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  • On the fourth game of the weekend, we got to play another Belgian team, Les Rieurs Sangliers (you could translate it as “the merry boars”). They are essentially the second half of the Belgian ETC team for this year, and they’d done quite well for themselves thus far.

    I got paired against Loick, on the basis that nobody else wanted to play my list. Some of you may remember Loick from last year’s tournament reports; he is a very experienced tournament player, but so far we’ve had some very one-sided games due -in part- to his dice. There always seems to be an occurrence of bad luck when he least needs it, and the game goes downhill from there.

    Loick had brought the following KoE list:

    So essentially three big lances, mobile scoring and chaff, a Shamanism master and a duke that can take on my hold guardians on his own. We got to play Marching Columns and Breakthrough. I went for a central deployment, while my adversary opted for a weighted flank to my left, with only some chaff and a small scoring unit of realm knights to my right. The KoE won the roll for the first turn.

    TURN 1
    My adversary moved up cautiously, keeping his chaff hidden behind his lines. In the magic phase, a 4-dice casting of the Totemic Summon was cast with triple 6’s: the Damsel took 3 unsaved wounds from the backlash and died instantly, denying the Equitaine forces their magic support!
    The totemic beast appeared right behind my lines and in range of the anvil.

    Turn 1’s miscast meant that I now had the upper hand: I turned the Hold Guardians around to help deal with the totemic beast, and suffled the rest of my forces to deter any aggressive movement from the knights. The marksmen charged a unit of yeomen right in front of them, and caught them in pursuit when they fled. The flame cannons and crossbows all opened fire and dealt considerable damage to the knights: four questing knights, a grail knight and three realm knights from the rightmost unit died.

    TURN 2

    The totemic beast tried to kill the anvil but failed, and would get killed on the following turn by the Hold Guardians. The Duke joined the outflanking realm knights, ready to charge the flame cannon on the following turn. The main bulk of the knights remained hidden behind a yeoman screen.
    On my turn I used said screen to advance aggressively towards the main knight units, safe from charges. Shooting still put some wounds on the knights, but not as many as on the previous turn.

    TURN 3

    Loick went in point conservation mode here: he silenced one flame cannon with the lord and realm knights, pushed the yeomen screen right on top of my troops and performed a swift reform with the Grail Knights and the Questing Knights that allowed him to move past my charge arcs and in safety.
    The big realm unit was not that lucky, though: by combo charging the yeoman conga line I created a favorable overrun path for my Rangers, boxing them in. A failed march test on the following turn would seal their fate.

    TURN 4 - Endgame

    The Handgunners got charged by the small realm knight unit and managed to not only hold their ground, but also grind the knights down. The Rangers charged the Realm Knights and forced them to flee out of the table. The Seekers and Warriors reformed to threaten the Duke and his retinue.
    The two big knight units moved into my deployment zone and out of charge range of my units, conserving their points.

    The Duke went solo and would charge the Hold Guardians in the closing steps of the game: several S6 D3w hits later, the Hold Guardians disappeared in a single round of combat! The Seekers took revenge of sorts by killing the three remaining knights from the small Realm unit.
    By the end of the game, both of my shooting units and the king’s warriors were sitting into the deployment zone, giving me the objective and a solid 16-4 win.


    True to tradition, Loick managed to make this easy for me by blowing up his mage on turn 1. The game was a favorable matchup to begin with (turns out that knights do not like Flame Cannons, and the same applies for Seekers), so it is understandable why he’d try to conserve points once he lost the Damsel. While I applaud the elven sneaky tactics employed to save the lances, I can’t help but think that the yeoman screen was a mistake that gave me the necessary cover for pushing against… [Read More]
  • Time passes fast, and with it memory of games played 4 months ago fades. With hobby time currently at a minimum, I decided to give you *something* instead of making you wait for complete reports that may never see the light of day.

    So what will follow is a short picture-report of the last three games of the Luxembourg Bash Masters.
    Disclaimer: this game's photos are remarkably bad due to bad lighting, and remarkably few due to rushing to play the last few turns of the game. So apologies for that!

    For game 3 we faced Team Switzerland and I got to play Victor Rossier and his Vampire Counts. Victor is the captain of the team, and usually plays Sylvan Elves. But due to the unexpected absence of the Swiss Vamp player he had to assume his role and play the undead:

    Victor wrote:

    Going into the game, I felt confident since there was no killer vampire to speak of, meaning that my king would be able to grind whatever he came across, as long as it wasn’t a unit of 60 zombies. We got Spoils of War as our scenario and the deployment was Encircle. I got the big center, and the vampires got to play first. My opponent went for a balanced deployment with a unit of Vampire Knights and a Dark Coach on each flank, with the centre occupied by the main blocks.

    I decided to play for the two rightmost scenario points, and deployed accordingly: I used the Seekers to keep my enemy’s right flank occupied, placed both my flame cannons to threaten the advance of the main units towards the objectives and placed the Hold Guardians and King in the middle, with the two shooting units on the right flank.

    TURN 1

    The menace of the Flame Cannons and the seekers kept the vampires at bay: the flanking forces repositioned slightly, and only the Ghasts moved up more aggressively towards the center. Magic was aimed at my seekers, and a magic missile managed to drop 5 of them in one go.

    On the right flank, the Vampire Knights were in a position where they could charge the Marksmen and potentially break through my lines. So I used the Relentless banner to push my king’s unit right into their path,essentially making them a 2000-point redirector! (this trend would continue). So that left only the Dark Coach to threaten my shooters. The units angledthemselves in such a way such as to support each other, and on the left the Hold Guardians moved up a bit to threaten the Ghasts. My shooting was ineffectiveagainst the Dark Coach to the right, and it would continue to be on the following turns.

