An introduction

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  • Hello and welcome, fellow nerds. I’m pretty sure almost none of you reading this have any idea of who I am, so allow me to introduce myself.

    I am Tyrgrim, a big fish in a small pond and a mediocre fish with delusions of grandeur in a bigger pond. What that means is that I regularly pound my friends into the ground when we play (gleefully and with little to zero class), but I’ve yet to win any big tournament.
    So naturally I have an inflated opinion about myself and my knowledge about this game.
    And what better place to nurture my giant and fragile ego then in a blog?! A place where I can have a monologue, where no one can gainsay and mock my arguments with memes and logical conclusions.

    Although judging by the vehement arguments and nerd raging currently infesting the forums after the latest patch, I might just be able to lure a few of you into thinking I know what the hell I’m talking about. Because a lot of you guys seem to be pretty damn bad at this game. Oh, right. It’s not you, it’s the dice. Yeah, if it weren’t for those damn dice I would have gotten my fair share of glory by now too. It was those damn dice that made me miscast down into a hole in the last turn of a game with my 600pts general on a fire phoenix with wizard hat, when I was trying to buff my 10 silver helms with The Beast Within against a small unit of empire troops. So what that I threw 5 dice? I was trying to get a spell off damn it, and I had 5 dice available to throw! It was all the fault of those bloody dice…

    Enough of that! What can you expect to be reading from me? Well besides reports from the tournaments I attend around my area, I’ll be gifting you all with my brilliance regarding tactics, list building & balance updates. There will be the occasional battle report, although I haven’t yet decided on whether I should do it through youtube or just go full hipster mode and do it with Battle chronicler. The problem with youtube, is that the few times I’ve tried to take pictures for battle reports I’ve started to forget taking pictures around beer 4-, err I mean round 4. It does seem like a lot of less hassle then BC though.

    I’m not very good at painting. It is my one and only flaw, really. But I’ll still upload progress pictures as I slog through my WotDG project, an army I have very little desire to play but god damn there’s some sweet models out there for them. I’m no fluff bunny, so when the urge to paint and create something strikes me I’ve got to just ride the acrylic wave.

    Anyways, that’s enough of an introduction. By this point you should have an inkling of the kind of person I am.

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