Kingdom of Equitaine .10 Beta Review

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Comments 1

  • Kratos -

    Hi there.

    Thank you for rewiew. Im sorry the talisman text did not got clarified still. Hope it makes it on dec 20th update. As they are now they stack on to 3++ but I know its a bit complicated rules wise (even I got confused at first). We are really busy and do what we can.

    About quester. Skirmish + lance formation works, but as they have 0 ranks their impact hits will be always S4. Take in mind skirmishers get in tight formation before close combat. So lance formation still make sense for them.

    We could have added the no standard for wandering the grail but we dont to complicate the rule while we think anyone would not took a standard with a 6 man unit. if broken combos arises we will nerf accordingly.

    We know something has to be made for questers, just we dont want to nerf unnecessarily it as this unit has been waiting too long for being used. We are working on it. The S4 2+s with same ranks as Kingdoms AND option to ap standard is the problem, makes them too good vs ranked infanrty. We want them better at their role but worse vs kingdoms intended enemies.