2.0 BETA Game- Tourney Game 3

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  • So low and behold, I end up on Table 1 against my usual opponent, the albino frog himself. The frog had come off of two solid medium wins and was just 1 point behind me on battle score. He had also brought a very interesting list which was a departure from what I’d faced in the past.

    The Host of the Ghostly Frog:
    Display Spoiler

    Evocation Cuatl BSB with 2:1 Veil Token Exchange, extra spell, 2++ ward against ranged and +1 to cast (I think)
    Skink Druidism Adept on Palanquin with Jade Staff

    30ish Skinks with Poison banner (Skink Priest Goes here)
    2x20 skink archers

    2x2 Salamanders
    2x6 Caiman w Great Weapons
    2x2 Snake Swarms
    2x3 Ramphodons w shields

    Thoughts on his list:
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    One heck of a magic phase, the 2:1 veil token mechanic combined with evocation attribute is a nasty combo meaning would probably be down at least 3 dice per phase. Redundant healing waters also becomes a must dispel in most cases. He also had the snipe spell to chip away at my AD.
    The two caiman blocks and skink poison block were a reasonable threat to my AD, I couldn’t allow two of those units in against the big lizard.
    I also was scared of those salamanders, they could really punish my infantry blocks.

    Sea Dragon Host:
    Display Spoiler
    360- High Prince, Shield- Starmetal Alloy, Halberd- Touch of Greatness, Lucky Charm
    675- On Ancient Dragon

    440- Commander, BSB, Master of Canreig Tower, Spear, Heavy Armour- Basalt Infusion, Shield- Willow's Ward, Magical Heirloom

    180- 5 Eleine Reavers
    270- 5 Lancers, Champion
    270- 5 Lancers, Champion
    411- 17 Archers, Muso, Std- Banner of Becalming

    743- 24 Lion Guard, FC- Navigator's Banner
    602- 19 Flame Wardens, FC- Rending Banner

    Queen's Bows(175):
    175- 5 Grey Watchers

    Naval Ordnance(370):
    185- Sea Guard Reaper

    185- Sea Guard Reaper

    Spell Selection:
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    I took: Healing Waters, Hereditary, Ravenswing, Awaken the Beast

    He took:
    Cuatl: Both damage spells, Reroll to Wound, Danse Macabre, The WS/Ld debuff
    Skink Adept: Hereditary, Healing Waters

    Deployment and Secondary Objective:
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    Battle Line and Hold the Center

    I won the roll for sides and chose the one that had easy access to the central hill reasoning that with it immediately adjacent to the center this would be a key piece of terrain.

    From my left to right: A forest bottom left, Hill top left, hill bottom center, forest top center, impassable tower bottom right, fence top right

    My opponent dropped everything with a very symmetrical deployment, from my left to right: bow skinks, caimans, swarms in front, ramphodons vanguarded up, salamanders, cuatl behind, skink poison block with priest, salamanders, caiman with swarms in front, bow skinks behind the walls, ramphodons

    My deployment (my left to right): lancers, Reaper, archers, reaper toed up on the hill, flame wardens with BSB fully off of the hill, GW behind, Lions in the gap between the tower and the hill, AD behind the lions, Lancers on the other side of the tower, with reavers behind

    I think my opponent made a mistake in deployment his symmetrical pattern giving me the option to make a refused flank with the central hill. I was confident that I could overwhelm with the forces on my right flank while harassing and shooting on my left while my flame wardens and BSB moved up to contest the center.

