiffs of precious unknown design. Their appearance allowed the normally slow dwarven forces excelelnt scouting capabilities and even some skirmishing quite on par with that offered by our own Reiter squadrons, especially when combined with accurate fire from concealed Ranger squads.

    This being one of the explicit purposes with my studies with the dwarves, I asked Queen Haephaestia for permission, as was graciously allowed to study these marvelous creations both at dock and at flight. The Hammerhold fleet consisted of two heavily armed skiffs, at least four smaller vessels, and one much larger ship, which acted as a supply ship to the rest of the fleet as well as a potent combat platform in its own right. This chapter will detail the two skiffs.
    The one depicted in the woodcut above is the "Ancestral Wrath", a swifter twin-sailed design.

    While both skiffs were unique, and indeed according to my hosts, all such vessels are, being the remnant of a lost age of dwarven splendour, they still have many similarities. All such vessels are shaped much like a shallow-keeled boat, with a prow much like a northern longboat, and are kept aloft in disregard of all known natural laws by a powerful Runic Engine on the back of vessel, which somehow provides lift much like the wings of a great beast does. Such power is unpredictable though and the skiffs are known to dip and swerve almost at random, making them quite unsafe to sail in close quarters.

    Indeed on several occasions Reiter squadrons tried to trap these swift Skiffs against the mountainside to limit their mobility, only for the mountainside to erupt in a shower of bolts as well-concealed Ranger Troupes made their presence known.

    Such a unpredictable mount requires a very special crew, and even among a folk that tolerates the weirdness of Ranger Troupes, the insane fatalism of the Seeker Sect, the insular eccentricity of the Engineer Cult, and the single-minded fanaticism of the Forgemaidens, the crew of such vessels are seen as both unhinged and dangerous and are seldom welcome in polite company.
    Having a almost instinctive understanding of the eccentricities of their runic engine, split-second reflexes and a love for speed and the open sky that is most undwarven, they tend to twitch uncontrollably and feel at ill at ease inside most smaller chambers of a Dwarfhold.

    They are also heavy drinkers, which for dwarves is saying something! Whether in the sky or on the ground.

    While primarily used for trading with cities and Holds than cannot be reached by land (all such flying vessels are technically part of the Dwarven Trading Navy, not the militia or the Queen's Army) and scouting, the skiffs can defend themselves in combat with a light grapeshot cannon(originally invented to scatter the vast Harpy hosts congregating in some mountain areas long enough for the skiffs to break through) and a large munition of bombs that can wreak great damage to lightly armoured infantry to slow to shift in response to a sudden assault dive.

    The crew are generally organized with a older, more experienced captain steering the Skiff and a junior apprentice manning the Grapeshot cannonand dropping munitions.

    The single-sailed "Flying Hammer", masted much like the longboat it so resembles, was the second skiff i was allowed the take notes off.

    It is to me a mystery why the dwarves claim to no longer have the ability to make more of such miraculous vessels, for dwarven memory and bookkeeping are both exacting and ancient (their eccentricities regarding their Queens notwithstanding) so surely such a thing would not be allowed to become lost?
    But sadly none of the dwarves I questioned would answer my questions in this regard, merely gesturing angrily at the Skiff's figureheads and making oblique references to the skills needed being lost in the "Schism".
    Interesting enough the intonation on the words used for this Schism suggests that whatever it was, it was a great rift of both physical and political/religious nature.
    However as the figureheads offer no clue to me, I have little idea as of what they mean.

    I guess time alone will tell if this lost knowledge will be reclaimed or if the remaining vessels will surely grumble as the great statues of the dwarves do

    Of the Dwarves: Notes on Physiology, Military and Habitat, vol III, by Krugman Bartliebhafer, Imperial Scholar. [Read More]
  • Couatl

    It is said of the reptilian warriors of the southern jungles that they are rules by bloated creatures known as Couatls.
    The Couatls can vary greatly in appearance, great toads, snakes, crocodiles, lizards and more have been reported with little rhyme or reason, seeming to have no connection other than their status as rulers and their apocalyptic magical might.

    A Couatl will spend most of its days resting on a great throne, borne aloft by their own magical power, either issuing commands to their minions or passing the days in meditation.
    It is said that so deep in meditation do some of them fall that they will neither eat nor drink for weeks and only take a breath once a hour!

