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  • Asrael Blackwing (1.0), high Champion of Slaanesh in this early days. Surrounded by Incorgnitos demonic aura.
    Azrael was one a faithful follower of Slaanesh. But the influence of this dark mother and in distrust dilapidated nameless Daemon Prince of Slaanesh (Ingorgnito) should lead to a new path him soon.

    Armed with the sword of the old. Mirai had once forged from the old to fight against the dark gods. Legends report that the blade can in the right hands, space and time to cut through.

    I wanted to create a Lord in anime / bleach/ naruto optics.
    Asrael: The Lord himself is a vampire Reaper model. He got a new weapon, Mirai (aka. Ichigo ), a new hairstyle, and small changes in the armor.
    Aura: This I built from the remnants of old models (eg the dragon wings) and green stuff.

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  • Armybook committees (ABC) are working hard on the new armybooks. Most of them still have a long way left before they reach the beta phase. In the meantime, I will tell you a bit about the design philosophy and guidelines we have put up to ensure the books are made with a somewhat similar mindset.

    First, the work is being done mainly on a hidden part of this forum. Army support has access to this forum, and their purpose on that forum is to help with communication between the larger community and the armybook committee, making sure they create something that the community wants (just remember that the community consists of individuals with lots of different opinions, so often the community is not so clear with "what it wants"). They will summarize feedback, suggestions, opinions etc from the community and forward these to the ABCs.

    Design Goals
    One of our overarching design goals for the 9th age is "simplicity, without removing tactical depth". This is a quite vague term. Below are some more concrete examples of what this means for the armybooks:

    1. We don't want a game where every single unit has a unique special rules or equipment. The rule book is full of special rules, representing all kinds of effects, abilities, skills etc. For this reason we are avoiding inventing new special rules when there are similar special rules in the rulebook already. I.e. so called "stream lining"

    2. Having units with identical statline but different equipment as two separate units in the armybook does not really fill any purpose, it's just waste of space. For this reason we are looking at merging similar units, and differentiating them with weapon options or upgrades.
    There are many examples of this in the TAC: Empire of men infantry, greenhide horde core goblins and orcs, Dwarven Holds merging of scouts and ambushers into core unit upgrades and so on. Note that not all units that were merged in the TAC will stay merged. We also don't want to go overboard with this, it should still be fairly easy to get an overview of what the unit can do, so not too many option for a single unit.

    3. We are avoiding items/abilities with significant overlap with rulebook items (for example, we don't need a race specific magic item that gives 4+ ward save).

    Balance, both internal and external.
    External balance (all armies of equal power level) is something we value highly. As you can probably imagine, balance is a very difficult thing to get right without extensive play testing. The first version of the armybooks will be beta versions. This means that they will not have been extensively play tested, and will likely not be perfectly balanced. Still, we do play test (we even have a whole play testing team to help out here) and try to balance all armies toward the average power level of TAC armies.
    Note "average". This means that if we do it right, roughly half of the armies will receive a reduction to their overall power level!

    Internal balance (choices within the army of equal power level) is something we also value highly.
    No unit in the armybook should be auto-include, and every unit or option in the armybook should be useful at least in some builds. This means that all units should have a role to fill in the army. If it currently doesn't, it will be redesign.
    We strive to allow more than one play style for the army, and we strive to reduce the worst random elements (not all, just the most game breaking effects of completely random stuff that the players have minimal control over).

    On a related note, we also want to limit so called RPS (Rock-paper-scissor) effects. I.e. very matchups dependant lists. We don't want a game where the outcome of a match is determined before armies are even deployed. To achieve this, we are looking at making very one sided armies (pure gunlines, flying circus etc) impossible to create. Having a few extremely good matchups and a few extremely poor matchups does not make for a fun and interesting game. We as game developers should try to discourage this.

    This was only half of the design philosophy we have put up for the ABCs. The other half will be posted in a few days. Stay tuned. [Read More]
  • Greetings!

    I had a great pleasure to play against Eltharis again, this time he brought his Elves of Nature to the table. We played this game under 6.5 version of the 9th Age rules pack.

    Here is the army Eltharis brought for our re-match:

    Elves of Nature - Army List

    High Enchantress (Spellweaver), Level 4, Magical Bean; General - 300 - Path of Heaven
    Forest Captain (Glade Captain); BsB; Heavy Armor, Shield, Glade Bow - 151
    Enchantress (Mage); Level 1; Dispel Scroll - Path of Shadow - 105

    10 Forest Guardians (Glade Guards); Truemark Shots; Skirmish - 160
    10 Forest Guardians (Glade Guards); Truemark Shots; Skirmish - 160
    10 Forest Guardians (Glade Guards); Truemark Shots; Skirmish - 160
    6 Horse Archers (Glade Riders); Howthorn - 126

    14 Bladedancers (Wardancers) - 168
    14 Bladedancers (Wardancers) - 168
    14 Bladedancers (Wardancers) - 168

    6 Wild Huntsmen (Wild Riders) - 180
    6 Wild Huntsmen (Wild Riders) - 180

    10 Pathfinders (Waywatchers) - 200
    10 Pathfinders (Waywatchers) - 200

    Just look at all these skirmishers! If you also take into account the fact that archers are equipped with Truemark arrows (quick to fire and no penalties for cover) and there will be 4 additional wood pieces then the strategy of this army seems to be clear. Stay in the woods with the units as long as possible in order to benefit from stubbornness and AP as well as Poison attacks in close combat. On top of that, Bladedancers will be very hard to shift from these forests too so getting to the softer archers and characters is not easy.

