Explaning the GhoulStar

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Comments 3

  • Extraordinary Legionnaire -

    Nice unit! Enjoyed the video and hope you make a vid for your whole list!

    What I would do, to make the unit even scarier, is to add a second vampire to the unit. This second vampire would not take any of the blood power upgrades (to keep points down) but would be the BSB and carry the rending banner to make the ghouls ap1 base. There are a couple of other changes I'd make but that's just a matter of personal preference i.e. eternity gem versus hypnotic pendant. The main thing is the ap to help the ghouls versus armor.

    Nevermind - I saw another ne of your vids. Congrats on the tournament win!

  • zulu -

    Don't think red thirst can go on paired weapons, it's a hand weapon enchantment!

    • Blonde Beer -

      Yup, mistake on my side. Paired weapons shouldn't be on there (its on my other Vampire/bestial bulk one).