    As benefits mages of such prodigious prowess, most Couatls favour magical implements, staves topped with strange crystaline skulls and golden jewelry being perennial favourites

    Most have great powers in the magics of nature and of the stars and their thrones are often teeming with cold-blooded wildlife, drawn against their will to such a potent being of magic

    These creatures are unnaturally calm, moving around on the throne without care or fear, even when the Couatl is obliterating enemies with its fell magics.

    So this is the Couatl from @Hidden Dreams . Quite a nice one and a good change from the bloated amphibian we are used to seeing.
    I had some issued with assembling the head but nothing major. Since I do not currently have a SA army I didn't put it on a base as it'll live as a display mini for now.
    Stag Knight

    This is going to be a bit of a more regular review because I think the mini deserves it

    The Stag Knight "GAI THE RELIABLE" comes from Cadwallon Miniatures which makes exquisite miniatures in the style of Confrontation as well as rereleases of minis for that game.
    They make extremely fine and characterful stuff and well deserve a look.
    The Stag Knight comes in as you can see, eight parts, all of which fit together with a minimum of work and very little flash to clean off.

    There were only two parts that needed some work and one of those were my own fault!

    This was the first one: The cloak has a small bit missing one one of the sides.

    Easy enough to fix!

    The second was my own fault: I glues on the head slightly askew so had to fill in a small gap here. I just used the stuff I had left from fixing the cloak.

    Painted up very nicely in greens and browns

    The legend of the Stag Knight is a common one in rural Equitaine. It is said of him that he was a knight of great valour that fell to worship of evil gods long ago.

    A lovely model, full of character and a fair bit of menace.

    The knight eventually recanted his foul ways and cast down the fell temple he had worshiped at. He asked the Lady how he could repent for his since, for surely his soul was forever lost and tainted beyond recovery?
    But there is always another chance and the Lady tasked him to travel throughout the woods of Equitaine, hunting cultists and casting down any foul shrine or temple they have erected, changing his head to that of a great stag as a sign of his sacred mission and a sign to all to not impede his journey.

    I'll be using him as a Totem Beast for my KoE or a unit filler.

    While the truth of the legend is unknown and details change depending on where in the country it is told some facts remain the same.

    The Stag Knight is always a formerly evil knight that repented.
    He is always tasked with hunting the forces of evil that infiltrate and corrupt, though the specifics vary.
    He has a stag head on a otherwise normal body though the legends vary on whether it is as a blessing or a curse.
    The Stag Knight is always larger than any other, always standing at least as tall as a knight on his warhorse and sometimes far taller still.

    Is he exists I know not, but every time a temple of evil is discovered cast down in the wilderness of Equitaine, its guardians bested by some unknown benefactor, the peasantry will give thank to the Lady for setting the Stag Knight to guard them and leave bags of grain in the area around the temple, should the Stag Knight return that way.

    And the gap in the cloak? Nearly invisible despite me being the worst sculptor of all time! [Read More]

  • The dwarven civilian Marksmen regiments are justly famed for the barrage of deadly fire they can unleash at good distances, dwarven guns being both more accurate (on account of something dwarves call "rifling" though they would not share the knowledge of what it actually is with me) and very reliable, seldom jamming or misfiring as well as capable of the impressive rate of fire.

    The Marksmen rely on their heavy scalemail and stoud shields to weather both enemy counter-fire and any light skirmishers that would harass them. Indeed one would almost think that so equipped, the dwarven Markman could be the perfect ranged combatant. But there is a major issue with them... and that is with the dwarf itself.

    For while dwarves are natural close combatant with large amounts of thickly corded muscle, low center of gravity, heavy skull, long arms and a natural armour of fat, they are not so blessed in the fields of ranged combat.

    Indeed being finely evolved for the lightless environments of the underground, possessing poor eyesight at range and being easily blinded by the fierce glare of the sun on their deeply set eyes.
    Indeed it is only the superlative quality of their equipment and the length of their training that allows the dwarven Marksmen to even equal the performance of our own musket regiments, though the dwarves are of course far harder to remove from the battlefield.

