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  • Well, besides enjoying the game and painting models I sometimes create some random stuff and this article will be dedicated to one such project that is centered around a model I recently finished painting. It is a very unserious project and a rather childish one at that but when I've gone to such length to complete it with artwork, backstory and all I thought I might aswell share it.

    This is the model and it came to be mostly to mock one of my regular opponents who recently decided to play Dwarven holds.

    As I plan to use it in my orc horde it came natural to start to think about a backstory of how this barbarian wielding a seeker came to end up in an orc horde. One thing led to another and the backstory ended up on paper. Taking the opportunity to practice a new drawing style I also scratched together a drawing of the model and voila! Here you have a stupid backstory complete with an Illustration.
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  • I've done a fair number of battle reports so far so I thought it time to live up to the "stuff" part of my blogs name. I've realized that besides painting a lot of rank and file through the years I've lately built and painted one bigger model each year, which has got a bit more love than the rest. Since it's my blog and I post what I want and I'm actually rather proud of some of the latest I can show you these from the latest two years.

    Continuing that tradition I decided to dedicate this article to the latest addition to my Orc and Goblin army, more specifically The Green Idol. It might be because I'm starting to get old I instead of kitbashing a bunch of expensive models I would choose the road of the cheapskate and try to get away without spending any money at all. Instead of buying plastic shaped like mishapen rocks I took a stroll in my yard and a nearby forest and got home with these regular mishapen stones and some pieces of dead trees instead. Continuing the stroll inside the house I also came across som lolly sticks that I cut into the shape of a typical orcish facemask.

    My envisioning of this creature is much like a minecraft creeper made out of stone and lacking the exploding ability. It's brought to life through orc magic channeled
    through the crude orc face nailed to the rock. For those of you who aren't following I made these concept doodles who might and might not clear things out for you.

    So from now on I'll take you through the assembling and painting process until we reach the end where you can decide if I'm a genius or a morron, or the unlikely case
    of something in between. First off I glued the parts together and carved some orifices into the peice of bark that I used as the face. Since I didnt have any suitable base I cut one out from a cd case.

    Next I basecoated the whole thing with black acrylic paint.

    You can probably not see it but here I have layered the black up to a still rather dark grey.

    I wanted all the orifices to glow with orc magic so this was the first step to create that lighting effect. I've just coated and washed a bit with a few different shades
    of greenish yellow.

    To get more of a glow feel I've painted a rather light yellow in the middle and drybrushed the edges of the orifices with a lighter shade of the green and yellow.

    Next I got the mask on. The numbers were there to help me remember where to put the pieces, which helped most of the time.

    The mask got some red paint and a black wash.

    Here I've layered up the red with some orange

    Starting to work at an attempt at source lighting it looks like this

    The result ends like this and lastly I've highlighted the rock parts of the model

    To take your excitement down a notch I end this with a short description of the base. Cd case as I mentioned with some styrofoam shaped like rocks and some sand stolen from the local playground glued to it. Basecoated as the model and then layered up with green on the sand and grey on the styrofoam to make it look more like rocks and swamplike undergrowth.

    The swampparts I painted a light brown and used dark wash to try and create the illusion of depth in the last step. I also put on a bit of purple wash at the edges to give more of a alien feel to it.

    So time to glue things together

    After splicing some woodland scenic realistic water, with a hint of purple on it and thrown some citadel dead grass one it was done.

    Despite being mostly just rock colored it was actually a very fun project which I'm rather pleased with and I think it will look awesome on the board when I come around
    to finish the rest of the army. Almost as important as the model, except for the colors and the basing it didn't cost a penny which is pretty neat ;) [Read More]