    The amount of shooting this army has is huge. 30 arrows that you cannot hide much (unless blocked by height 2+ models), 20 Pathfinders that can move to even better position and choose right arrows for the job and Glade Bow + magic create quite a nasty situation for T3, lightly armored infantry. In addition, whatever gets to the lines will be intercepted by Bladedancers and Wild Huntsmen.

    Really tough nut to crack and such defensive army is not easy opponent at all while having a lot of assets against my forces.

    Outcasts - Army List
    Larry - Master of the Paths
    (210), Earthing Wand (25), Armor of Fortune (30), Obsidian Rock (30) – 295
    Bob the Battle Standard Bearer (95), Griffon (200), Dragon Armor (14), Lance (4), Shield (2), Bluffer’s Helm (30), Obsidian Pebble (10) – 355

    15 Spearelves, Heavy Armor, Bows, Full Command, Banner of Courage – 200
    18 Archers, Full Command – 210
    5 Light Cavalry, Bows, Light Lances, Musician – 100
    5 Light Cavalry, Bows, Light Lances, Musician – 100

    5 Knights of the Dragon Realm (150), Musician (10), Standard (10), Banner of Fire (10) – 180
    5 Knights of the Dragon Realm (150), Musician (10) – 160
    10 Swordmasters (130), Champion (10), Musician (10) - 150
    10 Swordmasters (130), Champion (10), Musician (10) – 150
    9 Protectors (135), Full Command – 165
    Coastal Guard Reaper - 80
    Coastal Guard Reaper – 80

    Great Eagle – 50
    8 Queen's Guard, Musician – 122

    Please note that I cannot give Bluffer's Helm to Griffon rider anymore. I also decided to use Protectors instead of Lion Guard. I used them as stubborn regiment on their own to hold flanks but they cannot preform that duty anymore. Protectors would be dedicated unit for the master of paths so that they can benefit from 2+ ward save against spells.

    That required some savings, however, and a single eagle was dropped, also to give Queen's Guard much needed musician.

    I had to act fast in this game as I could not engage in a shooting duel. I decided on a gamble that was possible with the new deployment rules.


    You can see that the terrain was really favorable to Elves of Nature. That was good investment in the Magical Beans and Eltharis clearly designed his army to benefit from its effect.


    Deployment before scouts and vanguards

    I assumed Eltharis will deploy his army mainly in the top right corner because the huge woods there allowed him to keep entire army there and use it as a good base to jump forward and make stands in the smaller forests in the middle of the board. So I decided to deploy just Reavers to get a some kind of confirmation and when he positioned archers there I decided my prediction was correct. I then simply deployed entire army to had a guarantee of the first turn.

    I think having first turn is more important here so that I can cover the distance faster. I was also sure I could vanguard forward and not be shot to pieces and I wanted to use that to my advantage as well as will be seen in the opening turns.

    After that Eltharis positioned his Pathfinders and I moved Fast Cavalry forward in a vanguard move:

    We rolled classic scenario for this game and when we checked secondary objectives it was "Secure the Target". There were two points on the battle field that if secured would add victory points. But in order to do so one would have to use "scoring units". Scoring unit is a regiment with a banner (including bsb) but the one the does not have Free Reform. In this case no unit in… [Read More]
  • A Dark Elves Sorceress on Pegasus from earlier days. She comes from the student days with a very small budget and a large bitzbox. The horse is the Green Knight. The sorceress (also Pegasi wing) was once a Mage Knight miniature, the head is itself modeled. Not the most successful tag, but for the game it was enough.
    The removable base according to the former edition.

    I did not want to black standard pegasus. So I painted it white. The result was also the later color scheme of the Jade tower.

    Bye Yusti [Read More]
  • A new day a new Warlock :).

    Today is the turn of Warlock number 4. I use the another one of Slaanesh demon cavalry.This box I got from a friend (as gift), for painting one of his character models.

    As a true general not waste anything, the model was in a short time integrated.

    Simple remodeling: The Model get a new head and weapon arms (from a Cold One Knights and a Dark Rider/ Warlocks Box).

    The bladeI builtfrom a spear. I modeled a little more armor with green stuff, and used a face of the Sister of Thorn box. The reason was the absence of the left breast to cover over.

    Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow more....

    Best Regards Yusti [Read More]