    Host of the Ghostly Frog- Turn 1:
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    My opponent was fairly tentative across the board, shuffling forward, not even really marching anywhere with the exception of the ramphodons on my left who rocketed forward into the safety of the forest.
    The ramphodons on my right moved up but showed me their rear to avoid frenzy baiting

    Over all I was pretty happy with how tentative he’d been. I felt this would let me push forward aggressively next turn

    He got up oaken throne and regen on one of his salamander units

    He basically just had his bow skinks at long range who didn’t manage to do anything

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

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    As SiAZ would say…I push.
    I like the lions or AD against one caiman unit so I push the lions forward and bring the AD out to their flank.
    I peek my Flame Wardens up on the hill to keep the skink poison block honest
    I take advantage of the ramphos mooning me to move up aggressively with the lancers on my right
    I decide to send the lancers on my left after the bow skinks planning to let my shooting blast the ramphodons
    My GW line up to take shots at the caiman block, would love -1 to hit on them

    Magic: I cannot remember what I got in this phase, it was probably either healing waters on the lions or the hereditary

    All my shooting on the left managed one wound on the ramphodons…not good
    My GW did their job and got fae miasma up on the caimans

    Host of the Ghostly Frog- Turn 2:
    Display Spoiler

    My opponent and I discussed this decision after the game and he argued that the caiman charge into the AD was the right move. I felt like I was likely to do 6 wounds (8 if I used the breath weapon) while his returning attacks would likely do 1-2 wounds (he was hitting on 6s at that point with fae miasma up). I’d win, we’d likely stick and I’d reduce them to combat ineffectiveness before they could strike in the next round.

    The caiman charge my AD
    The ramphodons on my left charge my Reaper
    The ramphodons on my right swing out to threaten my lancers and reavers with a wide threat arc, ensuring there wasn’t enough room for my lancers to slip by him
    He didn’t move his skink poison block
    He kept his swarms and salamanders bracketing his skink poison block with the swarms up in front
    He realized things were happening fast and marched his caiman on my left up to threaten my shooting base

    When my opponent went to cast spells he realized that regen was out of range of the caimans. This was the only spell I really cared about and wondered why he hadn’t shifted his lines.
    My opponent was resourceful and pushed through a bubbled danse moving his swarms up in front of my infantry blocks and shifting his salamanders and skink block over within range of regen on the caimans.
    He cast the WS debuff on the AD and I let it through.
    Then he cast regen and I stopped it.

    His bow skinks on my right and left killed a lancer.
    His salamanders roasted a handful of lions
    His bow skinks failed to do anything to my lancers on my left

    His ramphodons killed my bolt thrower and he elected not to overrun off the board (I thought this was a mistake) instead reforming to face my archers

    AD Fight: The AD did exactly 6 wounds as predicted and took 3 wounds (12 attacks hitting on 5s wounding on 3s). We all stuck.

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:
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    I took my archers into his ramphodons, striking first I figured I could kill 1-2 before he could strike back
    The lions and flame wardens charged the snake swarms, taking limited damage on the dangerous terrain
    The lancers on my left charged the skinks
    All charges connected

    My lancers on the right, having lost a friend, could fit through the gap and out of the arc of the ramphodons
    The reaper decided it should live to fight another day and moved behind the protection of the hill
    The grey watchers and reavers repositioned behind my lines

    It’s worth noting that my opponent had a few excellent dispel rolls in my first 2-3 turns holding me to just a single spell per phase. I got healing waters off on the AD, healing a wound on it as well.

    Shooting: Nothing of note

    AD Fight: I killed another two caimans, he did one wound in return, I broke him and ran him down overrunning into one of the salamander units
    Archer Combat: I do 3 wounds, killing two he does 1 or 2 wounds, I win by 3 or 4 and he runs off the board and I pursue him off. Suddenly his caimans don’t have any charge targets.
    My infantry units clean up the swarms, the flame wardens overrun only a few inches ending up right in front of the poison skinks.
    The lions reform to face my right flank, this ended up being a mistake
    The lancers on my left did 6 wounds and broke the bow skinks and pursued them but failed to catch after a huge flee roll from the skinks

    Host of the Ghostly Frog- Turn 3
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    His ramphodons did something I did not expect and charged the flank of my AD

    His poison skinks chose to charge my flame wardens

    His fleeing bow skinks on my left rally

    My opponent realized that his caimans on my left were badly out of position and swung them around to face the center of the table

    His bow skinks moved up to shoot my lions

    He gets up oaken throne and healing waters up on the poison skinks

    Between his bow skinks and salamanders (in my flank) I took about 10 wounds on the lions (some bad armor saves)

