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  • Scope
    This document is to govern how information is shared within the structure of the 9th Age project, and when it may be released (or not).
    The procedure about gathering info from the community is outside the scope of this task.
    This document is public.

    What is “information”?
    Information is:
    - All unreleased artwork and background material;
    - All the unreleased rules;
    - All management decisions;
    - All associated drafts and discussions;
    - Some information closed by nature, such as being private, provided in confidence, or conveying legal risk…

    This information is protected and defined as “closed” information, until it is released and becomes “open” information.

    This information may be associated by a tag: Releaseable :ready: (under x condition), to Release :release: (under x condition) or T9A-only :internal:
    The presence of a tag helps to indicate the nature and importance of the information,
    but the lack of tag does not mean that the information it not to be considered as above.

    What is not “information”?
    - statements about other issues than defined above;
    - menial statements around issues defined above, but not providing “information” as defined above;
    example: issues the production team is discussing, presented in a controlled and vague manner;
    - processes: what is going on behind the scenes;
    - analysis made from open sources;
    - information which is already open.

    This “non-information” is not protected.
    When in doubt, ask.

    Principle about information release:
    1 - We want to share as much as possible with the community;
    2 - We want to do it in a controlled and coordinated manner.

    What the community wishes to know should usually be provided with little to no delay, unless otherwise prescribed.

    If it is not "information", it may be shared, without spending too much resource on it.
    Example: the daily interaction done by army community support teams (ACS).

    If it is information, it usually should be shared, but only through the process described below.

    Process for releasing “non-information” statements to the community:
    ACS task is to observe and relate.
    For all but the most menial statements, they should use predesignated internal threads to write a draft of what they think could be shared.
    The team in charge may veto what is not releasable.
    PR may require a specific coordination for some issues.
    Otherwise ACS is free to share their views.
    See also "Discipline" below.

    Process for releasing information to the community:
    All the information (as defined above) identified to be shared with the external community must be approved formally for release. The relevant team leader determines whether it is ready for release. E.g. :ready: : see ExB.
    Following that, ExB decides on the timing, in consultation with PR. E.g. :release: : Background Compendium.
    Following that, PR is in charge of the release strategy. This strategy specifies in particular who should make the release: it could be ExB (especially information to be considered “official”), PR team members, ACS, content team, RT, bloggers or members of the relevant team (in particular information which importance does not justify a whole campaign, but which is still interesting for the community).
    PR also specifies the media on which the information is to be released first, and where it should be releayed (news, FB/twt, other websites…).
    See also "Discipline" below.

    Process for the internal circulation of information:
    All staff privy to the above mentioned information can freely discuss it within the confines of the sub-forums or conversation thread where this information is held, or in sub-forums or conversations of further reduced access level (i.e. “PRO” forums are more closed than THH forums; upper management forums are more closed than team forums).

    No information may be shared, even internally, to a wider audience, prior to the team leader or the author being made aware of this new audience and agreeing at minimum tacitly (i.e. statement: "let me inform XYZ", followed by reasonable delay or formal clearance).
    See also "Discipline" below.

    Process for the private circulation of information:
    Staff may discuss information with their confidants in person. The trust given to staff members is extended to their confidants.
    See also "Discipline" below.

    Discipline is necessary to avoid situations when information leaked on the forums is poorly presented to the community, or at a bad time, or without sufficient staff support. This could lead to missing an opportunity to get the best from the information release, or worse, to tarnish T9A image.

    Discussing and sharing information in violation of any of the provisions above will be sanctioned. A confidant sharing the information on a public media platform or to undesired third party will also lead to a sanction.

    The adequate sanction has to be adapted to the gravity of the breach of trust.
    It may lead to exclusion from the relevant team or even from the project.

    Assimilation to team members:
    For the sake of this policy, forum members which are granted specific access rights to non-public forums are assimilated to T9A team members. Examples: Alumni, Tourney Organizers, Supporting Companies...

    On DE forum, members wonder how their discussions on medusa are perceived and ask feedback.

    The army support team reply can be: "Discussions on medusa are still ongoing, and I’ve seen some ideas suggested by you guys to have been investigated with great interest, so keep discussing, it is read".

    But at this point, the ACS should not reveal if there are internal investigations about making the future medusa a MI unit or a character, unless explicitly cleared to do so.

    Meanwhile, a team member may share with their buddies a consideration that medusa will become a character.
    But if a buddy posts it on, lets say Warseer, the imprudent team member may be excluded.

    This policy was approved by the Executive Board. It is in force as of today.

    Comments are welcome: The Information Flow Policy - comment thread

    Social Media Team

    UN Coordinator, aka UNSG

    - contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves

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