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  • We're back!After a ‘brief’ period of absence, it’s back to business as usual.Tony and I regale on our past four month’s worth of hobby and I cover my trip to Midlands GT.

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  • Grim Blades, from the VOID

    Of the creatures that would harry our forces, the ones we titles as Grim Blades we a particular hassle. Far more numerous than the mightier Harbringers, they could not as easily be dissuaded by ranged fire but they were not as easy to drive off in close combat.

    We first came upon them when regrouping from pursuit along the shorelines, in a area where the water was strewn with strange bars and spur of golden metal protruding from the darkened waters, like the tops of a sunken city resting just out of reach beyond the shore.
    I do not know if we had strayed into their territory and it was merely a result of animalistic agression or if greater forces ordered their attack, but no more had we began to set up camp than we were set upon by this new foe.

    Consisting of a horde of scaled fishmen, they very least of them were the size of a man, but many were far more, both broader and taller with several reaching almost ogre-like stature. I will presume that those are the champions of their race as they exhibited typical dominant behaviour, harming and bulying their lessers at will.

    While the majority of the creatures wore no armour, their heavy scales were still able to resist a surprising amount of both shotte and blade and many of the larger ones wore armour made out of heavy shells dragged up from the sea floor and those could only be feller by a direct hit to the throat with shotte or a concerted effort by several soldiers in melee.

    Their weaponry was forged of the same alien, golden metal as those of the Harbringers though much less refined. Perhaps forged is not the right word, maybe scavenged is more correct? It seems like the fishmen have found metal left behind by their betters and roughly beaten it into the shape of a rough weapon, only effective because of the brute strength behind their blows.

    The weakest of their kind had little more than straight lengths of metal, crudely sharpened against rocks. But still, even the least of the fishmen were far stronger than a man and so even these crude weapons in combination with a mouth full of needle-sharp teeth would still serve them well in the chaos of a melee.

    A rare few seemed to have actual purpose-wrought weapons. I can only imagine these being forged by the Octopus-men as favours to a brave underling. Perhaps a mark of a favourite slave?

    With serried, ordered ranks of pike & shotte being the only thing keeping the Grim Blades at bay and with the risk of the pursuing Harbringers or Watchers finding us, I was once again left with no choice but to shamefully order a fighting retreat inlands, hoping to find respite further form the shore.
    As you no doubt know Inquisitor, it was not to be.

    Records of the interrogations of former Count-Captain Johann von Krugmund (deceased)
    [Read More]
  • Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post as a member of the content team. Hopefully some of you have seen my previous user blog, I will carry that one going but mostly just for images of completed members of the Wrath Warriors, now dubbed “The Bloodrain Tribe”. I’m going to post a lot more regularly on this blog with content other than army pictures. This will be a hobby and painting blog but I may branch out into other Ninth Age related topics, watch this space.

    So to start off I thought I would do a guide on bases and in particular how I do my bases as I get asked that a lot. So I shall reveal all my secrets, warts and all. Now I used to be of the opinion that bases shouldn’t really matter that much and the paint job on the model should be what people focus on, how wrong I was. Apparently there is a saying amongst the Pro Painters, “Base and Faces”, These are the two areas that people look at when looking at a model. Faces are a whole other nightmare that I will save for another day so I’ll talk about bases. The base is a great way of adding more to a model whether it be a mini diorama

    A chance to add more ways of showing of painting skills or to display different techniques.

    As you can tell I’m a big fan of dioramas, particularly on character bases, it’s an easy but effective way of giving a character a back story and even showing off some qualities in that character.

    I did that a lot with my Kingdom of Equitaine army but where I went completely wrong with them is that every unit is based slightly differently (there was going to be a display board that was going to help it make sense). For Kingdom of Equitaine every model shold already be different from the last as it’s the way with heraldry so to tie them together you really need some cohesive basing. Maybe one day I’ll go back to them and redo all their bases but I’m not sure I could go through that.

    For the Warriors of the Dark Gods I wanted a theme and I wanted each base to be similar to unite them but different from each other. Uniformity doesn’t really occur in nature which is the problem I have with the resin bases produced by some companies. So for the Warriors I decided to do some snow bases but also to use some water effects as I had just learnt how to use them so thought I’d put it into practice. As I was going for arctic theme I couldn’t just go with water I had to get some ice in the water as well which led me to this discovery.

