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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • And we have another case of the David vs Goliath / Underdog vs Favourite / Big Man vs Little Man syndrome, in our next Semi-Final.

    In the 'Golaith' corner, we have the Infernal Dwarves. They took out the tournament favourites (Orges) in round 1, courtesy of the BSB and Giant combo, back up with some surprising support from and Orc slave unit. Next up they dealt with the Highborns (and that wonderful eagle deathtrap of a unit) quite efficiently to take their place in the semis.

    In the "I've got some major anger issues" Little-man syndrome corner, we have the Kingdom of Equitaine and their peasant heavy list. The crown of the Wizard King BSB on pegasus has made quite a name for himself thus far, making a serious case for Mage of the Tournament! In their first game, they disposed of the Warriors of the Dark gods, dealing with everything apart from the devastating lord on behemoth to take home the victory. Then, in another shock victory against the Sylvan Elves, they showed their prowess in the shooting department with the crossbows and light cavalry running riot on the low body count of the SE - despite a late surge from the Wild Huntsman and characters.

    We already know that it will be the Undying Dynasties in the FInal with @Squirrelloid at the helm (metophorically speeaking), but who will be there to face them? The Peasants or the flaming stunties? Let's watch...

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  • Well well well! Here we are with the first of our semi-finals in the Wooden Spoon Cup...

    We see a skink deathsar army (yes you heard right!) vs a Cavalry Heavy Undying List. Both these lists involved a mass unit of either skinks or Skeleton Cavalry which have been surprisingly useful in the previous battles. Add into the mix some Ramphodons and some Cataphracts and we've got a battle!

    Up to now Saurians have been the favourites in their previous too and have shown why with some pretty comfortable wins. They, again, go into this one as favourite, but can they deliver?

    Meanwhile, the Undying Dynasties have been one of the shock armies so far, with wins against the Dwarves and the closest thing we had to a gun-line; and scraping a win against a Dread Elf army with some pretty handy cavalry themselves. So while they will take the role of underdog once again, don't write these guys off just yet!

    Anyway, enough of my talking, lets get to it shall we!

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  • "Dear generals and soldiers,

    ThunderSquads is a GO!!!

    If you are looking for some true T9A entertainment, live on your TV or computer screen, make sure to visit the YouTube channel Veil of the Ages tonight - Monday November 26th, 8pm GMT! A collaboration with the Proxy Table Gaming channel will bring you one hour of mad mini-clashes between 300pts units in the form of a Live stream. We discussed the rules and made pairings in this thread, so check it out for further detail. But long story short, the menu for tonight is 4 battles of 3 turns each on UniversalBattle2, between the following units:

    Eos - Reitersvs.DH - Rangers
    DE - Dread Knights
    vs.DL - Slaughterers
    SA - Ramphodonsvs.OK - Bombardiers
    ID - Armoured Giant
    vs.OnG - Gribzley (Forest Goblin King on Spider)

    Join the live show and leave your comments in the Veil of the Ages YouTube chat!" [Read More]
  • Another great Infernal Zoo in Davis, CA. Kudos to Alex for throwing a consistently great tournament. I really liked that we had a pairings video to get the hype going an with the strongest turnout since the death of the game that was our local community feels like we have a lot of momentum. So, how did the intrepid egg hunters do?

    Final Results:
    ·I finished with 64 battle points in core rules terms, but did quite well on the special objectives bringing me up to a total of 78
    ·This placed me at 4th overall with 3rd best battle out of 36 players
    ·My goal was to podium overall, so I fell just short. Looking back at Turn 5 of Game 5, I left the points on the table right there to achieve my goal.

    Thoughts on the List:
    MoCT BSB, Shield- Willow’s Ward, Heavy Armor- Alchemist Alloy, Talisman of the Void, Spear
    Rating: A-
    He did the job I needed him to do and I actually really like the build being able to fit in a 2+ and the Talisman. In contrast to my Buckeye list, his role as a magic user was much more subdued with the Master on Div/Pyro hogging most of the dice.

