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    Alright children, we're going into the woods looking for minotaurs in this one.

    A study on Minotaur dominance progression, or The Saga of Gunthador Thunderhoof
    -by Everet Kuhficker, Captain of the Imperial Guard, 14th division.

    I first met Gunthador in battle many decades ago, Just a young bull then, just one in the Herd among the other bulls, finely muscled and with overmuch aggression.

    Clad in light armour, as is the style of the wild half-men of the forests, he and his fellow bulls broke through our battleline and put many to the axe before I and my fellow Imperial Guard put them to flight. I look part of his horn myself and when our eyes met in that moment I knew that this was no ordinary blood-mad Minotaur bull, he had within him the seeds of greatness, should they be allowed to blossom; his eyes shone with ambition where the gazes of the other bulls were glazed over with dull bloodlust.

    An excellent miniature by Hungry Troll, he is unarmed as he is meant for playing Blood Bowl but it was very easy to just add a couple of Beastmen axes and call it a day. Nicely detailed muscles and armour held together with a nice charging stance.

    Shown here against a complaining Imperial Guard in 28mm scale (28! Not heroic scale). Large enough to fit in most non-GW minotaur units and add a little dynamic action to it. The broken horn adds a nice bit of character showing that this is not his first taste of battle.

    I next saw him three years later and he was much changed, only the broken horn and the glare of unbridled ambition as well as the viper-like tail allowed me to recognise me as the young ambitious bull I had wounded years before.

    Whether the fell powers that the half-men offer worship to had favoured him or punished him I know not, but his physical appearance was much changed, sickly green blisters and pustules had erupted over his entire form, giving him a diseased appearance that belied the vigour he displayed in combat.
    No longer a mere bull, this time he clearly commanded his fellow minotaurs in battle, though not yet the whole Herd.

    The smooth, muscled abdomen was broken by a toothed gash which snapped at our men and cursed them in perfect Imperial. A most vexing experience I tell you!

    One muscled fist had sprouted dagger-like talons which punched clean through the blacksteel plate that we wore.

    And perhaps most disturbingly, on his finely muscled shoulder he had grown three clear blue eyes that fooled many attacks that we made against his back, trying to stab the beast where we thought he was not looking.

    They seemed to gaze straight into your soul, laying bare all your secrets, though that must surely be superstition alone talking.
    The battle was much harder this time, the half-man Herd he had joined now was more experienced and battle-hardened. We faced once more in battle and even through my visor I could see he knew me and remembered me. I was hard pressed and only the disciplined aid of my fellow Imperial Guard stopped me from being beheaded by his great iron cleaver or having my innards punctured by those dagger-like spurs.
    Though the Herd was once more driven off it was a Pyrrhic victory if any, as our division was left bloodied and broken, unable to take to the field for several years hence.

    Again from Hungry Troll, we have here a much more mutated version of the same fine minotaur. He stands a bit taller due to his stance but is not as dynamic. I still love him dearly because of the many nice mutations.

    The Imperial Guard still thinks he should clean up his act and get a job.
    Again he was unarmed so I just stuck a Mantic Ogre's blade in his non-mutated hand and called it a day.

    I saw Gunthador the next and last time a decade after. His form changed again, he stood a half-meter higher, gifted with a perfect form (for his people) by his fell gods. No broken horn this time, his horns rose from his head like the shape of the moon and there were no sign of the previous mutations.
    He was clad in blood-red armour and led a vicious War Herd on a rampage across the countryside, only deigning to give open battle when I challenged him openly, saying I would take his horn once again, as I had before. In retrospect that proved to be a mistake.

    He had tattoos of thorned wines over his neck and face, I do not know their significance, if they were a mark of personal valour, a sign of a challenge overcome or perhaps a devotion to the gods of the Dark Wilds.

    I'm not very good at it, but I love painting tattoos.

    The form might have changed, but the glare of ambition was the same as it had ever been.
    We met in battle and for the third time he led a herd off Minotaurs against my imperial Guard and we once more met in a challenge.

    This time was quite different as he moved like a veteran of a hundred wars and thousands of challenges, his charge shattered my front rank with sheer mass and speed alike; we could as much stand in the front of a advancing Steam Tank as try to arrest his[Read More]
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    You totally read that correctly, this is round #2... You didn't miss round #1, I didn't play round #1. Zod, and Koopa go face off against the Tom Taylor and his Warriors. How many savages can die to dangerous terrains off a single spell phase? Can Zod go toe to toe with a Chaos General? Can Koopa win a fight against Taco Tucker? Will the Space Chicken come back from the other galaxy to help out his greenskin mates? Lets find out here.... [Read More]
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    I've been using mantic goblins for a number of years now and there has always been a suprise on most peoples face when they see them.

