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  • Finally started on one of the two ID units I do not currently have, so here are the first 10 of my Orc Slaves, using the Westwind Orc Sword Regiment, which I quite like.

    Looking nice and aggressive , rather more hunchbacked than GW orcs are, which fits well in their role as slaves here.

    Heads and weapon arms are separate and there's about 5 or 6 different bodies, witch makes for a good variety

    Quite heavily armoured as well, is scavenged plate and scale armour with some chain thrown in for good measure.
    I think they look heavy enough to be able to be used as Iron Orcs as well

    The pteruges on the leader are a nice touch.

    This one had perhaps the most impressive overbite I've seen on an Orc to this date

    The weapons are not overly large like GW ones tend to be, but nice and brutal in design

    The heads are all good, I like the hood on this one

    Two of them lack shields and instead have a armoured. clawed gauntlet, for some Wolverine-action

    Two of the more impressively armoured ones. Not the shields, they look almost as dangerous as the swords! Just as a Orc shield should!

    A small statuette on the helmet, likely stolen from a shrine somewhere

    They all look good and brutal

    The rarest of things; and Orc that understands the value of blocking!

    And the one I'll use as the leader: slightly bigger and bulkier with a nice fur on the shoulders.

    Quite the good set of models. Metal, all of them. At 14 for 10 of them, the price ain't bad either. [Read More]
  • So next Battle Report!
    Against the Ogres this time with a mostly infantry-based force for me, for once.

    My army:

    Footonnia (Power to the Peasants!)

    Duchess Lovisa: Big Bird, Grail Oath, Shield, Might, Crusader's Hat, Dragon Lance,

    Paladin Calix: BSB, Questing Oath, Audacity, Hardened Shield, Great Weapon. (Can probably tangle with a Mammoth or a Kinslayer. NOT a Auroch or a Khan, though.)

    Damsel Elsa, of Arrendale: Book of Arcane Power, 4 spells, Wizard Master, Path of Divination (Hands out Cold-blooded like it was candy, will try to fry some Monsters with her Magic Missiles since neither of them care about Thoughness)

    30 Archers, Musician. (pew pew pew)

    50 Spearmen, Full Command (Stab stab stab)

    44 Halberdiers, Fullcommand (Slashy-slashy)

    Reliqae (because I have never used it and can't hve a Footonnia list without it)

    5 Yeomen, throwing weapons
    5 Yeomen, throwing weapons (chaff. Would have liked to bring my customary 2 units of Aspirants as well, but Points were tight and the theme demanded large units of infantry)

    3 Grails
    3 Grails, Champion (Always wanted to try out the Grail Darts, and some more super-Heavy chaff. Also scoring.)

    40 Forlorns, Full command, Banner of triple-marching (Only real combat unit in this army. I know they are really bad but the theme demands infantry and I want to try them out)

    Green Knight (I know she is bad, but if she can do something against one army it'll probably be Ogres since they often have uits without much in the way of ranks and have Monsters she can stall. I originally had her Points as 2x10 Crossbows but with so many big Infantry units I feel like getting LoS with te Crossbows would be hard, and Another fast-moving unit is Always nice.


    Great Khagan, Spinesplitter, Heartripper, Heavy Armour, Potion of speed (Not really sure what the plan was with this one, he's neither super-tanky nor super-killy)
    BSB-guy: Banner of Swiftstride and Strider, don't know what else.
    10 Bruisers, Probably had a magical banner?
    6 Mercenaries, Dragonskin Banner, Ironfists, Thunderous Charge, Poison Attacks
    Mammoth, mammoth, cold, chill.
    2 x 3 Yetis, also very cold. It never ceases to amuse me that the Ogre cold and the HBE cold does so very different things. One would think that cold is cold, right?
    3 x 20 Scraplings
    3 Tusker Cavalry, Great Weapons.
    6 Bombardiers, Boomsticks
    Decent mix of very scary melee stuff, support units, quick units and ranged anti-chaff. Probably IMO the best list my opponent has ever fielded with his Ogres.
    I will apologise in advance for the extremely bad quality of the photos in this report, but it took place in @HumanClays apartment which was under renovation and had very poor lighting, so I had to use the flash on the photos.
    Anyway, scenario is Capture the Flags, I choose two units of Scraplings and the Tusker unit for my targets, he choose the Forlorns, Spearmen and the Archers as his. Map is the third official tournament map.
    To no one's surprise the Ogres got the first turn.
    Ogre Deployment:

    Battlelines drawn

    Ogre Right flank. The Minotaurs are Yetis, the NIght Goblins are Scraplings and the Tuskers are.... Tuskers.
    Yetis went for it, knowing they have the first turn.

