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  • kisanis -

    Has anyone reviewed the newer line of D&D miniatures for comparison/wargaming purposes?

    • 2DSick -

      Not sure but I think it's needed. They're stocked in my FLGS and regularly sell out. I was thinking about getting a pair of armoured gnolls, they look incredible. Not sure what the material is but they are ready cleaned and free of mould lines and come primed in army painter uniform grey so straight to paint :O

  • Ok@mi -

    I love bones. Best material there is for gaming: won't chip, won't break... If all my minis were bones I'd be very happy.

    • 2DSick -

      I'd be inclined to disagree to be honest. I have a mini with a fine scythe blade. It was so comically floppy that it had to go as it wouldn't straighten. It would flop down under its own weight. I replaced it with a plastic weapon.

      Don't get me wrong. I think it's a good material in the right place but it's definitely not the best material IMHO ;)

    • Ok@mi -

      That kind of issues can be easily solved with some pinning. Bent parts just need a quick boil and they will get back in position while cooling.

      The thing is that you can basically get these minis, throw them in a box with no care at all, and they will stay exactly the same for next game: unbroken, psinted and ready for some abuse.

    • 2DSick -

      No, I don't mean it was bent, I mean it was floppy. Ie. Too soft to hold its position even after hot water treatment.

      I appreciate the value and durability but it's to soft for fine parts