    The poison skink/flame warden combat was just a grind, I lost 2-3 flame wardens and killed 5 or 6 skinks, they held on steadfast
    The AD Fight: The prince killed a ramphodon before it could strike and then took a wound. The dragon killed another ramphodon with some bad rolls. I learned that salamanders are no longer stompable. He managed to stick with his Cuatl nearby.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:
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    I charged my lions into the bow skinks losing another couple to stand and shoot
    I charged my lancers into the flank of the salamanders engaged with the AD

    I brought my archers on and moved full speed towards the center.
    My reavers chaffed the caimans
    My GW moved back out of charge range of the unengaged salamanders
    My lancers on the left moved towards the center as fast as they could

    I got the hereditary spell off, healing the dragon. Unfortunately the lions were out of range of this spell.

    My Reaper and GW lit up and killed the two unengaged salamanders (this was pretty good rolls on my part)

    AD Fight: The best possible scenario occurred. I killed his ramphodons and left his salamanders on 1 wound (my AD rolled terribly). I chose to pursue from the lancers and overran my AD into the flank of the poison skinks. My lancers reformed, I’m not sure what I was up to with them.

    Poison Skink Fight: With my big beasty in the flank things started to go south for the skinks. Even with regen up I killed a dozen of them. The hereditary spell stopped all incoming wounds. They were barely steadfast and held.

    Rest of the game:
    Display Spoiler

    As I don’t have any more pics, I’ll just describe the highlights:

    • The AD and Flame Wardens broke the skink block during my next turn, the AD running it down, the Flame Wardens reforming to take the charge of the caiman
    • The flame wardens managed to grind and break the caiman in the last turn of the game
    • My lions were eventually ground down by the bow skinks, but on the last turn the heroic charge of my GW broke the skinks and ran them down.
    • The archers and lancers held the center along with the flame wardens.

    Thoughts on the game:
    Display Spoiler

    My opponent had only a bow skink unit and his Cuatl left
    I’d lost the lions, the reavers and a Reaper
    A decisive VP win and the secondary objective game me a 20-0

    • I think I outdeployed my opponent, bringing roughly 4000 pts to bear on about 1500 pts of his
    • My opponent invested heavily in his magic phase and he had a few strong phases, but I felt like evo was not the best lore against my list. I stopped his snipe spell in early turns and regen in later turns, he didn’t have enough redundancy to make my dispel decisions difficult.
    • I think this game comes back to his decisions in his Turn 2 movement phase. He liked that combat against the AD for his caiman and I liked it for my AD. I think he should have back-pedaled with his caiman and turned his line, bringing his caiman on my left towards the center, pivoting his poison skinks and reforming his line. This would have given me some tough decisions in my Turn 2.
    • The AD delivered in this game, killing 6 caiman, a ramphodon unit, a salamander unit and breaking the back of the poison skinks.

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  • ninepaces -

    This is pre-nerf right?

  • Vespacian -

    @eldren: Wow, good catch, I thought it was the best of for defensive. Fortunately it didn't impact because he got the WS debuff off and the rest of my AD opponents were OWS 4 or better the rest of the tourney.

    @SmithF. I need to work on the pics clearly, I think someone a couple games ago gave me the opposite feedback. I'm going to start taking them from my perspective (rather than the end of the table) and see how it works

  • Eldren -

    "(he was hitting on 6s at that point with fae miasma up)"

    They'd only be hitting you on 6's if you had DS7 against the Caimans OS3 attacks combined with the -1 from Fae Miasma. The Ancient Dragon has DS6 however and can't use the Prince's DS7 because it's a Ridden Monster (Gigantic) profile (which uses the mount's DS) so he should have been hitting the AD on 5's.

  • SmithF -

    So I take it you won the whole thing? Congratulations!
    Ancient Dragon with Starmetal Alloy looks very nice, especially when backed by the Hereditary Spell and Druidism attribute!

    Thank you for the reports, an excellent read! My only point of criticism would be about the orientation of the pictures: rotating them 90 degrees would make reading these on a computer screen so much easier!