    The mighty titan that is the dwarven smithing industry spits out a prodigious variety of guns for their Markmen to use. Markmen that use guns as opposed to those that use crossbows seldom craft their own weapons, usually commissioning them from a master gunsmith.
    Some Markmen, keenly aware of their bad eyesight choose to instead compensate with the high rate of fire offered by heavy dwarven revolvers, which while lacking in range are capable of spitting out a impressive stream of lead at close range

    Others want the best of both worlds, buying long-barreled masterwork revolvers from the very best, fitted with sighting deviced to compensate for their own inadequacies.

    Yet others opt for the traditional and well-known dwarven handgun, often for sale in Imperial cities of note. Fat-barreled and with great stopping power, it does little for the dwarves already poor accuracy-. But the noise itself can sometimes be enough to route foes of lesser quality

    But the real reason we have reason to fear the Markmen lies in those wealthier individual who opt for the very expensive long jezzails fitted with sighting devices. These excellent guns allow even the shortsighted dwarves to shoot the feathers of a sparrow in flight, wthout hitting the bird itself!

    As each gun is custom made for its wielder, they come in a bewildering variety of styles

    Including some arcane multi-barreled ones which I find quite baffling but the dwarf who wielded it ensured me that it was quite a fine gun indeed.

    In contrast to the professional regiments, the civilian regiments often take a more laid-back approach to their banners, often having them made by non-martial partners of their members. As a result their design is often far less impressive and instead of showing of figures of mythology or the sacred role of the regiment, they often glorify the members of the regiment, oftentimes with individual likenesses [Read More]
  • While I'm still waiting for a commission painter to finish my banner for my speardorfs

    Aresia, First Hammer of the dwarfhold Abkhül-It-Tuzhül ("Hammerhold), third daughter and greatest disappointment of Queen Haephestia.

    First Hammer (lit "First amongst those who wields-hammers-in-defence" but that is unwieldy even in dwarven...) is a title similar to and which may well have inspired the office of First Lance of Equitaine, that is to say, a judicial champion of the Queen.
    Normally the Queen's foremost husband the King will serve as the holder of this office but if physically infirm or
    as is the case with Abkhül-It-Tuzhül, too administratively important as the hold has expanded and Queen Haephestia has grown old even for a dwarf, the office can pass to another though it will usually remain in the family as to do otherwise is to admit that the Queen's family cannot defend her name.

    As the Queen has aged, King Athinaiür has resumed many of her administrative and military responsibilities in a effort to relieve her. This makes him too important to the running of the dwarfhold to risk in judicial combat and therefore the office has passed to Aresia, a woman uniquely fitted to hitting offenders in the face with hammers, if ever there were such a person.

    Aresia is a great disappointment to all of her parents, being wholly uninterested in the affairs of economics, logistics, farming, mining, smithing or indeed any other that doesn't involve hitting people with hammers. This lens-like focus has however made her a fearsome personal combatant even as she in entirely incompetent in every other aspect of warfare.

    Wearing the hallucinogenic warpaint of dwarf warriors of ages past, Aresia is a impressive figure, a whirling dervish with a warhammer in each hand, kneecapping and crushing foes with wild abandon and fierce pleasure.
    While most dwarves fight with grim determination born out of necessity, Aresia is almost unique as she fight only out of the pleasure of hearing her hammers impact of something soft and yielding.
    Had she not been given a outlet for her urges within the strict confines of her office, she would have certainly been exiled and cast of out the dwarfhold for he uncivilized ways.

    As is Aresia spends her days quaffing ale by the barrelfull, instructing the Queen's Hammerguard and Head Priestess Völundia's Anvilguard in the finer points of hammer-fighting while waiting for the next opportunity to kill.
    While she has had a great number of brief dalliances with her fellow warriors, both dwarves and others, she is a rarity in that she is a technically high-ranking female that is of age but has yet to start collecting any husbands, claiming that she has yet to find anyone that can appreciate the purity of the Hammer as she does, though a northern human (scandalous!) warlord by the name of Krung, the Breaker-of-Skulls was the closest yet and the two have a intermittent and very tempestuous relationship of great passion and bodily harm.

    In my own opinion, she is completely nuts.

    ´- Of the Dwarves: Notes on Physiology, Religion and Society, vol III, by Krugman Bartliebhafer, Imperial Scholar.