    That is a Krycell Ice sheet from Precision Ice and Snow, it comes in different colours as well so you can go to town with that stuff and make some fantastic looking things. It costs about £10 and they have always thrown in some free stuff with every order as well! I use their snow effects as well and it’s good but I can’t really rate it as I haven’t used others and they have been on the bases for a year now and it hasn’t yellowed yet (a common problem with baking soda apparently).

    Here is a list of what you will need to replicate the bases of my Warriors:

    • Krycell Ice Sheet
    • Snow Effects
    • Milliput
    • Slate rocks
    • PVA glue
    • Sand
    • Paints for base
    • Super glue
    • Acetate/OHP sheets
    • Waterproof tape (Parafilm or Plumbing Sealing Tape)
    • Sandpaper of various grades (80 – 3000 but can go as low as 1000 if needs be)
    • Gloss varnish
    • Hairspray (if required)
    So starting off with the base, it’s just a bit of MDF that I get from Sarissa Precision, I drill a 6mm hole in the centre and then put a 6mm neodymium magnet in the hole with a bit of superglue. I do this just for transporting purposes as I have a big plastic box with some steel sheet in the bottom, it makes it much easier to move my army around as they are all magnetised to the bottom. This is completely optional and I just find this the easiest way. I will do a guide on magnetising your bases another time.

    Next it’s time to create the base, I use Milliput to create the base, it’s fun and mess. As the base is going to be half sea and half land I create a gradual incline to represent a beach. I then add some rocks by using some small slate rocks I bought off eBay. All of this bit is completely up to you how you do it, there is no set rule. The only important part is to make sure the edges, particularly where the water will meet the land, are flush with the edge of the base (the reason will become clear later on). If the Milliput goes over the edge of the base that is fine, it will all be sanded down to make it smooth anyway.

    Position your model on the base whilst it’s still malleable to ensure the model will fit on and to make sure that the model will be flat on the base at the end of the process. I have often made the base and then it ends up the model is balancing by one toe rather than a whole foot! I always pin my models to their bases, so if you are like me you’ll also want a foot to be over some of the Milliput rather than a rock so you can drill into it with a pin vice.

    Once you are happy with the base leave it to for at least 6 hours to dry or… [Read More]
  • Around a month ago I noticed something fairly surprising.

    In fact, something downright unfathomable.

    ... I had a paycheck placed into a bank account (from two years ago) that I hadn't touched. This, clearly, could not stand.

    Of course, this found-money was to be used on wargaming. And thus came the options, fast and furious, into my impulsive mind. Should I finally put together a Warhammer 40,000 army? Perhaps, it was time to try out Wrath of Kings? Did I really need ANOTHER 9th Age Army. The answer to the latter, unsurprisingly, became a resounding "yes". But, this time, I wanted to try something new... I wanted to try out the miniatures from one of our 9th Age partners.

    After scrolling through the miniatures catalogs on the site, for what felt like a whole day (at was...oops), I landed on the MoM miniaturas page.

    Then I saw their Dwarfs. I was sold.

    The order was placed within minutes... and included:
    • 20 Dwarf Infantry with Hand Weapons
    • The Command Group for the above
    • 20 Dwarf Infantry with Great Weapons (will convert my own command)
    • 2 Cannons
    • 20 Dwarf Crossbowmen
    • 1 Dwarf King on a big Daemon Head (amazing)
    • 1 Dwarf Engineer
    Seemed like a good start. Order wait.

    Now, in fairness, it did take roughly a month to come in... but I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada... so the fact it even found its way here from Spain is impressive ;).

    So after tearing open the order...what did I see?

    First off, I love this new packaging standard that I'm seeing lately (Norba does the bagged-minis as well). Very simple bot more than effective when packed well (and they were).

    Now, what really blew my mind on this one...

    Now, my Spanish isn't very strong. But I'm pretty sure the word "FREE" was intended to mean exactly what I know it as. That's right... MoM sent me over:
    -Free command group for my X-bows
    -Free Seeker Character
    -Free Thane

    I suspect this isn't going to be in every order (maybe bigger ones?) but what a cool surprise. Thanks, guys!

    Alright, lets pop open some bags, and see what we can see...

