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Here's a 9th Age blog where my gaming group and I duke it out every Monday and I post our failings on the Internetz. Occasionally I drop useful tactical nuggets and show off some pretty cool looking armies. You know, all of the stuff that matters.

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  • So, after numerous emails, calls and texts to inquire about whether I had died or not (not sure how I was supposed to answer if I had indeed passed), I finally have another battle report for you! Fittingly, it's against an Undead army, which is filled with undead midgets. It's really wild. I have no idea where he got this idea, but he's converting everything to be short. Maybe he's trying to lull his opponents into a false sense of security? I dunno, but he's pretty good.

    Lil' Ed's Undying Dynasties:
    Nomarch on Sphinx
    Death Cult Hierarch w/ pathfinder and Cloak of Dunes

    20 skeletons with bows
    20 skeletons with bows
    6 chariots with flame banner
    5 skeletal cav

    4 scarab swarms
    3 sand stalkers
    sand scorpion
    6 shabtis
    2 winged reapers

    war colossus
    soul colossus
    casket of phatep

    Big Fat's Ogre Khans:
    Warlord (+3 attacks and potion of Strength)

    8 Tribesmen w/ shields FC
    8 Ironclad FC

    4 Yetis
    4 Yetis
    6 Ogre Mercenaries w/ brace of pistols FC
    deformed outcast
    deformed outcast


    All of that leads up to a day of fun. My overall plan? Not get run over. My list has no magic and I need to get rid of his support units if I want any sort of chance of staying in this game. Why do I have no magic? Sloth. Yep, pure laziness. :sleeping: So don't read too much into the list building on my part.

    Hope you enjoy it

    Next up: 10000 or so points of Mega Battle [Read More]
  • So this is my first blog, which means I probably should say a little about myself or gaming group or whatever. When Kirby decided he hated all of his customers, my gaming group decided to abandon GW at the first opportunity. KoW looked fun but lacked the diversity of the old Warhammer system. Once The 9thAge began publishing rules, especially the Beastmen, my gaming group jumped on board. How many people? Well, I play at least one game a week and there’s a decent chance I won’t duplicate opponents until next year, so a lot. The end result of such a momentous event was that I was nominated and unanimously elected to be the official scribe of the group. I don’t recall volunteering, but that didn’t stop everyone from voting me the job. They’re sneaky that way. The right people saw a few reports, said “hey, you should post yourself on our website” and here I am. Pretty cool, huh?

    Currently, I’ve got 5 battle reports up, most utilizing The 9th Age Alpha rules, but I’m out of Alpha reports, so it’s Betas from this point forward. You can check out Episode 5 I just posted where I take on a balanced Warriors of the Waste army. In the future, I’ll start grabbing army lists to post, but I haven’t up to this point. Sorry :/

    Episode 5: Ogre Tribes vs. Warriors of the Waste

    What’s in store for the future of the channel? I’m working on a quick review of my favorite changes from Warhammer to The 9th Age. After that, I plan to alternate between battle reports and Tactica videos. Should be cool. I might do some painting updates for my gaming group and I as well, but that depends on them.
    I guess the key point to take away from this otherwise long and rambling post is that we’re having a blast playing The 9th Age! :D [Read More]