    Lovely dorf from Oathsworn, who are rapidly becoming my favorite manufacturer for dwarf characters. [Read More]
  • Two new models to show this week. One very, very large one and one of rather more modest size.

    First up we have the Creature Caster Zombie Dragon!

    A very large centrepiece model to be sure. Here she is on a normal 100x50mm base

    Nicely rotting look with a fair bit of exposed bone and hanging, putrefying flesh & skin.
    In comes with a even more decayed head to choose from, but I like this more intact one better

    Lovely exposed spinal and wing parts.
    Had lots of fun painting it even though I did it very basic. Will say though that I am not a big fan of the resin mix used; it seemed to have some trouble holding onto the paint.

    Rider is a bit too bulky for my taste, but its the best one I could find.
    Took it from a Games-Workshop Zombie Dragon kit.

    And here she is with her base slotted into a larger 100x150mm base for if I want to play with the Colossal variant!
    Quite happy with the base actually, came out well.
    Decided against a more dynamic "undead bursting out of the ground base" as I wanted the focus to rest on the giant dragon instead of her base.

    She's a big 'Un!
    Like, massively so.


    On the smaller side, I have decided that I want to collect some Dwarfs and since my first order has yet to come in, I went forward instead and painted a character that i had lying around.

    Master Hammerfist.
    He's a Dwarf Monk from Stonehaven miniatures, that I acquired back in 2012, from their first (of many) successful Kickstarter

    I just really like the miniature, very characterful and in typical Stonehaven style, has a good amount of details while still being very easy and fun to paint

    Choose him as my Dragonseeker because the idea of this old, wizened dwarf running around and punching out a dinosaur, or a dragon is just absolutely hilarious to me!

    Went with orange pants to tie in with Shaolin Monks and the traditional Slayer colour

    Fancy mosaic base, which I got from Micro Arts Studie and will be using for most of my characters to make them stand out a bit from my troops. [Read More]
  • As we all know, objectives play a fairly big from in 9th Age but just using coins of plastic markers is a bit boring.
    Much nicer to use something that fits with the army.

    For the Vampire Covenant, the Dead Sage holds a great many secrets about the undead, how raise them and more importantly for their foes... how to destroy them.

    For the Beast herds, we have the traditional Herdstone. Which I made form spare bits many years ago, back when Herdstones where still a actual thing.

    For the Kingdom of Equitaine, we have two wounded knights

    The first one is defending his downed horse

    The second one seems to be quite unhurt. Surely she is okay?

    Oh no, maybe not....

    She's using the Coat of Arms of the state Church of Sweden

    Apart from that, I also got some more Knights Forlorn so that I no longer need to use mercenary Imperial Guard to fill out my unit. Not being one for doing it the normal way, I got some Dwarves at Arms from Macrocosm's recent Kickstarter

    They are quite lovely little fellas

    The first one comes from Tomelilla, home of several authors and actors, as well as a well-visited summer park

    This one hails from Mjölby (Flour Village) and proudly bears the two mill wheels on the city, which has a school of goldsmiths (I didn't even know there was any official schooling for that!) and train operators.

    This musically inclined dorf, will replace my current (badly) converted Forlorn musician.
    Wearing the colours of Älmhult birthplace of both Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné) the famed naturalist and the very first IKEA store as well as a IKEA museum

    A strange one, this one. Wearing not municipal, but political arms. Namely the Carnation and folded red cloth of Sweden's Left Party which was founded from communist roots, though they have mostly left those behind

    Wearing the classy fir trees and snowflake of Mullsjö is the leaderdorf. Mullsjö has a museum of Scandinavian folklore which i now want to visit.

    And lastly, the dorf I am perhaps happiest with, with a very fancy surcoat this one also doesn't have municipal heraldry

    Instead wearing Sting, one of Sweden's most well known mascots, being owned by Expressen, on of the "Big Three" newspapers in the realm.

    [Read More]
  • Finally started on one of the two ID units I do not currently have, so here are the first 10 of my Orc Slaves, using the Westwind Orc Sword Regiment, which I quite like.

    Looking nice and aggressive , rather more hunchbacked than GW orcs are, which fits well in their role as slaves here.

