The 9th Age Behind the Scenes Blog 12

A peek into the inner workings of the 9th Age for improved transparency and insight into the decisions being made in the name of the project

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  • New

    Here we are again with yet another publication of the Behind the Scenes blog,

    You will quickly notice that this BTS is shorter in length than the previous ones, but also that it comes much shortly after in time. That is because we felt that adding more content to it would require significant more time, and there was some information that we really really wanted to share with you as soon as possible. So we have taken the decision to do an early release: today we will talk to you about the changes to Melee weapons and show you all the Weapon enchantments.

    Let's see a list at the mundane weapons that you will find in the T9A 2nd Edition rulebook
    • Hand Weapon: All models comes equipped with a Hand Weapon as their default equipment. HandWeapons cannot be lost, destroyed or nullified by any means. If a model has any Melee Weapon other than a Hand Weapon, it cannot choose to use the Hand Weapon (unless specifically stated). Hand Weapons wielded by models on foot can be used alongside a Shield to get the Parry Defensive Trait.
    • Great Weapon Attacks made with a Great Weapon gain +2 Strength, +2 Armour Penetration and always strike at Initiative Step 0 (regardless of wielder’s Agility ). A model using this weapon cannot simultaneously use a Shield against Melee Attacks.
    • Halberd Attacks made with a Halberd gain +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration. A model using this weapon cannot simultaneously use a Shield against Melee Attacks
    • Lance Attacks made with a Lance gain Thunderous Charge* (+ 2 Strength, +2 Armour Penetration). Infantry cannot use Lances.
    • Light Lance Attacks made with a Light Lance gain Thunderous Charge (+ 1 Strength, +1 Armour Penetration ). Infantry cannot use Light Lances.
    • Paired weapons: The wielder gains +1 Attack Value when using this weapon. Attacks made with a Paired Weapons gain +1 Offensive Skill and ignore Parry. A model using this weapon cannot simultaneously use a Shield against Melee Attacks .
    • Spear: Attacks with a Spear gain Fight in Extra Ranks and +1 Armour Penetration and if allocated towards a Charging model, an additional +1 Armour Penetration. Close Combat Attacks from model parts wielding a Spear gain +2 Agility in the first Round of Combat provided they are not Charging and are not engaged either in their Flank or Rear. Cavalry, Beasts and Constructs cannot use Spears.
    *Note: Devastating charge and Thunderous Charge have been merged. In 2nd Edition the attributes/rules in brackets will describe bonuses that the unit gains on the charge, such as +1S, +1A, Lethal Strike, etc.

    You are probably asking yourselves a number of questions, so let's go one by one:

    Can you quickly summarize what has changed and what has not?

    There is no flails in the list of mundane weapons above...?

    Why haven/t you used the opportunity to redesign Great Weapons now that you have the split of S and AP?

    Now, why are you changing the Spear rules?

    So what about the changes to Paired Weapons, why is that?

    Paired Weapons ignore Parry, but what are the new rules for parry?

    So now that you have explained the mundane weapons, can you tell me about the weapon enchantments?

    Enjoy and let us know what you think in the discussion post here:

    BTS Blog - Issue 11 Discussion Thread [Read More]
  • We, Who Are About to Die (of Overwork) Salute You!

    (just kidding)

    Unlike last issues, which had its sole focus on the Second Edition Magic Items, this issue will have a collage of topics with a whopping 5 talking points. Also, they are not on the smaller end of brevity either ;)

    Here are the topics for this issue:
    • FAQ regarding the Second Edition
    • Wheel Measuring
    • Line of Sight and Troop Types
    • WDG update
    • DL update

    As always, we have a dedicated discussion thread for this issue. If you have any follow up questions, comments, feedback or just want to discuss the topics in this issue, please do it here: Issue 10 Discussion Thread

    As an reminder, the latest Scroll got released earlier this month. You can find it here: The Latest T9A Scroll is released!

    Furthermore, A Special Sneak Peak Preview regarding Deployment and Secondary Objectives has been published a week ago. Go take them for a ride!

    Besides this, arguably the most important news posts in the last few weeks, we have a MASCOT NAMING COMPETITION going on. For more information about our new fellow, check out this link: The Goblin Mascot Naming Contest

    Besides those, it is always worth it to check out the News Page ^^

    [Read More]
  • This BTS publication will only cover one topic ... but WHAT A TOPIC!

