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A Blog covering many general aspects of the hobby. Painting and modelling tips for beginners and intermediates.

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  • Hello All!

    This is a very interesting, two part episode of How to Hobby!

    @StoffenDK @Eternal Flitter and I have been thinking about objectives and Narrative games. We thought that the games would be much more interesting if there was a narrative objective for each army.

    The basic idea behind this system is completely scrapping Victory points (VP's) so that army balance is not as important. How you win a game depends 100% on the objective.

    There are primary and secondary (Narrative) objectives. None of the objectives are determined by points but by either claiming an objective or destroying a select enemy unit, or units. This means that you can essentially always win the game even if armies are unbalanced. Primary objectives for example could include "Kill banners" or "assassinate character". They could also be gradated so that there is a range from 5-15 battle points for claiming the objective. For example 5 points for 1 banner or 33% of the wounds from a chosen character, 10 points for 2 banners or 66% of the wounds on the chosen character and 15 points for more than 3 banners or killing the chosen character.

    Here are some secondary objective ideas for the Sylvan Elves. Secondary objectives can award 0-3 points. Some are easier than others so are awarded less points.

    Sylvan Eves Scenario Pack

    1Protect the Glades
    2The Wild Hunt
    3Nurture the saplings
    4Cleanse the wildwood
    5Restore the waystone.

    1Protect the Glades
    OverviewThe Sylvan Elves muster to protect their Glade from the invader. The forest must be protected.
    ObjectivesAt the end of the game if the opponent has no scoring units inside forest terrain features, the sylvan elf player wins 1 scenario point. At the end of the game, if the opponent has 1 or more scoring unit partially inside a forest terrain feature then this objective cannot be claimed.

    2The Wild Hunt
    OverviewThe Hunt is on! The Sylvan Elves ride out of their glade to bring back trophies and slaves for their halls. The archers compete for the best shots and the huntsmen boast who will bring down the largest foe.
    ObjectivesOpenly Nominate a Hunt Master. This must be a character model. After deployment, the opponent must reveal the largest unit (point value) in his army. This could be a character. This unit is Quarry. If this unit is destroyed the Sylvan Elf player gets 1 scenario point. If this unit is destroyed by the Hunt Master, then 2 points are awarded.

    3Nurture the Saplings
    OverviewThe Sylvan Elves are attempting to re-grow an area of forest to block the advance of a marauding enemy.
    ObjectivesThe Sylvan Elf player must successfully cast tree singing 3 times during the game to gain 1 scenario point. If they are able to cast the spell 6 times, they gain 2 scenario points.

    4Cleanse the Wildwood
    OverviewA wildwood is an area of forest tainted by corruption. The Elven expeditionary force seeks to rid the forest of the tainted copse, lest it should spread further.
    ObjectivesNominate a single piece of forest terrain on the battlefield immediately before deployment. To rid the taint of chaos from the forest, the Sylvan Elf player must accumulate Cosmos points on the forest. To gain cosmos points:
    Tree singing cast on the forest - 1 point.
    Wizard is within the forest when they cast tree singing - 2 points.
    Druidism attribute is targeted on a unit within the forest - 2 points.
    Any Cosmology Cosmos spell targets a unit within the forest - 2 points.
    A unit with the special rules "Forest Walker" AND "Otherworldly" finishes a player turn inside the forest - 1 point.
    The Sylvan Elf player must accumulate 5 Cosmos points to cure the forest to get 1 scenario point.

    5Restore the Waystone
    OverviewA Waystone has been toppled by Beastmen. The Sylvan Elves must restore the Waystone for the forest to be safe.
    ObjectivesNominate a single piece of impassable terrain on the battlefield immediately before deployment. If there is no impassable terrain, then place a 3" template in the centre of the board. The template counts as impassable terrain and the Waystone.
    At the end of the game, if the sylvan elf general has more scoring units than his opponent within 6" of the waystone, he wins the scenario and gains 1 point.

    OverviewA Sylvan Elf Army has caught an intruder unawares as they break camp. The Elves must make an example of the invaders in the most bloody manner.
    ObjectivesThe Sylvan Elves must prevent the enemy army from escaping.
    If 0 enemy scoring units escape, the Sylvan Elf General Gains 3 points. If 1 scoring unit escapes, both players gain 1 point. If more than 1 scoring unit escapes, the opponent gains 3 points.
    Special RulesDeployment. This scenario replaces the primary scenario objective.
    The Sylvan Elf player deploys his whole army up to 18" from either short table edge. Units may be deployed on either side of the battlefield.
    The opponent then deploys his whole army. His army must be deployed at least 12" away
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  • Hello all,

    Here is a little tutorial with some tips regarding freehand. For those who don't know, freehand is simply painting something on a (usually flat) surface which doesn't have modelled detail. A lot of hobbyists use freehand to add a little extra detail to a model, unit or banner, to make it stand out.

    Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert free-hander. You can find some amazing examples of freehand on the internet. This tutorial is merely to inspire hobbyists who have never tried freehand, to give it a go and to show you all how I go about it.

    Firstly Planning and Concept.

