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  • On Dwarves And Spears

    While the spear is not a weapon commonly associated with dwarfkind, them being more mythically associated with axe and hammer and while it is true that the spear is seen as a "lesser" weapon among them, not having the ceremonial weight of the hammer or the mythological significance of the axe and consequently being as weapon mostly used my lower class warriors, it does have its uses and a dwarven spearwall is a very tough nut to crack.

    For you see, there are many evil things in the deep and dark corners of the earth that are strong enough to crush a armoured dwarf inside his own armour, if let within' arms reach, a spear serves amicably to keep them at bay, either long enough for other brave warriors to flank it, or for markmen to fill it with shotte or bolts, should the air be good enough to allow for open flame.
    For there are many places (or so my hosts tell me) underground where the very air itself would ignite on contact with fire, making it impossible for even a dwarf's keen dark vision to see without it.

    Footnote: Contrary to common belief, dwarves cannot see in the dark. They do see quite well with very little light, being easily able to navigate a crowded ballroom by the light of a single match in a corner of the room. But if unable to carry light, they navigate by excellent sense of directional hearing, good sense of smell and pressure, a innate sense of direction and depth and their very sensitive whiskers. in fact, seeing dwarven grubs move around with ease, months before their eyes open, I would posit that perhaps dwarves are descended from moles. much as it is commonly accepted that elves (being pale, garish, thieving and too full of themselves) are descended from seagulls*

    But using touch, hearing sense of direction and place, barked commands from their veteran leader and the occasional drum signal, a unit of dwarven spears can maneuver in pitch darkness and perform complex maneuvers to corner and contain their prey with no light and little more than the sound of claws on stone and their own heavy ironshod boots on the same, to guide them.
    I had the privilege to witness such hunt of a darkwyrm and apart from the from the smoky flames of the wyrm's breath illuminating the massed ranks of spearheads, it was conducted in complete darkness and except for the drums calling out formations and positions and the shouts from the burly warriors as they corralled and pierced the beast, in almost complete silence.
    It was perhaps the most eerie battle I have ever been witness to and it gave me an appreciation to just how different the hidden wars that are waged under the surface are from the ones we can see above ground.
    Here the dwarves were in their true habitat and the 30-ton beast never stood a chance of escape.

    Of course, on the surface the tactics of the speardwarves are more normal and are very reminiscent of those of our own pike regiments, though they use shorter spears, a remnant of the need to maneuver in tight confines underground. But even without the advantage of darkness, a dwarf is a excellent spearman and a natural defensive fighter, clad in heavy maille or scale, with massive upper-body strength (hint, never, ever try to arm wrestle a dwarf. I challenged Queen Haephaestia once, when drunk. The Queen is greatly aged, willow-thin and tall and yet I swear that she would have slammed me straight through the table we were using, had it not been so sturdy! I was unable to write with that hand for several days after) as well as a very low centre of gravity, all of which allows a dwarf to take on a charging Orc without budging a inch, even without proper bracing.
    Meanwhile, heavy armour and stout shields mean that even large quantities of arrow fire will fail to dislodge these dwarves once they have wedged themselves in a position.
    There is a very good reaosn the Imperial Field Manual for Tacticians only have one piece of advice for dealing with dwarven spears holding a chokepoint: "Dislodge with cannon or tank, otherwise do not bother, go around"!

    Given the lower status of the spear and those that wield it, it is not uncommon to see here lower-ranking female dwarves fight alongside their male brethren, in search of glory and status, something that is rarer in more distinguished regiments.
    Indeed in times of great need, it is not uncommon for groups of low-ranking female dwarfs to enlist themselves and all of their husbands with martial aspirations as speardwarves in return for a great deal of monetary compensation and the promise of a rise in status, should they distinguish themselves on the battlefield.

    Any such civilian-raised regiments can vary greatly in their equipment, even within the regiment, though the front ranks are always the most heavily armoured and usually the strongest and tallest warriors, with their less martial members towards the back.
    Even the Hold's own standing regiments can vary as different members have different roles to play
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  • Tony and I discuss our recent visit to Salute and regale you all with tales from our epic 14,000pt a side 9th Age game at Campaign.

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  • While I'm still waiting for a commission painter to finish my banner for my speardorfs

    Aresia, First Hammer of the dwarfhold Abkhül-It-Tuzhül ("Hammerhold), third daughter and greatest disappointment of Queen Haephestia.

    First Hammer (lit "First amongst those who wields-hammers-in-defence" but that is unwieldy even in dwarven...) is a title similar to and which may well have inspired the office of First Lance of Equitaine, that is to say, a judicial champion of the Queen.
    Normally the Queen's foremost husband the King will serve as the holder of this office but if physically infirm or
    as is the case with Abkhül-It-Tuzhül, too administratively important as the hold has expanded and Queen Haephestia has grown old even for a dwarf, the office can pass to another though it will usually remain in the family as to do otherwise is to admit that the Queen's family cannot defend her name.