    Alright, some quick thoughts on the casted resin minis themselves:
    • EXCELLENT detail
    • Very little in the way of mold lines
    • Very "chunky" flash - mean, super easy and quick to remove
    • Exactly the scale I was hoping for:

    I spent the next few hours cleaning and assembling what I could get done (which, as it turned out, was everything except for the X-bows...not a bad night's work!) And here's what we're looking at:

    I am extremely impressed with MoM Miniatures. The minis are great (albeit, a little fiddly to glue together... I brought out the big guns- blue-cap Gorilla Glue, and all solved itself in time). The price was beyond reasonable (seriously, are you guys making a dime off of this?) and the overall vibe of the sculpts is exactly what I wanted.

    All-in, one of the most pleasant and satisfying miniature ordering experiences I've ever had- if not the very best.

    I recommend you all give money to MoM Miniaturas right now.

    DO IT! [Read More]
  • Couatl

    It is said of the reptilian warriors of the southern jungles that they are rules by bloated creatures known as Couatls.
    The Couatls can vary greatly in appearance, great toads, snakes, crocodiles, lizards and more have been reported with little rhyme or reason, seeming to have no connection other than their status as rulers and their apocalyptic magical might.

    A Couatl will spend most of its days resting on a great throne, borne aloft by their own magical power, either issuing commands to their minions or passing the days in meditation.
    It is said that so deep in meditation do some of them fall that they will neither eat nor drink for weeks and only take a breath once a hour!

    As benefits mages of such prodigious prowess, most Couatls favour magical implements, staves topped with strange crystaline skulls and golden jewelry being perennial favourites

    Most have great powers in the magics of nature and of the stars and their thrones are often teeming with cold-blooded wildlife, drawn against their will to such a potent being of magic

    These creatures are unnaturally calm, moving around on the throne without care or fear, even when the Couatl is obliterating enemies with its fell magics.

    So this is the Couatl from @Hidden Dreams . Quite a nice one and a good change from the bloated amphibian we are used to seeing.
    I had some issued with assembling the head but nothing major. Since I do not currently have a SA army I didn't put it on a base as it'll live as a display mini for now.
    Stag Knight

    This is going to be a bit of a more regular review because I think the mini deserves it

    The Stag Knight "GAI THE RELIABLE" comes from Cadwallon Miniatures which makes exquisite miniatures in the style of Confrontation as well as rereleases of minis for that game.
    They make extremely fine and characterful stuff and well deserve a look.
    The Stag Knight comes in as you can see, eight parts, all of which fit together with a minimum of work and very little flash to clean off.

    There were only two parts that needed some work and one of those were my own fault!

    This was the first one: The cloak has a small bit missing one one of the sides.

    Easy enough to fix!

    The second was my own fault: I glues on the head slightly askew so had to fill in a small gap here. I just used the stuff I had left from fixing the cloak.

    Painted up very nicely in greens and browns

    The legend of the Stag Knight is a common one in rural Equitaine. It is said of him that he was a knight of great valour that fell to worship of evil gods long ago.

    A lovely model, full of character and a fair bit of menace.

    The knight eventually recanted his foul ways and cast down the fell temple he had worshiped at. He asked the Lady how he could repent for his since, for surely his soul was forever lost and tainted beyond recovery?
    But there is always another chance and the Lady tasked him to travel throughout the woods of Equitaine, hunting cultists and casting down any foul shrine or temple they have erected, changing his head to that of a great stag as a sign of his sacred mission and a sign to all to not impede his journey.

    I'll be using him as a Totem Beast for my KoE or a unit filler.

    While the truth of the legend is unknown and details change depending on where in the country it is told some facts remain the same.

    The Stag Knight is always a formerly evil knight that repented.
    He is always tasked with hunting the forces of evil that infiltrate and corrupt, though the specifics vary.
    He has a stag head on a otherwise normal body though the legends vary on whether it is as a blessing or a curse.
    The Stag Knight is always larger than any other, always standing at least as tall as a knight on his warhorse and sometimes far taller still.

    Is he exists I know not, but every time a temple of evil is discovered cast down in the wilderness of Equitaine, its guardians bested by some unknown benefactor, the peasantry will give thank to the Lady for setting the Stag Knight to guard them and leave bags of grain in the area around the temple, should the Stag Knight return that way.

