Guardbros Miniature Reviews 2

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  • To say that I was happy with Victrix would be an understatement. I did my best to avoid any real distinct pictures of their models so I would have fresh eyes on the sprues when they came in, and I was floored from what I saw. The amount of models you get for the price you pay is in league with Perry and Fire Forge, and the amount of detail is astronomical on these models. There is also a delicious amount of bits and options, and a single sprue is a modelers dream when it comes to customizing units just how you want them. I will keep the words short on this one, but let the pictures and video speak for themselves. [Read More]
  • A friend of mine had a wonderful idea while drawing some parallels between the Dread elves book and the Army he wanted. Instead of going for the normal dark, moody dread elf look, he decided to go in a very different direction by incorporating Roman style troops. He came to this conclusion, I assume, because of the similarities of the Greek Monsters of Tales and the Monsters in the book, then pointed a finger in the Roman directions. Personally I loved the idea, and even more so because he introduced me to Victrix Models.

    The Models themselves are highly detailed, and come with a LOT of options when it comes to standards and other such bits. Even after putting together a full command+ for a single 25 man unit, there we still a TON of bits left over, which always make a modeler and gamer happy.

    I mean look at all those heads! All of them are extremely detailed, and have a matching cape to adorn the back of the fully armored model. Was extremely nice to see from a company. Unfortunately there is only one sprue like this in the pack, and they dont seem to sell them separately as far as im aware.

    I have some Vikings on the way from Victrix, and I'll be doing a video and a post here about them as well,

    [Read More]