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  • In every noble home of Equitaine there hangs in one room a great blade, seemingly too large to be wielded by any man. This is known as the Forlorn blade and it is the desire of every family that it is never to leave its fastening and be wielded. For the Forlorn Blade is the symbol for a punishment most severe, reserved for crimes committed against one's liege lord, it is second only to exile or death in its severeness.

    A knight forced to take the "Forlorn Oath" must take down this great blade and travel the country, offering their services for free to any lord that will have them and fight in any battle they are asked to. They are forbidden squires or servants and may never ride a horse as long as they carry the Blade, forcing them to travel by foot or by wagon. The Knight Forlorn often band together in bands, as while many Lords may not have the need for a lone foot-bound swordsman, a full unit of such elite fighters is harder to turn down.

    While they are clad in their family Arms much as any other knight, they always have a almost visible pallour of sadness and failure hanging over them and many Forlorn Knights carry list of their crimes visible on their person to show their crimes and their repentance to anyone that see them.

    Few Knights Forlorn will ever regain their honour and most die in their shame and indeed the sentence is considered milder than execution only in that the sentenced will die in battle with at least some honour intact. For only the favour of a Damsel, won through valour in battle can list the Forlorn Oath and allow a knight to put down the Forlorn Blade, and such a favour is rare indeed.
    Some dwarven scholars have drawn parallels between their own practice of taking a Seeker Oath and the Forlorn Oath, both ways of committing suicide through battle to atone for a sin practiced by warrior-societies that hold suicide to be unthinkable or dishonourable.

    So.... Norba's Knights Forlorn. Heavy on the mould lines and the flash, as Norba's products tend to be.
    As astute viewer may see that mine do not quite look as the one's shown of Norba's webpage

    Namely the models don't usually have any hats on them. I though that was just dumb and frankly most of the heads weren't very interesting anyway so some digging in the bitz box found hats for all of them bar the bald dudes with eye-patches (because they just look cool) and the one model I got with a maille hood (because he was at least sensible to bring some sort of head-covering so he gets to keep his head as well). Giving them new heads also allowed me to vary the stances a bit more.

    Also all of the models come with very heavily textured shields, one pattern for each sculpt. I hate textured shields with a pattern because they lock me into a particular Coat of Arms for that knight. Well, a few seconds and a scalpel solved that well enough.
    Aaaaanyway, on to the knights....

    It is quite common for a Knight Forlorn to carry the arms of their knightly spouse (should they have one) to remind themselves of what they fight for. Those with spouses of lesser status will often instead carry a small portrait inside a charm or a book with collected letters from their spouse, if they are literate.

    Three of the models I got had tiny shields (sadly mostly obscured by a giant lilly sculpted on them for some Lady-damned reason...) so I made each of them correspond to another knight in my army.

    I really feel for the last family... One spouse is on a suicide quest, the other is a Knight of the Quest... Who guards the fief?

    First of we have a knight of Vännäs. Vännäs holds a yearly market which in 2012 attracted 60.000 visitors, quite impressive for a small town of 4000!

    The arms show the many bridges and rail-bridges of the region as well as the logs of the logging industry

    The bridge is also echoed on the tabard and sleeves (because it looked very boring without something)
    He also has a horse on his head and a really tiny shield on his brow, because of reasons

    Dressed in yellow and wearing a fancy pope hat comes the knight of Timrå

    This is a good example of how a headswap can really change the character of a model. With the knew head looking in a different direction, it almost looks like the knight is now parrying an enemy blow

    Timrå is a small town that in all but name could be considered a suburb to the much larger Sundsvall. It has numerous sports arenas for its size and a very good hockey team that has played in the highest league for many years. Permobil, which is the world's largest supplier of electrical wheelchairs have their headquarter in the area.