    Ogre Left flank, More Yetis, double Scraplings and the massive Bruiser unit with the BSB in it

    The center, Mercenaries with the Khagan, the Bombadiers and the Mammoth supporting them. Quite the tough nut to crack.

    KoE Deployment:

    Left flank, Lovisa, both Grail Darts, one Yeomen unit, the archers, Halberdiers, the reliquae and Elsa, it is perhaps a.... bit overloaded.

    The Spearmen hold the right flank. Who knows, I might get the Tuskers to charge them?
    That would be nice #FutileHopesAndDreams

    The colourful Knights Forlorn hold the middle, hiding in the woods if some Tuskers wants to come play.
    I only really have 30 knights Forlorn, so they got reinforced by a bunch of foot Paladins and a couple of mercenary Imperial Guard to fill out the unit.

    Ogre Turn 1:
    The Great Khagan surveyed the battlefield; no ranks of the metalclad knights he had been to to expect awaited him, only milling masses of half-trained peasants and dishonoured nobles.
    He smiled a crooked smile, full of cruelty and glee at the thought of the impending feast.
    "This will be easy! Advance on the meat!"

    The Yetis easily outflank the Yeomen and Spearmen. Not being able to break Steadfast, I really didn't fear these guys but they were very slippery throughout the match.

    The Center trundles forwards, my opponent discovers with great gladness that Bombardiers have a insane 24" range and put them within range of my poor Yeomen.
    Scraplings stay put, my decision to make them one of my Targets for the Objective certainly screwing with my opponents plans and mind alike.

    The Cavalry also moves forward, ready to attempt a turn 2 charge (this is why I hate Ogres, they're always on you so fast!)

    Left flank only inches forwards, being inordinately scared of the two tiny Grail Darts. Or perhaps part of… [Read More]
  • Another offering from the Dark Wilds, the Mierce Gul-Gabrax, or as we say here in 9th Age lands; Longhorns.

    As always with Mierce, you get excellent and very detailed sculpts with a fair bit of character.
    I quite like the decision to give the Gul-Gabrax tusks, makes them look a bit fiercer than just normal 2.5 meters tall, heavily muscles man-goats do...

    Maille detail is fine, not Mierce's best but as good as you'll get in any other manufacturer and still better than you'll get from most.
    All the models were in resin and while there were some flash amd mould lines, there was nothing that would be a challenge to even a amateur modeler.

    This is Aalgar. Say hello Aalgar!
    Good sculpt, if a bit wierd, but then again he is basically the non-command version of sculpted standard bearer, so it's no wonder the stance didn't quite work out.
    I like the fact that he has both fierce tusks and flat herbivorous teeth, makes him a bit more goat-y.
    Again, fine maille supplemented with small plates.

    This is Gongaar (don't blame me! Mierce named them!)
    Good brooding pose. Looks like he's doing the Slow Walk (tm) towards some hapless imperial infantry. He looks mean!
    Bare and nicely muscles shoulders, otherwise mixing plates and maille.

    Another fairly strange pose, Culgaar looks like he can't quite decide what he is doing, I do like his hooked cleaver though.
    A bit troublesome to fit in a unit due to holding his blade so close to the ground, he probably needs to stand on the outside of one of the sides to fit.

    Sraagar is goading his troops forward and would make a quite nice Champion for a unit.

    And lastly Gaalgar would make a excellent Chieftain, or perhaps even a Beastlord? I could also actually see myself putting reins in his hand and putting him on a chariot.
    Very nice heavy armour, the heaviest of the group, quite the pleasure to paint.

    I think most of the Gul-Gabrax would make nice Chieftains and Champions but I would not recommend them for use as Longhorns, especially of your already have GW Bestigors are part of your unit. Why?
    Well, they are kinda.... large

    Gongaar is one of the smaller Gul-Gabrax, and he's still a head taller than a Bestigor

    And Galgaar is just.... really big!
    He'd look awesome as a Champion or a Chieftain but doesn't really fit into a unit.