    When I want to do freehand (I am mostly doing banners) I have a vision of what I want to have on the banner. Recently I wanted to re-do my forest guard banner and was inspired by the new Sylvan Elves artwork. When I am doing conversions (which tend to be a "freehand" of sorts) I like to collect a lot of pictures so I have something to work from. They help with getting the correct dimensions of shapes or objects. Freehand is no different.

    To begin with I always practice with pen and paper. This gives me some insight into how the shapes are interconnected and also makes it easier to visualise on something flat and roughly the same size. Ever started drawing something and then you have run out of space? If you draw things out first then you know how big the shapes need to be to fit.

    Taking the Plunge

    The next part is the hardest part. Actually putting brush to model. Its always a little worrying to paint on top of something you have taken time to get perfect because you are worried to make a mistake. Don't worry. Be Brave.

    The next step is to just start. Do your best to be accurate but it probably wont be right the first time. At least 100%.

    The process from this point is neatening up and re-painting, neatening up and re-painting.

    Above: Neaten

    Above: Repaint

    Above Neaten.

    The same process was repeated for the below image (finished banner).

    Below are a few more images of the freehand banners that I have done using this technique, along with the initial drawings where I have kept them.

    HBE Battle Standard.

    Zombie Standard Bearer

    Barrow Guard Banner

    Shields and Banner from my Heath Riders (this was more of a brainstorming than practice)

    Dragon Banner of Ryma

    Banner for the Wild Huntsmen (Symbol Of Orion from the GW fluff)

    Kristoffers freehand scrollwork on the halberd on his Palace Guard.

    Citizen Spears Banner

    Some Scrollwork on my Sylvan Elves Characters

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  • Hello and welcome to Iteration #2 of How to Hobby.

    In this episode I am going to show you how I made some generic unit fillers for my VC army. The reason behind these unit fillers was because I havent the desire to paint millions and millions of models. If I can make some "generic" unit fillers, these can be used for any unit which allows my army to be logistically, a bit more dynamic depending on what happens during a game.

    The first set were meant to be burnt/dead trees. This fits the theme of my army. Sylvania is a nasty place with haunted forests where nothing grows.

    I started with some sprues and some spare bases:

    Next I Milliputted on top:

    Added texture to look like bark:

    I worked a little more with another layer of milliput to add the roots, built up the bowl of the tree between the roots and added a few more details.

    Heres some more that I made earlier:

    Added some sand to the bases:

    And the finished product after painting:

    I tried to give them the appearance of burnt trees. I used the GW technical paint Typhus corosion on top of the wood. I used a couple of layers of nuln oil wash to darken the area and added a bit of black to make them extra dark in some areas.

    How they look in the unit:

    I also have one more "Generic" unit filler that I am working on:

    The graveyard theme is something that runs through most VC armies and mine is no different:

    The statue here is from the GW Empire BSB/captain model.

    Here are a few more unit specific fillers that I have with my VC:

    Again, thanks for the feedback that I got on the last How to Hobby. Comments are appreciated. Let me know what you want to see!

    Next iteration will be regarding how I do freehand on my banners! [Read More]
  • Hello All,

    This blog is an attempt to fill a small niche I feel is missing in the blog section. My "How to Hobby" Blog will bring beginners and intermediates some tutorials and tips related to the hobby. If you like the blog, please like the post, because then I know that its worthwhile me spending time to make it. Also, please comment on topics you would like me to cover.

    Without no further ado, I am going to show you how I made my movement trays for my skirmishers for the up coming Giant Fanatic tournament. I also use exactly the same technique to do my bases so the same steps can be undertaken to get a nice effect - and also continuity within the army.

    Finished product here:

    So Firstly, I bought my trays from - Their website is currently down but you can get in touch here:…1554361148188992/?fref=ts

    They look like this when they arrive. All I have done is add a few leaves and skulls etc.

    Next I used miliput to add some large roots. These are similar to my models which have the same on their bases.

    The next step is to spread non watered down PVA glue all over the surface of the tray. Then add textured sand to the surface.

    Once the sand has dried (usually I leave it over night) I add another layer of PVA, this time a little watered down to seal the sand.

    Once dried I then sprayed the trays black.

    Then I painted them. The colours are drybrushed: Rhinox hide then Graveyard earth. The roots are bestial brown or new equivalent in between the two layers as said previously.

    Next I just flocked with static grass a few patches.

    Then we have the finished product once again:

    As I said previously, my bases for the Sylvan Elves are built up in the same way. The same technique was also used to make my "free forest" for my Sylvan Elves.

    I cut out a shape in wood which is roughly the correct size. and used the exact technique as above. I added some larger rocks and bits of wood to add to the texture.

    I also made some trees in the same way. I built up some circular bases and miliput round the plastic trunks which were provided with the trees to make them more realistic. Make sure to leave the holes so that the tree-wire can fit in the top.

    The finished product:

    Thats it. Its pretty simple and effective.

    If you liked this tutorial, please let me know. If you would like to have more hobby tutorials, please comment. I have one more tutorial ready to go to about freehand banners. After that I will come up with things as and when I do them so please if you have anything you would like covering, let me know! make magnetic movement trays for all sizes of models, both circular and square. They also do prize support for tournaments. Follow the link above to get in touch with or to check out their products. [Read More]