Battle Cry Game 1 2017- Battle of Beast Herds, Daemons, Warriors of Dark Elf Gods (Look at the beautiful models WotDG), and Kingdom of Equitaine

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  • Hi everyone,

    After spending a quiet evening alone I was able to bang out all the battle reports from Battle Cry 2017, Baltimore GT. It was great experience, great players, and fantastic games. It was gaming nerdvanna and there wasn't a salty player to be had. OnceBitten, Tunasandwichify, Wargaming from the Balcony and more. It was perhaps the most organized and straight forward rules and scenarios. Just was a blast! This is how a tournament should be.

    Game #2 vs Beast Herds

    Game #3 vs Daemon Legions

    Game #4 vs Warrior of the Dark Gods (WotDG with beautiful conversions)

    Game #5 vs Kingdom of Equitaine (Holy Peasants!)

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