    As the Queen has aged, King Athinaiür has resumed many of her administrative and military responsibilities in a effort to relieve her. This makes him too important to the running of the dwarfhold to risk in judicial combat and therefore the office has passed to Aresia, a woman uniquely fitted to hitting offenders in the face with hammers, if ever there were such a person.

    Aresia is a great disappointment to all of her parents, being wholly uninterested in the affairs of economics, logistics, farming, mining, smithing or indeed any other that doesn't involve hitting people with hammers. This lens-like focus has however made her a fearsome personal combatant even as she in entirely incompetent in every other aspect of warfare.

    Wearing the hallucinogenic warpaint of dwarf warriors of ages past, Aresia is a impressive figure, a whirling dervish with a warhammer in each hand, kneecapping and crushing foes with wild abandon and fierce pleasure.
    While most dwarves fight with grim determination born out of necessity, Aresia is almost unique as she fight only out of the pleasure of hearing her hammers impact of something soft and yielding.
    Had she not been given a outlet for her urges within the strict confines of her office, she would have certainly been exiled and cast of out the dwarfhold for he uncivilized ways.

    As is Aresia spends her days quaffing ale by the barrelfull, instructing the Queen's Hammerguard and Head Priestess Völundia's Anvilguard in the finer points of hammer-fighting while waiting for the next opportunity to kill.
    While she has had a great number of brief dalliances with her fellow warriors, both dwarves and others, she is a rarity in that she is a technically high-ranking female that is of age but has yet to start collecting any husbands, claiming that she has yet to find anyone that can appreciate the purity of the Hammer as she does, though a northern human (scandalous!) warlord by the name of Krung, the Breaker-of-Skulls was the closest yet and the two have a intermittent and very tempestuous relationship of great passion and bodily harm.

    In my own opinion, she is completely nuts.

    ´- Of the Dwarves: Notes on Physiology, Religion and Society, vol III, by Krugman Bartliebhafer, Imperial Scholar.

    Lovely dorf from Oathsworn, who are rapidly becoming my favorite manufacturer for dwarf characters. [Read More]
  • Well, besides enjoying the game and painting models I sometimes create some random stuff and this article will be dedicated to one such project that is centered around a model I recently finished painting. It is a very unserious project and a rather childish one at that but when I've gone to such length to complete it with artwork, backstory and all I thought I might aswell share it.

    This is the model and it came to be mostly to mock one of my regular opponents who recently decided to play Dwarven holds.

    As I plan to use it in my orc horde it came natural to start to think about a backstory of how this barbarian wielding a seeker came to end up in an orc horde. One thing led to another and the backstory ended up on paper. Taking the opportunity to practice a new drawing style I also scratched together a drawing of the model and voila! Here you have a stupid backstory complete with an Illustration.
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  • Tony and I are joined by the one and only Roger Barnett of Greenskin fame to discuss, what’s that?DWARVES?!! We summarise our recent hobby exploits and then delve into the depths to discuss all things dwarf.We look at the book in general focusing on Rog’s experiences and ask questions like - is it possible to kill a dwarf lord and is dwarf hate justified?We also take a quick look at the new quick start rules plus loads more...

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  • And thus it came to pass that after sitting down at the feet of the Master @2DSick, I ventured forth from the Goosefeather Brush in search of equipment.

    At first I purchase some white primer & grey paint in a bottle, thinking to simply go over the old paint job, but when I presented this proposal to the Master, he demonstrated the gentle English coaching technique know as Ecky Thump.

    Then he spoke:

    "Wise man says: Painting is like Brazilian waxing - do it properly, or there will be tears..."

    Damn! So after looking around, I finally got a can of grey all-purpose paint that would not dissolve my plastic model on first contact. The next step was to strip off that old paint, so I bought a bottle of Dettol Concentrate, because I knew I'd need a lot to cover the model. Turns out this model is a monster to remove from its base after supergluing, and very few containers can accommodate its sea-urchin shape easily.

    I first tried putting it in a plastic tub 4/5 covered with a plastic cap to keep off the rain, flipping it over a few times a day - but when I came to scrubbing it off with a toothbrush it was a disaster. Gunk everywhere, paint stains everywhere, and stink everywhere - so again, I went out and got a bigger container, repeated the process, and the second time it worked - not fun spending an hour outside on a cold rainy day, but after just two weeks of screwing things up I had achieved THIS!

    The next day it was time to prime. What could possible go wrong right? Well... :thinking:

    I carefully read the instructions by glancing at the pictures. Apparently I needed to use a screwdriver to make sure it worked. Placing it carefully on the tiles outside, I pushed delicately at it. Luckily for me it was a lovely day. So when I blasted half my face and glasses with all-purpose primer, I knew it would dry fast: WITNESS ME!...It only took about 2 hours to wash off too. :wall:

    But now I had achieved THIS!