    Heads and weapon arms are separate and there's about 5 or 6 different bodies, witch makes for a good variety

    Quite heavily armoured as well, is scavenged plate and scale armour with some chain thrown in for good measure.
    I think they look heavy enough to be able to be used as Iron Orcs as well

    The pteruges on the leader are a nice touch.

    This one had perhaps the most impressive overbite I've seen on an Orc to this date

    The weapons are not overly large like GW ones tend to be, but nice and brutal in design

    The heads are all good, I like the hood on this one

    Two of them lack shields and instead have a armoured. clawed gauntlet, for some Wolverine-action

    Two of the more impressively armoured ones. Not the shields, they look almost as dangerous as the swords! Just as a Orc shield should!

    A small statuette on the helmet, likely stolen from a shrine somewhere

    They all look good and brutal

    The rarest of things; and Orc that understands the value of blocking!

    And the one I'll use as the leader: slightly bigger and bulkier with a nice fur on the shoulders.

    Quite the good set of models. Metal, all of them. At 14 for 10 of them, the price ain't bad either. [Read More]
  • So next Battle Report!
    Against the Ogres this time with a mostly infantry-based force for me, for once.

    My army:

    Footonnia (Power to the Peasants!)

    Duchess Lovisa: Big Bird, Grail Oath, Shield, Might, Crusader's Hat, Dragon Lance,

    Paladin Calix: BSB, Questing Oath, Audacity, Hardened Shield, Great Weapon. (Can probably tangle with a Mammoth or a Kinslayer. NOT a Auroch or a Khan, though.)

    Damsel Elsa, of Arrendale: Book of Arcane Power, 4 spells, Wizard Master, Path of Divination (Hands out Cold-blooded like it was candy, will try to fry some Monsters with her Magic Missiles since neither of them care about Thoughness)

    30 Archers, Musician. (pew pew pew)

    50 Spearmen, Full Command (Stab stab stab)

    44 Halberdiers, Fullcommand (Slashy-slashy)

    Reliqae (because I have never used it and can't hve a Footonnia list without it)

    5 Yeomen, throwing weapons
    5 Yeomen, throwing weapons (chaff. Would have liked to bring my customary 2 units of Aspirants as well, but Points were tight and the theme demanded large units of infantry)

    3 Grails
    3 Grails, Champion (Always wanted to try out the Grail Darts, and some more super-Heavy chaff. Also scoring.)

    40 Forlorns, Full command, Banner of triple-marching (Only real combat unit in this army. I know they are really bad but the theme demands infantry and I want to try them out)

    Green Knight (I know she is bad, but if she can do something against one army it'll probably be Ogres since they often have uits without much in the way of ranks and have Monsters she can stall. I originally had her Points as 2x10 Crossbows but with so many big Infantry units I feel like getting LoS with te Crossbows would be hard, and Another fast-moving unit is Always nice.


    Great Khagan, Spinesplitter, Heartripper, Heavy Armour, Potion of speed (Not really sure what the plan was with this one, he's neither super-tanky nor super-killy)
    BSB-guy: Banner of Swiftstride and Strider, don't know what else.
    10 Bruisers, Probably had a magical banner?
    6 Mercenaries, Dragonskin Banner, Ironfists, Thunderous Charge, Poison Attacks
    Mammoth, mammoth, cold, chill.
    2 x 3 Yetis, also very cold. It never ceases to amuse me that the Ogre cold and the HBE cold does so very different things. One would think that cold is cold, right?
    3 x 20 Scraplings
    3 Tusker Cavalry, Great Weapons.
    6 Bombardiers, Boomsticks
    Decent mix of very scary melee stuff, support units, quick units and ranged anti-chaff. Probably IMO the best list my opponent has ever fielded with his Ogres.
    I will apologise in advance for the extremely bad quality of the photos in this report, but it took place in @HumanClays apartment which was under renovation and had very poor lighting, so I had to use the flash on the photos.
    Anyway, scenario is Capture the Flags, I choose two units of Scraplings and the Tusker unit for my targets, he choose the Forlorns, Spearmen and the Archers as his. Map is the third official tournament map.
    To no one's surprise the Ogres got the first turn.
    Ogre Deployment:

    Battlelines drawn

    Ogre Right flank. The Minotaurs are Yetis, the NIght Goblins are Scraplings and the Tuskers are.... Tuskers.
    Yetis went for it, knowing they have the first turn.