    I've seen pictures of them thrown togther straight off the spure and inkwashed and this will show every flaw (of which there are a few) but it does nothing to show their merits.

    As usual, most expect a mess of half melted plastic and awkward poses but NOT ON MY WATCH!

    This video is a frank and unbias unboxing of all three available kits and a guide on how to best manipulate the poses to acheive Mantic goblins that WORK!

    And making these super cheap alterntative work is worth while, since you can often field over 200 of the blighters, keeping the cost down can make a huge difference (these being available at £30 for 40! and that's before we look at online discounters and the like).

    And why just stop at the infantry? ;) [Read More]
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    It is time!

    Time to share what's going on behind the scenes, elaborate on why other things happened, and generally ramble on about stuff so that everyone has a bit more of a feel for what's happening from the top to the front-lines of our modest little 10,000 member project.

    So, to kick off, I would like to begin with a little background elaboration following the minor spoiler I posted on February 4th in the Warriors of the Dark Gods sub-forum.

    As many WotDG players are probably aware by now, the new Full Army Book (which will have Seven Dark Gods) will not have Marked units in Core. This is based mostly on the background distinction between WORSHIPPERS and FOLLOWERS (placeholder names for now), which I will attempt to elaborate a little on.

    WORSHIPPERS are people who do exactly this. They worship the Dark Gods and embrace the qualities that most civilizations deep distasteful. This means they often need to practice in secret, sometimes privately, but collectively is also possible - and a major source of concern for the many rulers around the 9th Age. Barbarians however, are by definition uncivilized, and are free to practice whatever religion they feel like without social stigma. The various tribal religions are by no means exclusive to the Dark Gods however.

    FOLLOWERS on the other hand, are people who have decided to make a pact with one of the Dark Gods, trading their soul in order to begin the Path of Ascension, and gaining the possibility of achieving immortality in one's lifetime. Unlike other Gods beyond the Veil, the Dark Gods crave and consume souls at a voracious rate as their followers die, so they are keen to entice more by offering immediate rewards to new followers in the form of unique plate armor and physical augmentation thereby transforming them into the walking chainsaw we all know as the Wasteland Warrior - the very first step on the Path. Once on the Path of Ascension, every act will be punished or praised in the form of physical changes or Marks depending on the God they signed their pact with, which has a significant effect on how Warriors enter battle, since failure can be a fate almost as bad as death itself.

    I'd love to go into how this translates into gameplay mechanics, but having used up my spoiler quota already this month, I should stop there...for now.

    Still on the subject of WotDG, the community recently finished up with its item brainstorming session for with a whopping 278 posts! These have already been sorted into a top 50 or so list (a mammoth task carried out by @tunasandwichify) and of those 15 or so are currently being further developed and refined by the Army Design Team. How far the current designs will go is hard to say since it will depend on AWSW compatibility, background, complexity, and balancing, but the breadth of ideas shown was inspiring. Special shoutout to @Drakkar for his Wasteland Torch which clocked up a whopping 45 likes. Some people just want to watch the world burn...

    In fact, so awesome, informed, and positive has the community feedback been, that the RT themselves, after allowing the Army Design Teams to first make some proposals, decided to throw open the ENTIRE MAGIC PHASE to channel the creative brilliance of our community - and it's still going with 50+ proposals of varying ambition, pragmatism, and originality.

    Speaking strictly for myself, I am thrilled to see so much enthusiasm and effort from everyone. It sets the bar for what our project can aspire to as a collective effort towards creating the best tabletop miniature game ever designed. My personal hope is that we will see even more staff/community collaborations and efforts going forward into 2.0 - definitely a step in the right direction in my opinion.

    So Why Don't We Share Everything?
    To answer this I want to go back to the early post-TAC pre-Armybook days of 2016, when the Ninth Age was just about to release the 'official' balanced books for each faction. At the time, one particular sub-forum, the HbE, were incredibly excited about an array of unapproved design proposals by their Army Book Committee. Unfortunately, community expectations were not properly managed at the time, so when certain design proposals exceeded the power benchmark (power-creep was a major issue for many books being written at the time) the uproar was tremendous, leading several brilliant designers to quit and leaving bitter feelings all round.

    We vowed that would never be allowed to happen again. The emotional strain on staff and community was just too much to bear repeating, which is why a more severe no-leak policy was implemented. There would be still be more leaks to come in later months, and each one tended to lead to generally poor community reactions simply because they lacked proper context.

    Then when 1.2 came out the opposite happened. Players were completely blindsided by many of the changes, and the apparent lack of reasoning behind them, and the reaction was again overwhelming… [Read More]