    High Prince, Destiny’s Call, Spear- Blazing Dawn
    Rating: B
    I actually think this is a pretty points efficient complement to the list and I liked that he turned the Wardens into a real blender unit. However, he suffers from being infantry and is actually not that well defended. I don’t think I made a single 4++ save all tourney with him, but he only died once. I’m not sure you’ll see him again, but combining him with the MoCT prince seems fairly cost efficient.

    Master Mage, Dragon, Essence of a Free Mind (Pyro/Divination)
    Rating: B+
    I liked this model a lot, I haven’t played much with Pyro or Divination and they were huge in many games. I took Pyro 4 times and Divination once.
    However, the combat ability of the dragon did not play a huge role (did not see combat in 3/5 games). I think I can achieve the same role for almost 200 pts less by putting him on a YD w Death Cheater.

    Core Set Up:
    ·22 Spears, Champ/Std-Rending
    ·23 Spears, Champ/Std- Rending
    ·2x5 Reavers
    Rating: A-
    I’m giving this core set up an A- because I found it to be extremely points efficient, good scoring, plenty of bodies, the chaff I needed…I liked it a lot. Backed with flaming swords/awaken combo and rending banner they have the flexibility to fight up and down the spectrum of opponents and deliver solid output.

    5 Ryma Knights- Musician
    Rating: A
    I was really impressed with these guys. They took on some tough opponents and ended up killing two demigryphs, a blood chariot, two raptor chariots, two gyrocopters, a unit of marksmen and a kraken and I only lost them once. I will likely go for 2 units of these in future lists when able to.

    Shooting Set up:
    ·2 SGRs
    ·Sky Sloop
    Rating: B
    A relatively good set up, it ended up feeling a bit light as compared to 3 SGRs and its more expensive by 85 points. I liked the sloop, but it’s fairly fragile and (partially due to poor rolling) I felt it’s combat/zoning threat is more of a bluff than anything else and it died frequently.
    That being said these units did crucial damage against the Empire artillery/Knight Commander on YG, Scourge and DP of Wrath, Dread Knights, Chariots and elf fast cav which were their intended target. I’m thinking about changing the sloop out for Grey Watchers/Queens Guard

    20 Flame Wardens, FC- Rending Banner
    Rating: A
    What can I say, I feel this unit is a fixture in my lists. Synergizes great with my magic, loved the addition of the Spear Prince to dial their damage output up. I really wish they synergized better with the hereditary, but it’s a small price to pay for their durability.

    Rating: B+
    I really liked this as a step in the evolution of the OotFH list I’d been playing for the first 9 months of the year. Not all of the new elements are must-haves for me and I’ve already moved onto a new list that I’ve been working on. I’m not upset with the overall outcome, my strength of schedule was very high, after the first game all 4 of my remaining opponents ended up in the top 8 and more importantly I got 5 great games in against some high quality opposition.

    However, I’m really excited about the .205 updates for the HBE book, I haven’t gotten a game in yet, will likely wait a couple weeks to finish out the last of the .204 games I have planned. I’ve built a couple of lists and I’m seeing some really cool core and character set ups that I want to take for a spin, should be a fun holiday season of gaming (fortunately my wife doesn’t read this!).

    As an aside, feedback is always welcome if you have anything you'd like to see in the blog going forward, feel free to reply here or PM me. [Read More]
  • Hello all! Paul & Tony are back for another packed show covering our progress in the hobby, details of our upcoming tournament in December, our experience at the recent Warmaster Tri-Wiz tournament and we review another miniature provider!

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  • Well we have reached the Quarter Finals! While we half expected some of the lists to struggle (i'm thinking of you Daemons & Vampire-less VC) there were also some big boys to leave the party, in the form of Warriors and the people's favourite - Ogres. Either way, we leave the dead-weight behind and move on to the next round. Also, we see a change in Deployment/Scenario - now in the form of Refused flank and Capture the flags.

    Here are the first two fixtures to enjoy, 10 points if you can guess the outcomes... because we certainly didn't!

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