    This issue, we will focus on explaining how the new Magic items will work in the next edition of the game.

    We could have included more topics, but we decided against it, since it would both mean a delay in publication as an overflow of information, so here we go with the important but "smaller" update!

    As always, we have a dedicated discussion thread for this issue. If you have any follow up questions, comments, feedback or just want to discuss the topics in this issue, please do it here: Issue 9 Discussion Thread

    Furthermore, there was a major news announcement on Saturday about the second Edition roadmap. You can find it here: The Ninth Age Second Edition - The Path Ahead. Check it out if you want to know, what the current time table looks like and when you can expect the next releases.
    [Read More]
  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's Up, Ninth Agers!!!
    In honor of a certain member's victory over in the US(1)

    It's summer time, and that means cooking up some burned offerings on the old BTS-BBQ.

    In this BTS edition we have a several choice items on the menu:
    • 2.0 Changes: Aim shot attribute
    • 2.0 Changes: Model Classifications (Troop Types)
    • 2.0 Changes: Model/Unit Profile & Layout
    • 2.0 Mock Duel: Sparkly Elf vs. Thug of the Dork Godz

    As you can see, this time we will focus fully on the core rulebook changes. Things are getting more ready and even the magic items and magic phase start to be at a point where we may see some appearances in upcoming BTS publications...who knows :whistling:

    In the previous BTS issues we have covered most of the character profile changes that will be introduced as part of the new rulebook version. Changes that aim to bring more depth of design to the new rulebook rules, which should also help to better represent specific unit flavours in the future redesigns. And today we are bringing you the last update on attributes: Aim Shot.
    [Read More]
  • Welcome to the 7th Issue of the "Behind the Scenes" Blog!

    First and foremost, before getting into the spoilers, here are some updates regarding how the BTS-blog will evolve in the next weeks and months to come:

    After tallying up the likes in the last issue, there was an overwhelming majority in favour of a more serious style with collapsible formatting. This means that we will continue in with this more serious style, but still try to also carter to those who preferred the old more relaxed style. Basically everything rules-, spoiler-, or management-related will be written in a more serious tone, while the intro, transitions between topics and ending should be more informal. It is an iffy balance we know, but a trial and error never hurt anyone (...said the surgeon).

    Furthermore, after the flood of comments in the blog, we quickly realised that the Blog comments section does meet our needs for a good discussion, nor does it represent the various levels of interest in certain subtopics. Besides, it is a real pain to write longer explanations without the normal forum tools (and @Kathal gets grumpy after 200+ notifications - nah man :gcool: ).

    That's why we've decided to open a thread in the General Discussion sub-forum which is dedicated to each issue released.

    The link to this issue's thread can be found here: BTS Blog - Issue 7 Discussion Thread

    Last but not least, we're trying to implement a "fancy" table of contents in each BTS blog, to give you a quick overview:
    • Army Uniqueness, Identity and imperfection in the current game
    • A Peek at the 2.0 rules changes - Part 3
    • DL Spoilers - Unit design
    (if I find now a way to hyperlink the corresponding topics in the blog, it would be "truly" fancy) [Read More]
  • Salutations Sons & Daughters of the Ninth Age!

    We hope you are all enjoying this fine Spring in the very best war-gaming tradition - by staying indoors and preventing direct sunlight from exploding those FineCast models.

    This episode, we've decided to test out a more 'condensed' format - but do not be deceived by first appearances - there are a LOT of spoilers in here for those keen to peer into the looking glass for a glimpse of what's coming in 2.0.

    So, what's been happening behind the curtains you may ask?
    [Read More]
  • You know that feeling for sure, when in the morning you just want to do this:

    After having been in the word police jail for a couple of days due to excessive use of words (and memes) we had to wake up super early to provide you with part 2 of the A New Force Awakens! "Behind the Scenes" blog.

    The idea for this part was born after some skype conferences (and a lot of coffee to survive those) where TINS and myself got the idea, to answer or rather explain some community problems and fears. This is basically the "Topic of the Week" and will return as long as there are questions to answer.

    Though, we still need a badass name for this ;( (and yes, we are open for ideas here)
    [Read More]
  • Yes, this is late.

    My dog ate my e-mail, I had a crippling hangnail for 3 weeks, and cold weather slowed my internet down...