    However, do not despair as Mierce makes a smaller breed of goatmen called the Gabrax, and I can vouch for that those fit in excellently with the Bestigors that most of us use as our Longhorns. [Read More]
  • Alright children, we're going into the woods looking for minotaurs in this one.

    A study on Minotaur dominance progression, or The Saga of Gunthador Thunderhoof
    -by Everet Kuhficker, Captain of the Imperial Guard, 14th division.

    I first met Gunthador in battle many decades ago, Just a young bull then, just one in the Herd among the other bulls, finely muscled and with overmuch aggression.

    Clad in light armour, as is the style of the wild half-men of the forests, he and his fellow bulls broke through our battleline and put many to the axe before I and my fellow Imperial Guard put them to flight. I look part of his horn myself and when our eyes met in that moment I knew that this was no ordinary blood-mad Minotaur bull, he had within him the seeds of greatness, should they be allowed to blossom; his eyes shone with ambition where the gazes of the other bulls were glazed over with dull bloodlust.

    An excellent miniature by Hungry Troll, he is unarmed as he is meant for playing Blood Bowl but it was very easy to just add a couple of Beastmen axes and call it a day. Nicely detailed muscles and armour held together with a nice charging stance.

    Shown here against a complaining Imperial Guard in 28mm scale (28! Not heroic scale). Large enough to fit in most non-GW minotaur units and add a little dynamic action to it. The broken horn adds a nice bit of character showing that this is not his first taste of battle.

    I next saw him three years later and he was much changed, only the broken horn and the glare of unbridled ambition as well as the viper-like tail allowed me to recognise me as the young ambitious bull I had wounded years before.

    Whether the fell powers that the half-men offer worship to had favoured him or punished him I know not, but his physical appearance was much changed, sickly green blisters and pustules had erupted over his entire form, giving him a diseased appearance that belied the vigour he displayed in combat.
    No longer a mere bull, this time he clearly commanded his fellow minotaurs in battle, though not yet the whole Herd.

    The smooth, muscled abdomen was broken by a toothed gash which snapped at our men and cursed them in perfect Imperial. A most vexing experience I tell you!

    One muscled fist had sprouted dagger-like talons which punched clean through the blacksteel plate that we wore.

    And perhaps most disturbingly, on his finely muscled shoulder he had grown three clear blue eyes that fooled many attacks that we made against his back, trying to stab the beast where we thought he was not looking.

    They seemed to gaze straight into your soul, laying bare all your secrets, though that must surely be superstition alone talking.
    The battle was much harder this time, the half-man Herd he had joined now was more experienced and battle-hardened. We faced once more in battle and even through my visor I could see he knew me and remembered me. I was hard pressed and only the disciplined aid of my fellow Imperial Guard stopped me from being beheaded by his great iron cleaver or having my innards punctured by those dagger-like spurs.
    Though the Herd was once more driven off it was a Pyrrhic victory if any, as our division was left bloodied and broken, unable to take to the field for several years hence.

    Again from Hungry Troll, we have here a much more mutated version of the same fine minotaur. He stands a bit taller due to his stance but is not as dynamic. I still love him dearly because of the many nice mutations.

    The Imperial Guard still thinks he should clean up his act and get a job.
    Again he was unarmed so I just stuck a Mantic Ogre's blade in his non-mutated hand and called it a day.

    I saw Gunthador the next and last time a decade after. His form changed again, he stood a half-meter higher, gifted with a perfect form (for his people) by his fell gods. No broken horn this time, his horns rose from his head like the shape of the moon and there were no sign of the previous mutations.
    He was clad in blood-red armour and led a vicious War Herd on a rampage across the countryside, only deigning to give open battle when I challenged him openly, saying I would take his horn once again, as I had before. In retrospect that proved to be a mistake.

    He had tattoos of thorned wines over his neck and face, I do not know their significance, if they were a mark of personal valour, a sign of a challenge overcome or perhaps a devotion to the gods of the Dark Wilds.

    I'm not very good at it, but I love painting tattoos.

    The form might have changed, but the glare of ambition was the same as it had ever been.
    We met in battle and for the third time he led a herd off Minotaurs against my imperial Guard and we once more met in a challenge.

    This time was quite different as he moved like a veteran of a hundred wars and thousands of challenges, his charge shattered my front rank with sheer mass and speed alike; we could as much stand in the front of a advancing Steam Tank as try to arrest his[Read More]
  • In every noble home of Equitaine there hangs in one room a great blade, seemingly too large to be wielded by any man. This is known as the Forlorn blade and it is the desire of every family that it is never to leave its fastening and be wielded. For the Forlorn Blade is the symbol for a punishment most severe, reserved for crimes committed against one's liege lord, it is second only to exile or death in its severeness.

