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    With 22 games behind us in the narrative, we have seen the formation of a number of alliances between the different armies in the story. So today I would like to discuss those alliances and their goals and motivations.

    First is the Alliance of Nevaz Berrag. The main armies that form this Alliance are The Whitehammer Dwarves (mine) and the Kingdom of Equitaine led by Duke Le Guerre, as well as their newly arrived Ogre Allies. It could also be argued that the Saurian Ancients are part of this alliance or at very least has a non-aggression treaty with it. The main goals of this alliance are the establishment and prosperity of Nevaz Berrag, as well as the protection of the lands surrounding it, which contain a number of sacred sites to the Lady of the Lake. While there have been many conflicts with the Elves of Port Kaer’vyan, this alliance sees their main enemies as being the forces of the Beast Herds and the Warriors of the Dark Gods, who would claim the lands as their own.

    The Second Alliance is that of Port Kaer’vyan. While the Highborn Elves of Prince Thal Victus are the most active members of this alliance, they have recently been joined by the men of the Empire of Sonnstahl under Count Alexander Mitteos of Mittenheim, and the Dwarves of King Thorek Grudgehammer.(Michael's) This alliance is held together by the personalities of their leaders, who all share a close friendship. Prince Thal sees the greatest threat to them to be Saurians, followed by the Alliance of Nevaz Berrag. The other leaders do not agree completely, but are sworn to aid Prince Victus in holding on to his lands.

    The Third Alliance is the Servants of Sek’a’lath. Formed of the Saurian Ancients and most recently joined by the Beast Herds of Bazkog, the Servants are a powerful force that has rarely been decisively defeated in battle. They care not for the other alliances and are focus on seeking out some item of power that is believed to be within or near Port Kaer’vyan. As such, their greatest enemy is the alliance under Thal Victus. Currently, Sek’a’lath is shying away from conflict with Nevaz Berrag, more out of a desire to not open a war on two fronts. So far, this tactic seems to be working as it allowed them to destroy the Blood Wood belonging to the Sylvan Elves and make great strides towards the Port.

    Outside of these major alliances are a few unaligned forces:

    Sylvan Elves: Having lost their home to the predations of the Saurians, the Sylvan Elves are scattered and running. They would likely be welcomed into either of the other alliances, but have yet to reach out in any real way.

    Warriors of the Dark Gods: Under the command of Lord Kinta, the warriors are merely a force for destruction in the land. They have a grudge with Duke Le Guerre, but do not seem to be actively pursuing it at this time.

    Dread Elves: The Dread Elves of Lady Ayas are a splinter sect of Port Kaer’vyan. While they pay lipservice to Prince Thal, they are primarily driven by their Lady’s Hatred of Dwarves. Though having suffered a massive defeat at the hands of the Kingdom of Equitaine, it remains to be seen how they will react to Thal’s forces being joined by dwarves of their own.

    So that is a general overview of the current alliances in the story, I hope you all have enjoyed watching the story progress and I look forward to seeing where these alliances will take our forces in the games to come! [Read More]
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    And thus it came to pass that after sitting down at the feet of the Master @2DSick, I ventured forth from the Goosefeather Brush in search of equipment.

    At first I purchase some white primer & grey paint in a bottle, thinking to simply go over the old paint job, but when I presented this proposal to the Master, he demonstrated the gentle English coaching technique know as Ecky Thump.

    Then he spoke:

    "Wise man says: Painting is like Brazilian waxing - do it properly, or there will be tears..."

    Damn! So after looking around, I finally got a can of grey all-purpose paint that would not dissolve my plastic model on first contact. The next step was to strip off that old paint, so I bought a bottle of Dettol Concentrate, because I knew I'd need a lot to cover the model. Turns out this model is a monster to remove from its base after supergluing, and very few containers can accommodate its sea-urchin shape easily.

    I first tried putting it in a plastic tub 4/5 covered with a plastic cap to keep off the rain, flipping it over a few times a day - but when I came to scrubbing it off with a toothbrush it was a disaster. Gunk everywhere, paint stains everywhere, and stink everywhere - so again, I went out and got a bigger container, repeated the process, and the second time it worked - not fun spending an hour outside on a cold rainy day, but after just two weeks of screwing things up I had achieved THIS!

    The next day it was time to prime. What could possible go wrong right? Well... :thinking:

    I carefully read the instructions by glancing at the pictures. Apparently I needed to use a screwdriver to make sure it worked. Placing it carefully on the tiles outside, I pushed delicately at it. Luckily for me it was a lovely day. So when I blasted half my face and glasses with all-purpose primer, I knew it would dry fast: WITNESS ME!...It only took about 2 hours to wash off too. :wall:

    But now I had achieved THIS!

    Grey Primer

    The next few weeks were spent on and off trying to squeeze in 30 minutes here and there to either basecoat or wash the skin. I haven't worried too much about splashing the horns and spines, and I used a blend of Amy Painter's Matt White (2/3) & Necrotic Flesh (1/3) for the color and Citadel Earthshade for the wash.