    TURN 2

    The Vampires shied from any charges, and started pulling off some Elven tricks: the vampire knights to the right had barely enough move to perform a swift reform and move past my king’s arc of sight! The Coaches both repositioned along the flanks. The Bats flew right in front of my Hold Guardians’ path, which allowed the Ghasts to push up more aggressively. This turn the magic was focused on summoning zombies, and both units were bolstered to around 50-strong.

    I spotted a mistake in my opponent’s plan: by pushing the ghasts forward, he had taken them to within 12” of the Flame Cannon. So the Hold Guardians charged in, and the cannons prepared to whittle down the vampiric creatures. The Seekers continued the cat and mouse dance with the Vampire Knights and the Coach: I kept them at a distance where a combo charge was risky business, meaning that no vampire scoring unit would come close to the objective. The king’s unit once more repositioned, getting again right into the path of the Vampire Knights. In shooting disaster struck: the s5 Flame Cannon misfired, and the s4 counterpart only dealt a single wound, meaning that the Ghasts would get in combat intact. The Hold Guardians killed the bats and, augmented by Rune of Gleaming, prepared for the Ghasts.

    TURN 3

    The Ghasts charged into the Hold Guardians and the Coach charged into the Rangers. The big unit of zombies redirected my king’s unit, while the Vampire knights moved to threaten the Warriors’ flank. Magic saw the Ghasts get bonus AP and rerolls to wound from the Alchemy/Glory of Gold combo, and some pretty good rolls from my opponent meant that three dwarven constructs were killed. They killed a single Ghast in return, and a lucky break test meant that they held their ground. This was actually bad news for me, since this denied me the opportunity to flame the undead with 2 S5 D3w flame cannon shots, while postponing the inevitable for the Hold Guardians. The Dark Coach killed some Rangers and got two wounds in return. The rangers failed their steadfast Ld 10 check… [Read More]
  • Hello

    I’m back after the broken ankle. I’m pretty much back to normal now so I was finally able to get a game of ninth age in so I set a game against a friend to dust off my ‘skills’ and get back on it. I used my Kingdom of Equitaine and my list looked like this:

    • Duke (General), Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Might, Divine Judgement, Crusader’s Salvation, Potion of Swiftness, Shield = 535
    • Paladin, Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Daring, Battle Standard Bearer, Wyrmwood Core, Basalt Infusion, Shield = 365
    • Damsel, Wizard Master, Druidism, Barded Warhorse, Wafers of Penitence = 410
    • 15 Knight Aspirants, Full Command = 670
    • 12 Knight of the Realm, Full Command = 608
    • 16 Bowmen, Musician = 210
    • 16 Crossbowmen = 238
    • 12 Knights of the Quest, Full Command = 630
    • 2 x 5 Yeoman Outriders, Shields and Light Armour = 270
    • 2 x Trebuchets = 560

    I’ve had some crossbowmen knocking about for a few years now and have never used them so this was basically an excuse to get them out an see how they fair. Now that Knight Errants are a reasonable price again I had to take them and I’m still persevering with the Questing Knights but I have yet to be impressed with them. I’ve got 3 main threats with the 3 big blocks of knights. I’ve taken a fairly shooty army to hopefully draw my opponent to me, weaken up any big blocks with the Trebuchets and then smash them off with the knights. That’s the plan at least.

    My opponent is using the Empire of Sonnstahl and his list:

    • Marshall (General), Great Tactician, Death Warrant, Imperial Seal, Lucky Charm
    • Marshall, Battle Standard Bearer, Dusk Forged, Black Steel, Shield
    • Wizard mounted on an Arcane Engine, Wizard Master, Basalt Infusion
    • Prelate, Plate Armour, Shield
    • Prelate, Plate Armour, Shield
    • 45 Heavy Infantry, Halberds, Full Command
    • 18 Light Infantry, Crossbows, Standard and Musician, Support Unit
    • 18 Light Infantry, Handguns, Standard and Musician, Support Unit
    • 33 Imperial Guard, Great Weapon, Full Command, Household Standard
    • 2 x 6 Reiters, Brace of Pistols
    • 2 x 3 Knights of the Sun Griffon, Musician

    So my opponent has a general with discipline of 10 and an 18” range on it with the Household Standard so I’m not expecting them to do a lot of fleeing. I hate the Reiters so I will definitely be trying to shoot them down with the Bowmen, their pistols are lethal against my knights and despite being chaff they cannot be underestimated. My number most hated unit in the Empire book though is the Arcane Engine with Arcane Shield, the -1 to hit on all units with 6” will severely limit my ability to get kills and I don’t need any help normally to rubber lance so that will just add to my frustration. It’s also got the Wizard on it so I’d like to Treb that if I can but I should be sensible and go for the Imperial Guard, weaken them up and then smash them off (I’m not sensible by the way). The Sun Griffons always give me a worry, they can’t be underestimated either, a unit of just 3 of them can put a severe dent in my units, even if I charge them.

    We roll for scenario and get Marching Columns, one I’ve not had the pleasure of playing, the secondary objective is Breakthrough. For my spells I pick Breath of the Lady, Summer Growth, Master of Earth and Stone Skin. I decided to not pick The Oaken Throne as it takes up one of my spell slots and I generally find it wastes dice as opponents let it through with the aim of dispelling everything else. Plus with taking the Hereditary spell it would only leave me with 2 other spells if I took it. I wanted to take Magical Heirloom, which would have gotten me around this problem, but I ran out of points.


    KoE 1

    EoS 1

    KoE 2

    EoS 2

    KoE 3

    EoS 3

    KoE 4

    EoS 4

    KoE 5

    Until next time, Axel Vicious out. [Read More]