    A knight forced to take the "Forlorn Oath" must take down this great blade and travel the country, offering their services for free to any lord that will have them and fight in any battle they are asked to. They are forbidden squires or servants and may never ride a horse as long as they carry the Blade, forcing them to travel by foot or by wagon. The Knight Forlorn often band together in bands, as while many Lords may not have the need for a lone foot-bound swordsman, a full unit of such elite fighters is harder to turn down.

    While they are clad in their family Arms much as any other knight, they always have a almost visible pallour of sadness and failure hanging over them and many Forlorn Knights carry list of their crimes visible on their person to show their crimes and their repentance to anyone that see them.

    Few Knights Forlorn will ever regain their honour and most die in their shame and indeed the sentence is considered milder than execution only in that the sentenced will die in battle with at least some honour intact. For only the favour of a Damsel, won through valour in battle can list the Forlorn Oath and allow a knight to put down the Forlorn Blade, and such a favour is rare indeed.
    Some dwarven scholars have drawn parallels between their own practice of taking a Seeker Oath and the Forlorn Oath, both ways of committing suicide through battle to atone for a sin practiced by warrior-societies that hold suicide to be unthinkable or dishonourable.

    So.... Norba's Knights Forlorn. Heavy on the mould lines and the flash, as Norba's products tend to be.
    As astute viewer may see that mine do not quite look as the one's shown of Norba's webpage

    Namely the models don't usually have any hats on them. I though that was just dumb and frankly most of the heads weren't very interesting anyway so some digging in the bitz box found hats for all of them bar the bald dudes with eye-patches (because they just look cool) and the one model I got with a maille hood (because he was at least sensible to bring some sort of head-covering so he gets to keep his head as well). Giving them new heads also allowed me to vary the stances a bit more.

    Also all of the models come with very heavily textured shields, one pattern for each sculpt. I hate textured shields with a pattern because they lock me into a particular Coat of Arms for that knight. Well, a few seconds and a scalpel solved that well enough.
    Aaaaanyway, on to the knights....

    It is quite common for a Knight Forlorn to carry the arms of their knightly spouse (should they have one) to remind themselves of what they fight for. Those with spouses of lesser status will often instead carry a small portrait inside a charm or a book with collected letters from their spouse, if they are literate.

    Three of the models I got had tiny shields (sadly mostly obscured by a giant lilly sculpted on them for some Lady-damned reason...) so I made each of them correspond to another knight in my army.

    I really feel for the last family... One spouse is on a suicide quest, the other is a Knight of the Quest... Who guards the fief?

    First of we have a knight of Vännäs. Vännäs holds a yearly market which in 2012 attracted 60.000 visitors, quite impressive for a small town of 4000!

    The arms show the many bridges and rail-bridges of the region as well as the logs of the logging industry

    The bridge is also echoed on the tabard and sleeves (because it looked very boring without something)
    He also has a horse on his head and a really tiny shield on his brow, because of reasons

    Dressed in yellow and wearing a fancy pope hat comes the knight of Timrå

    This is a good example of how a headswap can really change the character of a model. With the knew head looking in a different direction, it almost looks like the knight is now parrying an enemy blow

    Timrå is a small town that in all but name could be considered a suburb to the much larger Sundsvall. It has numerous sports arenas for its size and a very good hockey team that has played in the highest league for many years. Permobil, which is the world's largest supplier of electrical wheelchairs have their headquarter in the area.

    The two firs on the Arms are real trees and grew uncommonly close to each other near the rapids on the Arms

    Sporting a nice double-lined tabard we have now the knight of Valdemarsvik (Valdemar's Bay)

    Norba continues the GW tradition of putting tiny shields absolutely everywhere.
    Words cannot describe adequately how much I hate this style. Painting heraldry is hard enough, doing… [Read More]
  • More Pegasi! This time they're Fire Forge's

    Flap flap flap
    I do quite like the clouds Fire Forge went with for their flying bases. A unique take on them and one I like, though I know not everyone does.

    Lining up for the charge. Notice how they actually all rank up with only a little offset of their flying base? A quality previously unheard of in Pegasi?

