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  • "Before you can paint like the masters of old, first you must master your body!

    You will only be ready for your training once you have acheived a push-up!

    That's right... a push-up with your thing... until then, you will deal with my assistant 2DSick....."

    Dooooooooood! You wanna scrap the old paint job eh?

    To dispose of the evidence, follow this guide. The perfect crime ;)

    Any snags, get back to me. Once you've got got the basic colour layered up, we can talk brush control. it's allll in the hips baby ;) [Read More]
  • The lord of Pestilence is back, and its a full match this time! The greenskin leadership struggle has settled and they are ready for this Adepticon. How will the new General Boss Paco the Doombringer and Boss Rockjaw handle fighting against the blue skins? Will Bazuka da Longshot pull his weight? Will the weaver of change destroy the Iron Orcs. Will the comet come down and destroy the greenskins? Lets find out here!
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  • I've done a fair number of battle reports so far so I thought it time to live up to the "stuff" part of my blogs name. I've realized that besides painting a lot of rank and file through the years I've lately built and painted one bigger model each year, which has got a bit more love than the rest. Since it's my blog and I post what I want and I'm actually rather proud of some of the latest I can show you these from the latest two years.

    Continuing that tradition I decided to dedicate this article to the latest addition to my Orc and Goblin army, more specifically The Green Idol. It might be because I'm starting to get old I instead of kitbashing a bunch of expensive models I would choose the road of the cheapskate and try to get away without spending any money at all. Instead of buying plastic shaped like mishapen rocks I took a stroll in my yard and a nearby forest and got home with these regular mishapen stones and some pieces of dead trees instead. Continuing the stroll inside the house I also came across som lolly sticks that I cut into the shape of a typical orcish facemask.

    My envisioning of this creature is much like a minecraft creeper made out of stone and lacking the exploding ability. It's brought to life through orc magic channeled
    through the crude orc face nailed to the rock. For those of you who aren't following I made these concept doodles who might and might not clear things out for you.

    So from now on I'll take you through the assembling and painting process until we reach the end where you can decide if I'm a genius or a morron, or the unlikely case
    of something in between. First off I glued the parts together and carved some orifices into the peice of bark that I used as the face. Since I didnt have any suitable base I cut one out from a cd case.

    Next I basecoated the whole thing with black acrylic paint.

    You can probably not see it but here I have layered the black up to a still rather dark grey.

    I wanted all the orifices to glow with orc magic so this was the first step to create that lighting effect. I've just coated and washed a bit with a few different shades
    of greenish yellow.

    To get more of a glow feel I've painted a rather light yellow in the middle and drybrushed the edges of the orifices with a lighter shade of the green and yellow.

    Next I got the mask on. The numbers were there to help me remember where to put the pieces, which helped most of the time.

    The mask got some red paint and a black wash.

    Here I've layered up the red with some orange

    Starting to work at an attempt at source lighting it looks like this

    The result ends like this and lastly I've highlighted the rock parts of the model

    To take your excitement down a notch I end this with a short description of the base. Cd case as I mentioned with some styrofoam shaped like rocks and some sand stolen from the local playground glued to it. Basecoated as the model and then layered up with green on the sand and grey on the styrofoam to make it look more like rocks and swamplike undergrowth.

    The swampparts I painted a light brown and used dark wash to try and create the illusion of depth in the last step. I also put on a bit of purple wash at the edges to give more of a alien feel to it.

    So time to glue things together

    After splicing some woodland scenic realistic water, with a hint of purple on it and thrown some citadel dead grass one it was done.

    Despite being mostly just rock colored it was actually a very fun project which I'm rather pleased with and I think it will look awesome on the board when I come around
    to finish the rest of the army. Almost as important as the model, except for the colors and the basing it didn't cost a penny which is pretty neat ;) [Read More]
  • Another offering from the Dark Wilds, the Mierce Gul-Gabrax, or as we say here in 9th Age lands; Longhorns.

    As always with Mierce, you get excellent and very detailed sculpts with a fair bit of character.
    I quite like the decision to give the Gul-Gabrax tusks, makes them look a bit fiercer than just normal 2.5 meters tall, heavily muscles man-goats do...

    Maille detail is fine, not Mierce's best but as good as you'll get in any other manufacturer and still better than you'll get from most.
    All the models were in resin and while there were some flash amd mould lines, there was nothing that would be a challenge to even a amateur modeler.

    This is Aalgar. Say hello Aalgar!
    Good sculpt, if a bit wierd, but then again he is basically the non-command version of sculpted standard bearer, so it's no wonder the stance didn't quite work out.
    I like the fact that he has both fierce tusks and flat herbivorous teeth, makes him a bit more goat-y.
    Again, fine maille supplemented with small plates.