    The two firs on the Arms are real trees and grew uncommonly close to each other near the rapids on the Arms

    Sporting a nice double-lined tabard we have now the knight of Valdemarsvik (Valdemar's Bay)

    Norba continues the GW tradition of putting tiny shields absolutely everywhere.
    Words cannot describe adequately how much I hate this style. Painting heraldry is hard enough, doing… [Read More]
  • Tale of many Gamers Part 4!!!!

    This month on the Tale of Many Gamers, the Ammertime team prep for the Battle of Copenhagen Tournament coming up at the end of the month:


    This month I have been very busy with the VC. I have finished my unit of skeleton halberdiers (the Templehof Mauverines) and a unit of bat swarms.


    Wip shots of my tuskers, I opted for more red than the rest of my ogres so far, mostly to break monotomy. Everything is magnetized, and if I could say so myself, my magnetizing skills make up for the painting!


    Just preparing for the tournament.. painting details and putting on magnets!


    "He rips your head of and eats you heart as a snack" . "Bathing in the blod of his enemies, leaving his armour with a filthy smell and a horrendous rotten look" .

    [b]This month Ive started work on my Tomb cataphracts again. I made this unit probably in the middle of 8th edition but never finished them. But now Im trying to go back in time for Battle of Copenhagen. The snakes are circled arpund wedding cake pillars, making them a bit tricky to build but quite nice in the end. Theres some details added like a greenstuff banner.[/b]

    That's it for the hobby from last month. You can expect a pre tournament and post tournament podcast coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

    Find our podcast on soundcloud:

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  • More Pegasi! This time they're Fire Forge's

    Flap flap flap
    I do quite like the clouds Fire Forge went with for their flying bases. A unique take on them and one I like, though I know not everyone does.

    Lining up for the charge. Notice how they actually all rank up with only a little offset of their flying base? A quality previously unheard of in Pegasi?

    That because the wings are really small. Like literally half the size of the other two commercially available Pegasi Knights (unpainted Norba Pegasi for scale).
    The wings are also all the same which saddens me, as are the horses. Some variety would be nice.

    Now for individual knights for the customary heraldic wankery

    Our first knight wields the cogwheel of industry and the Acer Campastre-leaf of the now-defunct Svedala Market Town, which disappeared into Svedala Municipality in 1979 and the Arms were lost at the same time.

    His mount is patterned on the Pileated Woodpecker (specifically the underside of its wings, the tops are boring), a very large north-american woodpecker which may or may not be the largest on the continent. Depends on whether we have killed of it's cousin, the Ivory.billed Woodpecker yet, as the latter has not been confirmed alive since 1940 :(

    Next up we move forward in time and arrive in the actual Svedala municipality, a small scanian town which have held an annual an very popular rock festival for over 29 years running and is arranged by the S.M.U.R.F. organisation.

    His bird-pony is a Abyssian Roller, a partly-migratory african bird, named by europeans for its acrobatic and tumbling mating display flight.
    It is very fancy.

    The third knight hold the fief of Torsås (Thor's Ridge) surprisingly sporting a prominent Thor's Hammer. Torsås is a sparsely populated municipality which has one of Sweden's highest percentages of inhabitants born outside of Sweden or born of such persons, standing at almost 10%,

    His horsie if of course a Flamingo, our lovely, silly-looking filter-feeding birds.

    You almost never see Flamingos in flight in the movies, so few know that they have a quite striking wing-pattern.

    And for our last knight, it possesses a rather badly drawn parody of the Tingsryd arms, which traces its ancestry to the stamp of a old iron works in the 17th century.

    His horse has very fancy wings and a black head, which I patterned after some sort of Macaw or parrot but sadly I cannot for the life of me remember which one.

    Overall, the Fire Forge pegasi are nicely done though i would have liked more variation and bigger wings. But on the other hand, They Rank Up! [Read More]
  • Happy New Year to you all!

    Tony and I discuss our goings on over the festive period, preview our expectations for Cardiff Team Tournament and look at the 'new' 1.3 release.

    We are also excited to announce The Milton Keynes Massacre! More details can be found at:

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