    That because the wings are really small. Like literally half the size of the other two commercially available Pegasi Knights (unpainted Norba Pegasi for scale).
    The wings are also all the same which saddens me, as are the horses. Some variety would be nice.

    Now for individual knights for the customary heraldic wankery

    Our first knight wields the cogwheel of industry and the Acer Campastre-leaf of the now-defunct Svedala Market Town, which disappeared into Svedala Municipality in 1979 and the Arms were lost at the same time.

    His mount is patterned on the Pileated Woodpecker (specifically the underside of its wings, the tops are boring), a very large north-american woodpecker which may or may not be the largest on the continent. Depends on whether we have killed of it's cousin, the Ivory.billed Woodpecker yet, as the latter has not been confirmed alive since 1940 :(

    Next up we move forward in time and arrive in the actual Svedala municipality, a small scanian town which have held an annual an very popular rock festival for over 29 years running and is arranged by the S.M.U.R.F. organisation.

    His bird-pony is a Abyssian Roller, a partly-migratory african bird, named by europeans for its acrobatic and tumbling mating display flight.
    It is very fancy.

    The third knight hold the fief of Torsås (Thor's Ridge) surprisingly sporting a prominent Thor's Hammer. Torsås is a sparsely populated municipality which has one of Sweden's highest percentages of inhabitants born outside of Sweden or born of such persons, standing at almost 10%,

    His horsie if of course a Flamingo, our lovely, silly-looking filter-feeding birds.

    You almost never see Flamingos in flight in the movies, so few know that they have a quite striking wing-pattern.

    And for our last knight, it possesses a rather badly drawn parody of the Tingsryd arms, which traces its ancestry to the stamp of a old iron works in the 17th century.

    His horse has very fancy wings and a black head, which I patterned after some sort of Macaw or parrot but sadly I cannot for the life of me remember which one.

    Overall, the Fire Forge pegasi are nicely done though i would have liked more variation and bigger wings. But on the other hand, They Rank Up! [Read More]
  • As a fair number of you may know, roughly at christman TMS offered a free model in exchange for merely the shipping costs. Naturally I took the bait and was asked by my Lord and Liege to make a short painting guide to it when it arrived, and so it shall be done.

    As may well be obvious to anyone that has seen my previous articles, I am not a very good painted and anyone that has mastered even the most basic of painting techniques will find nothing new here. I also want to say that being given this model for essentially free as well as owning the TMS Duke, which is my current favorite model, I might be slightly biased. Oh well, we shall see how it goes...

    Opening the blister we find ourself faced with 8 parts, 7 of which will be used for reasons to be revealed later. Quite the luscious head of hair on this man, right?
    The shape of the halberd is also very interesting, unconventional but I quite like it.

    And immediately we run into casting defects :( (of which there will be quite a few...)
    It might not be very obvious in the photo, but the lower rim of the mailed torso is clogged with resin, totally obscuring the chain mail details there.

    There are also no indentations in the arms to take the "plugs" of the weapon arms, instead being filled with a strange, chalky resin. This necessitated the application of a scalped to said arm, to be able to glue them in place at all.

    There is also a decently sized air bubble on the back of the halberd arm, though unlike the other defects, this is not out of the ordinary for a resin model and would ordinarilly not warrant a mention, had it been the lone defect.

    There was also a fairly large air bubble in the halberd shaft, on both sides of the divide, again needing the scalpels to come out to make it fit together.

    Furthermore, while the back had indentations for the plugs of the cloak, said plugs were also missing, making it quite awkward to fit it in place.

    There was also a sheathed sword that was not used, as gluing it in place on the belt forced the shield-arm out wide in a very weird and unnatural pose, so it was left behind.

    It simply would not fit on the belt with the shield in any sort of decent position.

    No problems with the head though. It was unblemished, blowing in the wind

    In the opposite direction that the cloak is blowing.... Oh. That's not very good.
    Multi-directional wind is fairly common with inexperienced or bad sculptors and is one of the things that GW's AoS line suffers chronically from. Not a good sign.

    But in the end, despite all my issues, the end model turned out to be quite nice, with a fair amount of details and a pot belly.
    On to painting! (as said, look away if you can already paint to any level beyond that of a drugged five-year old :) )

    Undercoat. Nothing fancy, just a hardware store-brought matte black one. But it works for me.
    We'll start with the head, for no reason at all.