    This is Gongaar (don't blame me! Mierce named them!)
    Good brooding pose. Looks like he's doing the Slow Walk (tm) towards some hapless imperial infantry. He looks mean!
    Bare and nicely muscles shoulders, otherwise mixing plates and maille.

    Another fairly strange pose, Culgaar looks like he can't quite decide what he is doing, I do like his hooked cleaver though.
    A bit troublesome to fit in a unit due to holding his blade so close to the ground, he probably needs to stand on the outside of one of the sides to fit.

    Sraagar is goading his troops forward and would make a quite nice Champion for a unit.

    And lastly Gaalgar would make a excellent Chieftain, or perhaps even a Beastlord? I could also actually see myself putting reins in his hand and putting him on a chariot.
    Very nice heavy armour, the heaviest of the group, quite the pleasure to paint.

    I think most of the Gul-Gabrax would make nice Chieftains and Champions but I would not recommend them for use as Longhorns, especially of your already have GW Bestigors are part of your unit. Why?
    Well, they are kinda.... large

    Gongaar is one of the smaller Gul-Gabrax, and he's still a head taller than a Bestigor

    And Galgaar is just.... really big!
    He'd look awesome as a Champion or a Chieftain but doesn't really fit into a unit.

    However, do not despair as Mierce makes a smaller breed of goatmen called the Gabrax, and I can vouch for that those fit in excellently with the Bestigors that most of us use as our Longhorns. [Read More]
  • A Tale of Many Gamers Part 5!

    We have been very busy this month. Many of us getting ready for the Battle of Copenhagen. Here's what some of the guy's have been doing this month:


    Battle of Copenhagne came and went, I think in the end I switched lists around at least 20 times. Adverse effects of this was that I didn't focus my painting at all and ended up with 5ish unfinished projects. In the end I decided to make it easy for myself and take a necroguard star list. The only thing I needed to finish up was basically some characters. So this month i finished a Harbringer and a Pharaoh.

    At Battle of Copenhagen I got a lot of helpful comments about my army, mostly my bases so I decided to jazz them up a bit. I've changed the edges to black, which quite frankly I don't know why I didnt do earlier and I added some tufts. In the future I will probably add some variation in the vegetation as well but for now I only had one color.


    My army the night before Battle of Copenhagen... and the discussion we had about count as models.. and the the army at the tournament


    I went to Battle of Copenhagen with a WDG Chosen army that I started working in mid January.

    The army:
    Wrath Lord on Chariot
    Lust Lord on Steed of lust
    8 Barbarian horsemen of Lust
    14 Warriors of True Chaos
    5 Fallen
    5 x 10 lust chosen

    When I started in January I had the 14 warriors and the 8 horsemen done and nothing else. Everything else I have to be assembled and paint in 1 month and here is the result.

    The Characters

    This was the first time I tried my new airbrush for something other than a base coat and I think the result I okay. The base coat of on the cape on the lust lord is black, then at purple with airbrush, purple wash, a little lighter purple with the airbrush in an angle and in the end a new layer of white.

    The Chosen of lust

    I got the last 40 chosen for my Army just 3 weeks before Battle of Copehagen so those 3 weeks was very busy for me. All my spare time was spent painting but who needs a social life :D
    Basecoat is black, lots of gold, flesh and purple, Washed with nuln oil, highlight, purple wash and more highlights. All swords and axe have blood (blood for the blood god) on them. I still think that all the models need more highlights and all the bases need more work.


    I have been super hobby-motivated this month. I have been very productive. As well as a casual third place in a pretty big tournament I have been working on about 3 armies.

    I repaired Daisy the Dragon from the damage she sustained on the flight home from the UK.

    I also had some Varkolak Inspiration and gave Polly a facelift and a makeover. For those not following my Vampire blog…&postID=208236#post208236 Polly has a pretty in depth back story and is 90% scratch built.

    I have also finished a couple of witch hunter wraiths. These have an ACTUAL story!

    I also finished a chaos Chariot/hero/mauler for my Wrath army. These pictures aren't great but you get the idea :)

    That's it for last months painting.

    If you have any questions about any of the models/techniques/inspiration in this months blog, please get in touch either in the comments field below or send us some mail to!

    Ammertime team x [Read More]
  • Alright children, we're going into the woods looking for minotaurs in this one.

    A study on Minotaur dominance progression, or The Saga of Gunthador Thunderhoof
    -by Everet Kuhficker, Captain of the Imperial Guard, 14th division.

    I first met Gunthador in battle many decades ago, Just a young bull then, just one in the Herd among the other bulls, finely muscled and with overmuch aggression.

