Top ten newbie mistakes (photo edition)

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  • After three months now of noobing around as an up-n-coming wargamer I've been defeated time and again by the models and my equipment. I've documented it all over on MrMossevig's newbie KoE blog, but as a warning to other starting players I thought I'd share the most basic and stupid learnings I've gathered so far.

    I only got as far as 9, so please fill in the last one if you got some:)

    1) Always shake your wash/ink bottles properly. The anti-shine medium sits at the bottom of the pot and your wash will shine if you don't do this.

    2) Use proper tools for working with miniatures:

    3) F**k yellow:

    4) Always open wash bottles with both hands. Unless you want your floor to look like this:

    5) Aspirants on the charge can't do a post-combat reform and will put you into ugly situations:

    6) You can't use regular plastic glue on resin:

    7) Pencil care!
    7a) Clean the brushes properly.
    7b) Don't use them to stir your paint or they will become ruined quite fast:

    8) Don't cut big metal pieces with cutters made for plastic:

    9) Don't touch the plastic models with glue on your hand:

    Or you'll have a solid 15 minutes of sanding in front of you to get it back into good condition:

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