    When doing pale humans (like me!) I usually start with a orange-pale skin tone, in this case Citadel Colours Dwarf Flesh.

    Adding a lighter one over it.
    (yes it looks hideous, it'll get better at the end after a wash. Everything does.)

    Painting yellow over a black undercoat is a hassle, so I start with a darker, heavier pigment-rich yellow to build on.

    Following up with a light tone

    And ending with a even lighter. Also taking the time to pick out the detailing that I want to be yellow.

    Then we got back with black, smoothing out lines and correcting mistakes.
    The next step is a single coat of dark metal, as befitting for a dirty peasant :)

    He looked like a redhead to me so he got a dusting of dark red on him

    Followed by of course, a lighter one

    And then a drybrush of orange.
    Of note on the shield, I searched quite a while for any real Arms with a standing bull but could only find a single german one, and I didn't quite care for the colours on that one (white & green) so I painted him instead in the colours of my halberdiers. He will likely serve as their champion as I do not see much use for a Castellan under the current rules.

    Gauntlets get a dark leather

    Belt and footsies get two lighter ones.

    He comes with a perfectly decent scenic base so I decided to use that.
    The lillies get picked out in bronze. Normally I like gold but... peasant.

    Wanting a slight bit more colour I decided that he's wearing a shirt in peasantly dark green under the maille. And we're pretty much done :)
    I did say that I am not a complex painter...

    Because washing covers up a multitude of painting sins, especially at a distance

    For as much hassle he gave me, he came out fairly decent. The alternating detailing behind the edges of the cloak makes him stand out as something more than another halberdier
    As does the shield.

    And the back. Not going to win a Golden Deamon unless I stab every other painting within a hundred miles of the venue but good enough at a distance, especially in a unit.

    Overall a pretty nice sculpt somewhat ruined by a very unfortunate or bad… [Read More]

  • Pre-Rambling: The Void is an amry created and maintained by @Gnomes2169 (a Collection of about 2000 small gnomes in a trenchcoat) and can be found here. The theme of the army seems to be that of vaguely lovecraftian horrors From Beyond invading the World.
    As I often do I decided to put my own spin on it and instead make it about the horrors From The Deep instead. Mostly because I looked over the available lovecraftian miniatures (and there are many) and I liked the aquatic ones the most. So expect to see a lot more squids, crabs and fishes in my version than Gnomes perhaps envisioned.

    With that said, let's get on with it!

    Greetings Inquisitor. No, don't looks so surprised, please. Very few of your kind have been allowed to reach such a hallowed rank and even here in this dark dungeon I have Heard of your meteoric rise to power.
    I guess you are here to ask me to tell the tale of the disastrous Cleansing of Bewässerntot, which I presided over, several years ago? I guess that means they have risen again? Hmm, let me guess... Nightly disappearances of shoreline communities and fishing villages, trading and fishing ships disappearing without neither crew nor flotsam being found, small patrols vanishing without trace? Hmm, correct I was?
    They it has begun again and I urge you to listen to me, Inquisitor.You may put away the tools of your trade for I will speak freely so that my knowledge may come to help the Empire against this foe, which you know so little about.

    It was about 20 years ago that I, Count-Captain Johann von Krugmund led a major army detachment to investigate and engage the unknown enemy that was raiding our north-western shore, leaving no trace of its attacks but the sudden disappearance of entire fishing villages and the disruption of maritime communications and trade. We did not know what or who it was that we would be facing but only that smaller patrols, send to evaluate the threat and perhaps face it, were it small enough, had all vanished without trace, leaving only bloodsoaked mud behind. We thought it would perhaps be elven raiders, as those would be nimble enough to avoid our warships and have the stealth and eyesight to pierce the coastal mists and ambush the patrols.
    We left for the one larger fishing village still untouched so far [i]Bewässerntot, which two companies of Halberdiers, one of swordsmen, one of guns, a battery of cannon, two wings of Reiters, one of Knights of the Order of the Avenging Sun and a demi-wing of knight form the Order of the Sun griffon, thinking we would put this unknown foe to the flight with ease. How mistaken we were.[/i]

