The Weekly update: New weapons and power ranking of the armies.

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Comments 10

  • Gnomes2169 -

    Strength 9... because you need to kill those totally-seen-ever Great Green Idols and Steam Tanks SOMEHOW!

  • Kapten Kluns -

    I find youre vid great as usual Blonde Beer. However I would have been interested in some more info on how things got there. DL for example was the only army to underperform under the 1.1 and 1.2 version and suddenly are in the strong tier. Why is that for example?

  • majorhanne -

    Why do you think that the DL army is a "easy to grab" army as new player? I think its very hard to preform well, and i have some experiance with it. I would like if you could give some exampels? :)

    • Blonde Beer -

      Easy to grab is an difficult term I am finding that a number of the more casual players are having succes with it, running for example with mono builds and just outshooting or out moving their opponents (depending on the flavor). Besides that if you are brave enough for a Greater deamon and your meta lacks the counter tools (like mine does) the army becomes a lot scarier..

  • Iluvatar -

    Mmm. You managed to catch one of those moments when the forum stylesheet was unavailable for some reason - thus the website was ugly.
    Nice advertisement for us! :P

  • Dragus -

    Excellent analisis about tiers. I think Ogres are a very good book in terms of internal ballance, becouse every single unit is so potent, but very bad in terms of external ballance (they are clearly over the others), and they have some overpowered and contra intuitive rulements (I don't imagine a 500 kilos ogre hunter on a 2 tons rhino with light troops, BS5 and M8).

  • Klexe -

    Well many parts were buggy.... Couldn't understand 1 sentence of ogre which was exactly I wanted to hear :(

    But I agree with about 95% of what you said about power level.
    Good 30mins

  • Omarcomin -

    lovely bantz