    Ogre Left flank, More Yetis, double Scraplings and the massive Bruiser unit with the BSB in it

    The center, Mercenaries with the Khagan, the Bombadiers and the Mammoth supporting them. Quite the tough nut to crack.

    KoE Deployment:

    Left flank, Lovisa, both Grail Darts, one Yeomen unit, the archers, Halberdiers, the reliquae and Elsa, it is perhaps a.... bit overloaded.

    The Spearmen hold the right flank. Who knows, I might get the Tuskers to charge them?
    That would be nice #FutileHopesAndDreams

    The colourful Knights Forlorn hold the middle, hiding in the woods if some Tuskers wants to come play.
    I only really have 30 knights Forlorn, so they got reinforced by a bunch of foot Paladins and a couple of mercenary Imperial Guard to fill out the unit.

    Ogre Turn 1:
    The Great Khagan surveyed the battlefield; no ranks of the metalclad knights he had been to to expect awaited him, only milling masses of half-trained peasants and dishonoured nobles.
    He smiled a crooked smile, full of cruelty and glee at the thought of the impending feast.
    "This will be easy! Advance on the meat!"

    The Yetis easily outflank the Yeomen and Spearmen. Not being able to break Steadfast, I really didn't fear these guys but they were very slippery throughout the match.

    The Center trundles forwards, my opponent discovers with great gladness that Bombardiers have a insane 24" range and put them within range of my poor Yeomen.
    Scraplings stay put, my decision to make them one of my Targets for the Objective certainly screwing with my opponents plans and mind alike.

    The Cavalry also moves forward, ready to attempt a turn 2 charge (this is why I hate Ogres, they're always on you so fast!)

    Left flank only inches forwards, being inordinately scared of the two tiny Grail Darts. Or perhaps part of… [Read More]
  • Another offering from the Dark Wilds, the Mierce Gul-Gabrax, or as we say here in 9th Age lands; Longhorns.

    As always with Mierce, you get excellent and very detailed sculpts with a fair bit of character.
    I quite like the decision to give the Gul-Gabrax tusks, makes them look a bit fiercer than just normal 2.5 meters tall, heavily muscles man-goats do...

    Maille detail is fine, not Mierce's best but as good as you'll get in any other manufacturer and still better than you'll get from most.
    All the models were in resin and while there were some flash amd mould lines, there was nothing that would be a challenge to even a amateur modeler.

    This is Aalgar. Say hello Aalgar!
    Good sculpt, if a bit wierd, but then again he is basically the non-command version of sculpted standard bearer, so it's no wonder the stance didn't quite work out.
    I like the fact that he has both fierce tusks and flat herbivorous teeth, makes him a bit more goat-y.
    Again, fine maille supplemented with small plates.

    This is Gongaar (don't blame me! Mierce named them!)
    Good brooding pose. Looks like he's doing the Slow Walk (tm) towards some hapless imperial infantry. He looks mean!
    Bare and nicely muscles shoulders, otherwise mixing plates and maille.

    Another fairly strange pose, Culgaar looks like he can't quite decide what he is doing, I do like his hooked cleaver though.
    A bit troublesome to fit in a unit due to holding his blade so close to the ground, he probably needs to stand on the outside of one of the sides to fit.

    Sraagar is goading his troops forward and would make a quite nice Champion for a unit.

    And lastly Gaalgar would make a excellent Chieftain, or perhaps even a Beastlord? I could also actually see myself putting reins in his hand and putting him on a chariot.
    Very nice heavy armour, the heaviest of the group, quite the pleasure to paint.

    I think most of the Gul-Gabrax would make nice Chieftains and Champions but I would not recommend them for use as Longhorns, especially of your already have GW Bestigors are part of your unit. Why?
    Well, they are kinda.... large

    Gongaar is one of the smaller Gul-Gabrax, and he's still a head taller than a Bestigor

    And Galgaar is just.... really big!
    He'd look awesome as a Champion or a Chieftain but doesn't really fit into a unit.

    However, do not despair as Mierce makes a smaller breed of goatmen called the Gabrax, and I can vouch for that those fit in excellently with the Bestigors that most of us use as our Longhorns. [Read More]