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  • A new day a new Warlock :).

    Today is the turn of Warlock number 4. I use the another one of Slaanesh demon cavalry.This box I got from a friend (as gift), for painting one of his character models.

    As a true general not waste anything, the model was in a short time integrated.

    Simple remodeling: The Model get a new head and weapon arms (from a Cold One Knights and a Dark Rider/ Warlocks Box).

    The bladeI builtfrom a spear. I modeled a little more armor with green stuff, and used a face of the Sister of Thorn box. The reason was the absence of the left breast to cover over.

    Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow more....

    Best Regards Yusti [Read More]
  • I start with Jade Tower:

    The first unit, which I would introduce are the Warlocks of the Jade Tower.
    My interpretation of the Dark Elves Warlocks (2 of 6) in Lust Elves Style.
    They should bright, but still crazy appear.

    The left is a Sister of the Thorn. She got the mask out of Sisters of Slaughter. The deer was given a new tail (whip part), out of same box.

    The right Warlock consists of remnants of Bitbox. A Slaanesh horse, Undead lower body (remaining Hexwraiths parts), upper part of the body is from Wood elves Wild Rider.

    The saddle is made of green stuff.

    The coming days more pictures.

    Best regards
    Yusti [Read More]
  • The Project started 2011 as Slaanesh Cult and mutated during the effective period / storyline in Malals Realm.

    I tried to use a few GW miniatures and alternative products.

    I drew many individual miniatures of alternative providers.

    Or built a lot from existing bits (Small budget during my student days)

    Primarily RH, AOW, ReaperMiniatures and one or the other of Freebooter Miniatures.

    Conclusions: It is readily possible for half of the money (compared to GW) an (almost any) army of alternative models set up. You need only a little bit fantasy, practice and Green Stuff!


    The storyline can be found in German at Warhammer board. (This I will not translate)

    In the further I will post my new Creations for this project. I will write down one or the other word about the modeling.It would be nice if this project can inspire you to your own creations.

    About the Project: The City consists of six towers.

    The city is the origin of the evil empire and grew in recent years up to be a true greatness. Concept for this project are the underworld thematic. An army of monsters, cannibals, vampires, gloomy warriors and dark elves . Led by a powerful Imperor Asrael Blackwing, The Blackwing Dynasty seeks after the death of old gods.To realize his plan and save the old world, the Imperator allied with the renegade god Malal.

    To create the impression of a wild horde (many individual miniatures), but to preserve a uniform impression, the color choice had to fit. I chose a comic style painting, which was similar to the 4th Edition. Each tower has its own characteristics and color scheme. All Models are all painted in non-metallic colors.

    -Sapphire Tower (blue/white or black) : Tower of the research, illusions and the wild beasts, Tower of Maya Blackwing, the Sapphire Queen. (Troops: Elves, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Beasts, Chaos Dwarf)

    -Ruby Tower (purple/white): The tower of the war, of pleasure and pain, Tower of Lhunaara Moonwing, the Ruby Queen. (Troops: Elves, Chaos Warriors / Knights, Chariot)

    -Jade Tower(jade-green/white): The tower of life and light tower of Shiraki Sunwing who Jade Queen.

    (Troops: Light infantry / cavalry, ogres, altars, renegades Vampire)

    -Amethyst Tower(violet/black or white): Tum of demons and elementals, Tower of Gaya the puppeteer. (Troops: demons, elementals and renegades Vampire)

    -Evergreen Tower (dark green /white) : Tower of the wild beasts and the nature, Tower of Eden Evergreen, mistress of evergreen dream. (Troops: Elves, Forest spirits)

    -Onyx Tower (Individual and black /metal effect): The tower of Dark Imperator Asrael Blackewing, the God-Slayer (troops: Chosen, Black Crusade, Iron Guard, Iron dragon and Shinigami)


    Here are some pictures from the overview a few months ago

    In the coming days I will upload more pictures. After my move in a my new appartment, I will update the blog with actual pictures. :)

    Best Regards

    Yusti [Read More]