    It's not perfect by any means, but I plan to use the ancient WotDG cop-out of splattered blood effects to cover the ugliest bits.

    So, as of now, it looks like THIS!

    Coat & Washes
    So far my 4 year old daughter has helped do all the washes, but she has mentioned many times that she is looking forward to doing the spikey bits next. We look forward to taking the next step on The Way of the Goosefeather Brush... :charge2:

    [Read More]
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    It’s been near 2 years since the start of my 9thAge journey. All-in-all, this has been the most enjoyable Ranked-Unit Fantasy Battles game I’ve played. The balance is there, the tactics are there … and, hell, objectives have completely changed the way I play (thankfully).

    Like many of you, I love list building. No, not that I’ll ever play with even one quarter of these lists, it’s just one of the more entertaining of distractions associated with the game. What I’ve found rather entertaining re: my current Daemon Legions (4500) list is how it came to life.
    For those of you who have not faced it yet, I’ll include it here for reference:

    Harbinger of Lust (General) – Steed of Lust, Lash of Lust, Token of Lust, Dance of Death, Barbed Claws, Wizard with +1 Learned Spell (Evocation)
    Harbinger of LustBSB, Dance of Death, Barbed Claws, Rending Banner, Weaver’s Eye, Wizard (Evocation)
    Harbinger of PestilencePestilent Palanquin, Bloated Putrefaction, Token of Pestilence, Dissolving Touch, Wizard (Divination)
    31 Sirens – Full Command, Clawed Caress
    26 Tallymen – Full Command, Banner of Speed
    8 Igniters
    9 Siren Cavalry – Full Command, Barbed Claws
    6 HellhoundsAmbush
    2x5 FuriesMark of Lust

    When I look at that list now… I can’t say that I would ever have come up with that horror show without a load of trial and error.
    I’ve played a glass-cannon Mono-Change list, numerous Polytheist Lists, I’ve tried a few Greater Daemon lists and tried pretty much every unit in the book, multiple times. When I look at some of my most successful lists, they usually included a unit of Crusher Cavalry with a Harbinger of Wrath working in tandem with the Altar of Slaughter.
    The Crushers, the Harbinger and the Altar are all absent in the list I now run, pretty much religiously, at this point.
    So, how did this come about?

    It all started playing against Pete’s Empire of Sonnstahl about a month and a half ago. I took a list with pretty much anything I rarely used. The Siren cav were there, as were the Sirens, in general. Multiple Fury units… and some old stand-bys; the Daemon Engine, Altar and Slaughterers were there.

    Siren Cavalry are the real lynchpin to the list above. They’re fast, can hit like a truck, have loads of options for use and will be able to pick their battles due to maneuverability superior to just about anything else in the game. Anytime I had played them prior, I used them as more of an annoyance than as a real threat. After racking up a daunting amount of kills, I changed my mind on how to use them- I LIKE them in combat… but it has to be a combat of my choosing.

    The Tallymen, well… for anyone who has ever faced me… they know what they do. For those who haven’t, they’re a fairly blunt-instrument; Tallymen are, plain and simple, an immovable object with Harbinger support. Excellent for holding objectives, can take a punch better than most units in the game and have wonderful synergy with the level 0 spell in Divination (Scrying- Hard Target and Distracting).

    Igniters were a late addition to this list. They have suffered massive amounts of nerfs from previous iterations (they used to be 2W and 1D6 shots…each). That said, for their points, they do a fine job of harassment and psychological panic through the sheer number of dice they throw down in the shooting phase. While their overall effectiveness vis a vis kills is extremely erratic, the potential to swing to the terrifying side of “erratic” can have a serious effect on an opponent’s priorities.

    The Sirens are what they are- loads of fast, accurate, S3 attacks rolled up in a very fast infantry unit. Where they get a bit scary is the amount of armour they knock off per attack. Mark of lust (1), Clawed Caress (2) and Rending Standard (3)… even Wasteland Knights will think twice about throwing themselves into combat against a unit with an incredible weight of attacks and a -3 to armour save.
    Hellhounds… I had never really used before. They were a late swap-in for a small unit of Crushers. I was, initially, worried about losing my 3rd scoring unit for them, but took a risk- and it has paid off. They are quite tough, hard to shift (for such a unit) and, while they aren’t exactly world-beaters on their own, work extremely well in tandem/combo charges with the Siren Cavalry. They have really raised some eyebrows.

    And, finally, the Furies… well, they do what they do. Chaff, redirection and harassment… and they do it very well. They are quite cheap for the pair of units (with Fly 10) and have never really let me down. Hell, even when I play them poorly they still seem to have a positive impact.

    This was not an army I had envisioned playing one year ago, let alone two. It has some serious weak spots. Other than the Tallymen, I have lots and lots of expensive, T3 troops. There are only two scoring units. Grinding, again outside the Tallymen, is pretty much not an option. Armour is non-existent (outside the hellhounds). Massed shooting has the potential to really,… [Read More]