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  • In the last article I reviewed Shieldlord (with crossbow) which I received as an award at my local tournament.

    Now is the time for the second part of the review: MOM Miniatures Kankros Devoramundos

    First of all let me tell you a little story about MOM and how they got instantly popular in our (Croatia) community.
    So last year buddy that is organising a local tournament decided to contact "3rd party companies" that are little known in our community but that were doing a lot to promote 9th Age project and our hobby in general. MOM also accepted our offer and they weren't just "one of the sponsor" , MOM was the sponsor. It is enough to say that after the tournament there was a really huge part of our community that started buying from MOM.

    But I didn't. I simply didn't like what I saw on the picture and wasn't that super excited like everyone else. But eventually I "bit my tongue".

    Kankros Devoramundos is really really great monster. Game-wise I am planning to use him as a Bloodbeast or Vortex Fiend for my Warriors of the Dark Gods army. Looking forward to painting him and playing it aswell!

    But enough whit sh*t talk, let's talk review!

    So the product came, of course, in plastic bag... BUT it's super HEAVY! And I am talking heavy as you could actually cause some serious injuries with that thing! :D
    (Even though the product description states it's "only" 0,26 kg heavy , it is a lot more then that)

    First thing I notice after opening the bag is that some stuff isn't casted in the same resin.

    For example body parts, right hand and left horn are casted in black resin which is the more quality one.

    After that I see one major mistake , the body parts doesn't seem to fit.
    Notice the HUUUUGE gape in beetween!

    That's a shame...

    But here are the rest of the parts:

    Upper body part

    The "portal" + tail

    Left hand and horns...

    All in all I am really pleased with the model and it certainly looks great. But there will be a lot of pinning and also I am slightly concerned over that gap in the middle... [Read More]
  • On Dwarves And Spears

    While the spear is not a weapon commonly associated with dwarfkind, them being more mythically associated with axe and hammer and while it is true that the spear is seen as a "lesser" weapon among them, not having the ceremonial weight of the hammer or the mythological significance of the axe and consequently being as weapon mostly used my lower class warriors, it does have its uses and a dwarven spearwall is a very tough nut to crack.

    For you see, there are many evil things in the deep and dark corners of the earth that are strong enough to crush a armoured dwarf inside his own armour, if let within' arms reach, a spear serves amicably to keep them at bay, either long enough for other brave warriors to flank it, or for markmen to fill it with shotte or bolts, should the air be good enough to allow for open flame.
    For there are many places (or so my hosts tell me) underground where the very air itself would ignite on contact with fire, making it impossible for even a dwarf's keen dark vision to see without it.

    Footnote: Contrary to common belief, dwarves cannot see in the dark. They do see quite well with very little light, being easily able to navigate a crowded ballroom by the light of a single match in a corner of the room. But if unable to carry light, they navigate by excellent sense of directional hearing, good sense of smell and pressure, a innate sense of direction and depth and their very sensitive whiskers. in fact, seeing dwarven grubs move around with ease, months before their eyes open, I would posit that perhaps dwarves are descended from moles. much as it is commonly accepted that elves (being pale, garish, thieving and too full of themselves) are descended from seagulls*

    But using touch, hearing sense of direction and place, barked commands from their veteran leader and the occasional drum signal, a unit of dwarven spears can maneuver in pitch darkness and perform complex maneuvers to corner and contain their prey with no light and little more than the sound of claws on stone and their own heavy ironshod boots on the same, to guide them.
    I had the privilege to witness such hunt of a darkwyrm and apart from the from the smoky flames of the wyrm's breath illuminating the massed ranks of spearheads, it was conducted in complete darkness and except for the drums calling out formations and positions and the shouts from the burly warriors as they corralled and pierced the beast, in almost complete silence.
    It was perhaps the most eerie battle I have ever been witness to and it gave me an appreciation to just how different the hidden wars that are waged under the surface are from the ones we can see above ground.
    Here the dwarves were in their true habitat and the 30-ton beast never stood a chance of escape.

    Of course, on the surface the tactics of the speardwarves are more normal and are very reminiscent of those of our own pike regiments, though they use shorter spears, a remnant of the need to maneuver in tight confines underground. But even without the advantage of darkness, a dwarf is a excellent spearman and a natural defensive fighter, clad in heavy maille or scale, with massive upper-body strength (hint, never, ever try to arm wrestle a dwarf. I challenged Queen Haephaestia once, when drunk. The Queen is greatly aged, willow-thin and tall and yet I swear that she would have slammed me straight through the table we were using, had it not been so sturdy! I was unable to write with that hand for several days after) as well as a very low centre of gravity, all of which allows a dwarf to take on a charging Orc without budging a inch, even without proper bracing.
    Meanwhile, heavy armour and stout shields mean that even large quantities of arrow fire will fail to dislodge these dwarves once they have wedged themselves in a position.
    There is a very good reaosn the Imperial Field Manual for Tacticians only have one piece of advice for dealing with dwarven spears holding a chokepoint: "Dislodge with cannon or tank, otherwise do not bother, go around"!

    Given the lower status of the spear and those that wield it, it is not uncommon to see here lower-ranking female dwarves fight alongside their male brethren, in search of glory and status, something that is rarer in more distinguished regiments.
    Indeed in times of great need, it is not uncommon for groups of low-ranking female dwarfs to enlist themselves and all of their husbands with martial aspirations as speardwarves in return for a great deal of monetary compensation and the promise of a rise in status, should they distinguish themselves on the battlefield.

    Any such civilian-raised regiments can vary greatly in their equipment, even within the regiment, though the front ranks are always the most heavily armoured and usually the strongest and tallest warriors, with their less martial members towards the back.
    Even the Hold's own standing regiments can vary as different members have different roles to play
    [Read More]
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