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A peek into the inner workings of the 9th Age for improved transparency and insight into the decisions being made in the name of the project

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  • Yes, this is late.

    My dog ate my e-mail, I had a crippling hangnail for 3 weeks, and cold weather slowed my internet down...

    Before we get started on the latest gossip, please welcome my new RT-Blog partner @Kathal who will be gently restraining my more mellifluous forays into aggrandizing loquacity keeping me grounded with his down-to-earth Austrian (G'Day mate!) clarity of thought.

    Let the Bureaucratic Games Begin!
    So, let's start with Advisory Board members.

    Currently, the Advisory Board's role is under re-evaluation by the Execution Executive Board. Until now, the unspoken duty of most free-agent (non-Head) Advisory Board members has been to: [Read More]