    And the gap in the cloak? Nearly invisible despite me being the worst sculptor of all time! [Read More]

  • The dwarven civilian Marksmen regiments are justly famed for the barrage of deadly fire they can unleash at good distances, dwarven guns being both more accurate (on account of something dwarves call "rifling" though they would not share the knowledge of what it actually is with me) and very reliable, seldom jamming or misfiring as well as capable of the impressive rate of fire.

    The Marksmen rely on their heavy scalemail and stoud shields to weather both enemy counter-fire and any light skirmishers that would harass them. Indeed one would almost think that so equipped, the dwarven Markman could be the perfect ranged combatant. But there is a major issue with them... and that is with the dwarf itself.

    For while dwarves are natural close combatant with large amounts of thickly corded muscle, low center of gravity, heavy skull, long arms and a natural armour of fat, they are not so blessed in the fields of ranged combat.

    Indeed being finely evolved for the lightless environments of the underground, possessing poor eyesight at range and being easily blinded by the fierce glare of the sun on their deeply set eyes.
    Indeed it is only the superlative quality of their equipment and the length of their training that allows the dwarven Marksmen to even equal the performance of our own musket regiments, though the dwarves are of course far harder to remove from the battlefield.

    The mighty titan that is the dwarven smithing industry spits out a prodigious variety of guns for their Markmen to use. Markmen that use guns as opposed to those that use crossbows seldom craft their own weapons, usually commissioning them from a master gunsmith.
    Some Markmen, keenly aware of their bad eyesight choose to instead compensate with the high rate of fire offered by heavy dwarven revolvers, which while lacking in range are capable of spitting out a impressive stream of lead at close range

    Others want the best of both worlds, buying long-barreled masterwork revolvers from the very best, fitted with sighting deviced to compensate for their own inadequacies.

    Yet others opt for the traditional and well-known dwarven handgun, often for sale in Imperial cities of note. Fat-barreled and with great stopping power, it does little for the dwarves already poor accuracy-. But the noise itself can sometimes be enough to route foes of lesser quality

    But the real reason we have reason to fear the Markmen lies in those wealthier individual who opt for the very expensive long jezzails fitted with sighting devices. These excellent guns allow even the shortsighted dwarves to shoot the feathers of a sparrow in flight, wthout hitting the bird itself!

    As each gun is custom made for its wielder, they come in a bewildering variety of styles

    Including some arcane multi-barreled ones which I find quite baffling but the dwarf who wielded it ensured me that it was quite a fine gun indeed.

    In contrast to the professional regiments, the civilian regiments often take a more laid-back approach to their banners, often having them made by non-martial partners of their members. As a result their design is often far less impressive and instead of showing of figures of mythology or the sacred role of the regiment, they often glorify the members of the regiment, oftentimes with individual likenesses [Read More]
  • In the last article I reviewed Shieldlord (with crossbow) which I received as an award at my local tournament.

    Now is the time for the second part of the review: MOM Miniatures Kankros Devoramundos

    First of all let me tell you a little story about MOM and how they got instantly popular in our (Croatia) community.
    So last year buddy that is organising a local tournament decided to contact "3rd party companies" that are little known in our community but that were doing a lot to promote 9th Age project and our hobby in general. MOM also accepted our offer and they weren't just "one of the sponsor" , MOM was the sponsor. It is enough to say that after the tournament there was a really huge part of our community that started buying from MOM.

    But I didn't. I simply didn't like what I saw on the picture and wasn't that super excited like everyone else. But eventually I "bit my tongue".

    Kankros Devoramundos is really really great monster. Game-wise I am planning to use him as a Bloodbeast or Vortex Fiend for my Warriors of the Dark Gods army. Looking forward to painting him and playing it aswell!

    But enough whit sh*t talk, let's talk review!

    So the product came, of course, in plastic bag... BUT it's super HEAVY! And I am talking heavy as you could actually cause some serious injuries with that thing! :D
    (Even though the product description states it's "only" 0,26 kg heavy , it is a lot more then that)

    First thing I notice after opening the bag is that some stuff isn't casted in the same resin.

    For example body parts, right hand and left horn are casted in black resin which is the more quality one.