    Clad in light armour, as is the style of the wild half-men of the forests, he and his fellow bulls broke through our battleline and put many to the axe before I and my fellow Imperial Guard put them to flight. I look part of his horn myself and when our eyes met in that moment I knew that this was no ordinary blood-mad Minotaur bull, he had within him the seeds of greatness, should they be allowed to blossom; his eyes shone with ambition where the gazes of the other bulls were glazed over with dull bloodlust.

    An excellent miniature by Hungry Troll, he is unarmed as he is meant for playing Blood Bowl but it was very easy to just add a couple of Beastmen axes and call it a day. Nicely detailed muscles and armour held together with a nice charging stance.

    Shown here against a complaining Imperial Guard in 28mm scale (28! Not heroic scale). Large enough to fit in most non-GW minotaur units and add a little dynamic action to it. The broken horn adds a nice bit of character showing that this is not his first taste of battle.

    I next saw him three years later and he was much changed, only the broken horn and the glare of unbridled ambition as well as the viper-like tail allowed me to recognise me as the young ambitious bull I had wounded years before.

    Whether the fell powers that the half-men offer worship to had favoured him or punished him I know not, but his physical appearance was much changed, sickly green blisters and pustules had erupted over his entire form, giving him a diseased appearance that belied the vigour he displayed in combat.
    No longer a mere bull, this time he clearly commanded his fellow minotaurs in battle, though not yet the whole Herd.

    The smooth, muscled abdomen was broken by a toothed gash which snapped at our men and cursed them in perfect Imperial. A most vexing experience I tell you!

    One muscled fist had sprouted dagger-like talons which punched clean through the blacksteel plate that we wore.

    And perhaps most disturbingly, on his finely muscled shoulder he had grown three clear blue eyes that fooled many attacks that we made against his back, trying to stab the beast where we thought he was not looking.

    They seemed to gaze straight into your soul, laying bare all your secrets, though that must surely be superstition alone talking.
    The battle was much harder this time, the half-man Herd he had joined now was more experienced and battle-hardened. We faced once more in battle and even through my visor I could see he knew me and remembered me. I was hard pressed and only the disciplined aid of my fellow Imperial Guard stopped me from being beheaded by his great iron cleaver or having my innards punctured by those dagger-like spurs.
    Though the Herd was once more driven off it was a Pyrrhic victory if any, as our division was left bloodied and broken, unable to take to the field for several years hence.

    Again from Hungry Troll, we have here a much more mutated version of the same fine minotaur. He stands a bit taller due to his stance but is not as dynamic. I still love him dearly because of the many nice mutations.

    The Imperial Guard still thinks he should clean up his act and get a job.
    Again he was unarmed so I just stuck a Mantic Ogre's blade in his non-mutated hand and called it a day.

    I saw Gunthador the next and last time a decade after. His form changed again, he stood a half-meter higher, gifted with a perfect form (for his people) by his fell gods. No broken horn this time, his horns rose from his head like the shape of the moon and there were no sign of the previous mutations.
    He was clad in blood-red armour and led a vicious War Herd on a rampage across the countryside, only deigning to give open battle when I challenged him openly, saying I would take his horn once again, as I had before. In retrospect that proved to be a mistake.

    He had tattoos of thorned wines over his neck and face, I do not know their significance, if they were a mark of personal valour, a sign of a challenge overcome or perhaps a devotion to the gods of the Dark Wilds.

    I'm not very good at it, but I love painting tattoos.

    The form might have changed, but the glare of ambition was the same as it had ever been.
    We met in battle and for the third time he led a herd off Minotaurs against my imperial Guard and we once more met in a challenge.

    This time was quite different as he moved like a veteran of a hundred wars and thousands of challenges, his charge shattered my front rank with sheer mass and speed alike; we could as much stand in the front of a advancing Steam Tank as try to arrest his[Read More]
  • Hey all,

    Tony and I chat hobby plans and summarise our awesome experience at the Cardiff Teams event earlier this month.

    Also check out our event - The Milton Keynes Massacre! More details can be found at:
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  • Here's a time lapse painting video of one of the most incredible mini's for Warriors of the Dark Gods on the market.

    Very quickly become my new favourite! :D

    What to paint next? You guys decide for me...

    1994 Chariot?
    AoW fallen conversion?
    Battle Shrine conversion?
    Lord Tremenous's face on my face?
    Let me know in the comments :D

    You can check out this and more at Rotten Factory website here;
    And the now operational, online store here;
    or of course there's always facebook;
    or twitter;

    For more detail on the colours and techniques used to paint the crew, ( followed the same principles as my AoW wasteland warriors here;

    Happy wargaming folks

    {Note#video currently uploading/processing eta 0130 GMT} [Read More]