    Before we get started on the latest gossip, please welcome my new RT-Blog partner @Kathal who will be gently restraining my more mellifluous forays into aggrandizing loquacity keeping me grounded with his down-to-earth Austrian (G'Day mate!) clarity of thought.

    Let the Bureaucratic Games Begin!
    So, let's start with Advisory Board members.

    Currently, the Advisory Board's role is under re-evaluation by the Execution Executive Board. Until now, the unspoken duty of most free-agent (non-Head) Advisory Board members has been to: [Read More]
  • It is time!

    Time to share what's going on behind the scenes, elaborate on why other things happened, and generally ramble on about stuff so that everyone has a bit more of a feel for what's happening from the top to the front-lines of our modest little 10,000 member project.

    So, to kick off, I would like to begin with a little background elaboration following the minor spoiler I posted on February 4th in the Warriors of the Dark Gods sub-forum.

    As many WotDG players are probably aware by now, the new Full Army Book (which will have Seven Dark Gods) will not have Marked units in Core. This is based mostly on the background distinction between WORSHIPPERS and FOLLOWERS (placeholder names for now), which I will attempt to elaborate a little on.

    WORSHIPPERS are people who do exactly this. They worship the Dark Gods and embrace the qualities that most civilizations deep distasteful. This means they often need to practice in secret, sometimes privately, but collectively is also possible - and a major source of concern for the many rulers around the 9th Age. Barbarians however, are by definition uncivilized, and are free to practice whatever religion they feel like without social stigma. The various tribal religions are by no means exclusive to the Dark Gods however.

    FOLLOWERS on the other hand, are people who have decided to make a pact with one of the Dark Gods, trading their soul in order to begin the Path of Ascension, and gaining the possibility of achieving immortality in one's lifetime. Unlike other Gods beyond the Veil, the Dark Gods crave and consume souls at a voracious rate as their followers die, so they are keen to entice more by offering immediate rewards to new followers in the form of unique plate armor and physical augmentation thereby transforming them into the walking chainsaw we all know as the Wasteland Warrior - the very first step on the Path. Once on the Path of Ascension, every act will be punished or praised in the form of physical changes or Marks depending on the God they signed their pact with, which has a significant effect on how Warriors enter battle, since failure can be a fate almost as bad as death itself.

    I'd love to go into how this translates into gameplay mechanics, but having used up my spoiler quota already this month, I should stop there...for now.

    Still on the subject of WotDG, the community recently finished up with its item brainstorming session for with a whopping 278 posts! These have already been sorted into a top 50 or so list (a mammoth task carried out by @tunasandwichify) and of those 15 or so are currently being further developed and refined by the Army Design Team. How far the current designs will go is hard to say since it will depend on AWSW compatibility, background, complexity, and balancing, but the breadth of ideas shown was inspiring. Special shoutout to @Drakkar for his Wasteland Torch which clocked up a whopping 45 likes. Some people just want to watch the world burn...

    In conjunction with this venture into directly-solicited community design, the RT themselves, after first allowing the Army Design Team to make some proposals, have decided to throw open the ENTIRE MAGIC PHASE to channel the creative brilliance of our community - and it's still going with 50+ proposals of varying ambition, pragmatism, and originality.

    Speaking strictly for myself, I am thrilled to see so much enthusiasm and effort from everyone. It sets the bar for what our project can aspire to as a collective effort towards creating the best tabletop miniature game ever designed. My personal hope is that we will see even more staff/community collaborations and efforts going forward into 2.0 - definitely a step in the right direction in my opinion.

    So Why Don't We Share Everything?
    To answer this I want to go back to the early post-TAC pre-Armybook days of 2016, when the Ninth Age was just about to release the 'official' balanced books for each faction. At the time, one particular sub-forum, the HbE, were incredibly excited about an array of unapproved design proposals by their Army Book Committee. Unfortunately, community expectations were not properly managed at the time, so when certain design proposals exceeded the power benchmark (power-creep was a major issue for many books being written at the time) the uproar was tremendous, leading several brilliant designers to quit and leaving bitter feelings all round.

    We vowed that would never be allowed to happen again. The emotional strain on staff and community was just too much to bear repeating, which is why a more severe no-leak policy was implemented. There would be still be more leaks to come in later months, and each one tended to lead to generally poor community reactions simply because they lacked proper context.

    Then when 1.2 came out the opposite happened. Players were completely blindsided by many of the changes, and the apparent lack of reasoning behind them, and the reaction was again overwhelming… [Read More]