    Grey Primer

    The next few weeks were spent on and off trying to squeeze in 30 minutes here and there to either basecoat or wash the skin. I haven't worried too much about splashing the horns and spines, and I used a blend of Amy Painter's Matt White (2/3) & Necrotic Flesh (1/3) for the color and Citadel Earthshade for the wash.

    It's not perfect by any means, but I plan to use the ancient WotDG cop-out of splattered blood effects to cover the ugliest bits.

    So, as of now, it looks like THIS!

    Coat & Washes
    So far my 4 year old daughter has helped do all the washes, but she has mentioned many times that she is looking forward to doing the spikey bits next. We look forward to taking the next step on The Way of the Goosefeather Brush... :charge2:

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  • So after 10 days here comes the #3 article from Grumpy guy! :sleeping: :thumbup:

    First of all I want to wish Happy Easter and happy holidays to all of you.

    As far as me and my hobbying, I played some games, painted some stuff... Did enough for the time being. :D

    Even though I am painting WoDG, I am actually preparing my Undying Dynasties army for tournaments in Novi Sad(serbia) and Samobor(Croatia).

    The list I am training with and the games I play against my buddies(and their lists) you can find here: Grumpy guy's skeletons

    So, firstly I did some painting on my Annointed Mark of Wrath BSB

    That is the last thing from WoDG I am gonna do in a while now.

    Afther that I started preparing some bases for my UD army so I can paint and finish stuff I have.

    And with some paint on:

    I have quite few stuff to paint for my list(Pharaoh, Architect, Harbinger, 40x Skeletons, 20x Archers, 6x Shabti, Sphinx... Well the whole list.). But instead I decided to paint Colossus, because why not.

    Cute looking fella. Took me about 3 hours to paint it.
    After that I started painting Sphinx,Shabti's and Archers... I probably won't write any articles in about 10 to 14 days until I finish stuff I wrote about.
    That's it for now, hope you like it.

    Talk to you soon, cheers :sand: :UD: :drunk: [Read More]
  • Hello and welcome back to another episode of A Tale of Many Gamers.

    Unfortunately the podcast has not happened the last few months. I have just moved apartments and my energy has been put towards that end. However, we will be back very soon with some more content. In the meantime, strap in for some updates in the hobby (also a little thin on the ground this month).


    This month I painted army which was finished before Battle of Copenhagen. At the time, everything was painted quite quickly, but made so that I could return and do the finishing layers and touches at a later time. Here are the results:


    This month Ulrik has made what can only be described as a "Combat Gauge!" Simply for want of a better word. This mad-genius-esq contraption can measure arcs of sight as well as the spacing between units and, I think the 6" panic bubbles. Made by hand from cutting and filing a metal sheet, Ulrik has engineered this to an almost Dwarven precision.

    His newly painted master engineer would be proud:


    This month I planned on doing a ton of painting, being really enthused after Battle of Copenhagen. But work, life and other stuff got in the way as it always does. I did however manage to get some work on my Pharaoh in chariot model. Even tough I'm not sure it will see any play for some time I really want to finish this awesome model before I move on to something else, lest it ends up forgotten in some box. At this point only the chariot is completely done but its coming along at least.

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  • After breaking the ice in my "pilot" article here is another one from Grumpy Guy :D

    So after I painted EDC and Hellscream Cannon and told you some stuff about me and my buddy today I'm speaking few words about our YT channel and BR we're going to do. And also I'm posting some pictures of stuff I painted in the last few days.


    So this is a channel my friend initally started as his own for Warhammer 40,000 battlereports and to present to community the stuff he painted. After a shortwile I decided to start recording 9th Age battlereports and was thinking of starting my own channel. So we decided that wouldn't be such a good idea because there is more chance we will get more subscribers and views as one channel so we decided to go in this long-term project together.

    I've just checked the channel and there are no 9th Age BR, why is that?

    Simply because I am busy and lazy bastard. We want our channel to have some standards like playing on nice battlefield with nice terrains, table and most important with armies painted. The last one I don't yet have. I can't say when can you expect the 9th Age BR's. I simply plan to finish my UD army (4500 points atleast) and start going on tournaments in my region. Plan is to go to I. T9A ETC Bootcamp Team Austria(Wien) with painted UD army so I could say I'm planning to start battlereports somewhere at the start of May.
    After I do my "pilot" episode I will do a pool here on my blog so everyone can suggest me what to improve and so on. Also plan is to publish one episode every week, for now.

    That is all for that matter now to switch of to models I painted.

    Chimera :WDG:

    Wasteland Steed Chariot (old metal model) :WDG:

    There are few more things I have to do before I can tell the model is finished (base for Chimera, base for Chariot, pinn the crewman, etc..)
    Simple but effective(I think).

    Hope you enjoyed #2 of Grumpy Guy blog, talk to you again next week with finished Colossus for UD and some really nice bases for UD. :UD: :sand:
    :charge: :drunk: [Read More]