The boys are back! Slann Rat Radio Episode 8 - The Listology Fallacy

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  • It's been too long - what with life, the universe, the ETC, the wait for 2.0 and a Star Wars film to recover from, but Slann Rat Radio is back.

    As ever, we set out to tackle the hard hitting debates that are (or should be!) dominating the wargaming universe.
    This time we are joined by returning guest and Team England's newest member Tom as we debate:

    - Do we put too much emphasis on lists?
    - Chess clocks - the answer to all our problems?
    - Are Saurian Ancients simply too good?

    as well as listener questions and frantic figuring out how to get the equipment to work!

    (also available on iTunes)

    As ever, feedback, questions and suggestions for topics for discussion are always welcomed - on here or on twitter:
    • @SlannRatRadio
    • @Raffazza
    • @ukrocky90

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Comments 5

  • grungimusic -

    Oh my goodness show us on the doll where the bad stunty hurt you. We aren't Cornerhammer anymore ok; the anti-Dwarf bigotry is completely unwarranted. I will have you know my games are easily done in 1.5 hours and I'm quite the courteous and well mannered opponent as I force him to pick up his models from organ gun fire.

    Other than that good show. I agree chess clocks are a bad idea, but European events could stand to have a sportsman category I think. You might learn to be nicer to Dwarf players.

  • TTGH -

    Great to have you back.
    More abuse of Dwarven Holds players please. Thanks.

  • kollibri -

    Sweet! Thanks for coming back, really like you podcasts!

    • Raffazza -

      Thanks, much appreciated!
      See if we can manage a shorter wait than 10 months this time... :)