    After that I see one major mistake , the body parts doesn't seem to fit.
    Notice the HUUUUGE gape in beetween!

    That's a shame...

    But here are the rest of the parts:

    Upper body part

    The "portal" + tail

    Left hand and horns...

    All in all I am really pleased with the model and it certainly looks great. But there will be a lot of pinning and also I am slightly concerned over that gap in the middle... [Read More]
  • Hello everyone!

    As I said in my latest article I wouldn't be writing here for a while because of my University obligations and a lot of stuff I had to do hobby-wise.

    So I said I was preparing my UD army for Novi Sad and my Ogre Khans army for Allied tournament in Samobor.

    Unfortunately I didn't go to Novi Sad because there was last-minute stuff I had to do...

    So I painted Sand Scorpion (metal) model and started to do a Sphinx too.

    Here are some of the pics:

    I was enjoying painting those minis and I really like UD. But unfortunately , due to lack of spare time I will probably have to sell them since I have 2 more armies (WoDG and OK) waiting for their paintjob aswell...

    So later on I had to paint 25 Ogre Khan models in less then a week. Now I do now that doesn't sound so awfull but for the person who literally HATES painting and it is not very good at it... It was drama.
    Everything was going smooth first few days.
    I've painted 10x Ogre Tribesmen and I said to myself "Oh God, this is going great, I will finally have all miniatures painted on the tournament" (before that, I had to borrow minis or just spray paint them in 3 colours the night before...). And I was super excited! So this is what I have done 4 days before deadline:

    And after that, I had to paint 7 Bombardiers and Great Khan and Khan (BSB).

    2 days befor the tournament I've painted this so far:

    And then.... I don't know what happened. But the last day I had some jobe I had to do and I was finished by the afternoon. And I was painting from 10 pm until 4 am... And my friend was picking me up in 8 am! So it was crazy.... But I didn't make it. I didn't paint them and base them as I wished and hoped I would do. But I will do it for the next event in a few months , since I don't have a lot of job with them :D

    So the tournament itself;
    It was (as I said earliear) allies tournament. So you and your "partner" have 3000 points each to make your army lists. Characters cannot enter the partner unit even if they're are the same army but there was full Ld range from generals (each player has to have one in its army) and BSB's and you could buff your partner's units with magic spells. It is played on 1 table , 2vs2. Super interesting event since it's only one in this region and the hosts are great! €0 fee entry + free drinks and food + loads of awards for everyone. Does it get any better?
    Me and mate went with WoDG and OK allied armies and finished 3rd. This is the lists we had:


    @Great Khan General Heart Ripper Yeti Furs Sprout of Rebirth Spinsplitter
    @Khan BSB Great Weapon Iron Fist Ogre Crossbow Dragonscale Helm Talisman of Shielding Skull of Qenghet Hoardmaster
    @10x Tribesman Full Command Iron Fist Banner of Speed
    @6x Bombardiers
    @5x Bombardiers
    @Frost Mammoth

    @Daemon Prince of Pestilence General Dragon Mantle
    @20x Warriors of Wrath Full Command Paired Weapons
    @24x Chosen of Wrath Full Command Paired Weapons Rending Banner
    @Wasteland Chariot
    @Wasteland Chariot
    @Hellscream Cannon

    Since I don't rember it much now (well not the details) I will just write our opponents armies and result we did against them.
    1. vs. Daemon Legions/WoDG 0:20 (tabled...)
    2. vs. Vermin Swarm/Dread Elves 16:4
    3. vs. Orcs and Goblins/Orcs and Goblins 20:0
    4. vs. Saurian Ancients/Highborn Elves 13:7

    As I said, very interesting and "different" event and it was pleasure playing it!

    So for the award I received Shieldlord with Crossbow from @Shieldwolf Miniatures

    The mini itself looks stunning! Great mini and I absolutely love it. But the problem is with the cast, it turned out slightly bad (chunks of resin on the croosbow, thin resin on the cloak + bend sword). But besides that, it is great. It made me thinking of buying box of Shieldmaiden and making a unit of Shieldmaiden / Barbarians for my WoDG army.

    So , that's that for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this.

    Will talk to you again soon, probably in a week or two. I will come back with the news for 9th Age BR project I will do.

    Cheers :beer: [Read More]