    We entered [i]Bewässerntot in the midst of a thick fog and Sunna help me but I have never seen such a sorry collection of hovels and shacks not a populace that was so pallid and sickly. The people there were of a sickly blue-green pallor with sunken cheeps and large, almost bulging eyes, clearly suffering from some sort of inbreeding. But despite their poverty they were clearly pious folk, having a large stone-hewn church of primordial design and prominently displayed the sun symbol in many places throughout the village. Though their version of it incorporated a black disc before the sun, similar to an eclipse, letting only the corona show. But there are enough queer variations of the Sunna cult in the more rural parts of the Empire that I thought little of it. From the decorations and muttered prayers I overheard I got the impression that their cult was more ocean-focused than the State Cult, which made sense for a fishing community, but I overheard nothing overtly heretical.[/i]

    The villagers were surly and uncooperative and we killed two of the more belligerent ones to cow the rest before they allowed us to inspect the village. We fund no stolen goods or any other sign of them being in thrall of our unknown enemy. Thinking that they were perhaps merely inbred and insular but not actively traitorous, we camped outside the village in preparation for searching their church the next day, once the sun had risen and dispelled the heavy fog which had lain thick over the village since our arrival.

    I awoke with a start that night, to the shouting of soldier and the smell of fire and blood. It had seemed we had been too lenient in our judgement of the villagers and they had risen against us in an attempt to stop us from searching their temple and what much lay within.
    A curios lot these villagers, they had dressed in black robes for their attack, robes which I got the impression of were for worship, not a military uniform. The attack was less of a ordered attack from a enemy military unit and more a last desperate charge from a congregation that felt their sacred place being threatened.

    I managed to catch a glimpse through the smoke and fire of our burning camp and saw that they marched under the banner sof the very same Black Sun that I had thought was[Read More]
  • In my ongoing effort of giving money to starving artists, I've once again commissioned art of one of my generals.

    Art by Shane Mercer, goes by the moniker littleliongod on Tumblr

    This is Duke Robert Roquerre, wielder of the Dragon Lance and jouster extraordinaire and well as owner of a magnificent Mustache!

    The first and most useless of my Dukes. In the three games....
    In The first one he brutally murdered a Flame Warden champion before being chased off. He was later charged by a Lion Chariot (which he admittedly beat up).
    In the second he never got into combat.
    In the third he roaster three Reavers before being charged by s bunch of Lancers and a Eagle and run down.

    Love the guy but he just doesn't do that much for me.

    As for the Duke himself, he's quite interesting. A knight of the old school, he keeps himself to a very high standard despite his age and his knights to one almost as high.
    And he is always ready to prosecute any injustice done be the lower nobles in his duchy against even the peasantry, at the point of a Lance, if need be.
    He's very much the honourable bull in a China shop.
    Knowing that he couldn't get away with this approach for too long until someone smarter and a better schemer than him (a list of which includes most of the populace of Equitaine, including some of the horses!) would eventually out-manoeuvre him intl either death or worse, dishonour. Knowing this, Duke Roquerre set about to find an ally to compliment his strengths and shore up hid failings.
    He found Duchess Lovisa and found a solution to not only this problem, but the issue of an heir and got himself a life-parter than was even willing to indulge in his... Less than acceptable behaviour sometimes.

    Both of them being about as straight as a rainbow, he and Lovisa love each other dearly in just about every way but the physical, using their wedding bed only to produce a decent number of heirs before finding lovers of their own.

    Duke Roquerre had drunk of the sacred Grail and moves like a man less than half his age and has no problem unhorsing one either. He is the Lance that Lovisa wields, the brawn to her brain and they make a formidable team, defending their shared realm against elven raiders on multiple occasions.
    Duke Roquerre's Arms are those of the Swedish Special forces, whose motto of "Forward Through the Night" he also shares; perceiving Equitaine as having fallen into a deep dark night of corruption and dishonourable behaviour, he hopes to lift it into the light through personal example and ruthless pruning of those that do not live up to his standard [Read More]
  • So for this weeks offering to the paint gods we have a second unit of Archers, should I ever decide to go full Footonnia!

    These ones even have proper Braziers! (kindly donated to the Lady's cause by @Taki)

    The models used (apart form the braziers) are all from Wargames Foundry which constitute a good mix of models.

    I got a mix of their available archer options

    And got a nice about 50/50 split between reloading or otherwise not shooting guys (Standard bearer is converted)

    And shooty dudes. Arrows and bowstrings added by me.

    And some pretty funny little vignettes

    Such as this dude, restringing his bow

    Or my favorite. Having broken his bow, he is relegated to giving the enemy the "english salute"

    Next week: The Void [Read More]