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  • Game 2: Dread Elves Monster Mash

    So, it should be noted that I was originally slated to play another dread elf this round (who would go on to take best overall), but he was 30 minutes late back from lunch and we decided to reshuffle the match ups so we could get started. Not sure how much impact this ended up having as I ended up playing him Round 4 anyways, but it could have made a difference.

    Anyways, here’s his list:

    For convenience, I took:

    Match up Assessment:Magic:

    Deployment and Objective:


    Dread Elves Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    Dread Elves Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    Dread Elves Turn 3:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    Rest of the Game:

    Post-game thoughts:
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  • Excited to share my battle reports from Infernal Zoo 2017! You can expect 5 battle reports coming up a few thoughts before I get started:

    • I have always done some sort of fluff piece to accompany my army before and after a tournament. I like the depth it adds and the motivation for the characters. But I’ve released more fluff in 2017 than the Background team and I’m not feeling particularly inspired so unfortunately I didn’t come up with anything.
    • I had mixed success with taking pictures, between some very tactical games and a few beers I was well short of a pic every turn. I’ll do my best to bridge the gaps and will try to do a PPT pic for each battle to set the stage.
    • Preliminary list thoughts- I thought I brought a bit of a non-traditional list as it was really lacking in shooting (no SGRs or sloops, oh my!) Jack of all trades but master of none is a good synopsis. I’ll speak to the strengths/weaknesses throughout and do a summary at the end.

    So without further adieu, onto Game 1!

    I had:

    He had:


    I rolled up healing waters, transmutation of lead, glory of gold and silver spike. Silver spike wasn’t very useful and the sig was worthless in this match up but transmutation and healing waters were great assets.

    He got the ideal spells: unerring strike and reroll to hit/diving attacks…drat

    Deployment/Scenario: Refused flank and hold the center


    His HBE Turn 1:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    His HBE Turn 2:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    His HBE Turn 3:

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    His HBE Turn 4:

    Rest of the Game:

    End of Game:

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