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  • In 1.3.x we tracked 5 334 Entries into Single Tourneys and 2 339 Entries into Team Tourneys. That leads to 7 673 Tourney entries in total. Of course there are numerous Tourneys out there which we did not track, because either they didn’t appear anywhere online, didn’t report results or just didn’t mention which army was used to reach which place (for example Italy collects all I could ever dream of, but not the armies used).
    Today I will talk about the popularity (not the power) of each army. As we have 16 different armies it would lead to a (100 : 16 =) 6,25 % distribution if all armies were played an equal amount of times. But that did not happen. I will start with the least played army and than get to the more often played armies.

    A global look at Single Tourneys:
    Infernal Dwarfs were the least played army, with 2,8 %.
    Than there came the Undying Dynasties with 3,2 %.
    After that there was the Kingdom of Equitaine with 5,0 %.
    It was followed by the Empire of Sonstahl (5,3%) and the Beast Herd (5,4 %).
    The Vermin Swarm came than with 5,5%.
    The Sylvian Elves didn’t hide in 5,7 % of all entries.
    Orcs (and Goblins) went to war in 6,5 % of all cases and so is the first army which is not underrepresented.
    The Demonic Legions found the way into our reality in 6,5 % of all armies played.
    The Dark Elves visited the coasts of our realms in 6,7 % of the games.
    The Saurian Ancients awaited their opponents in 7,0 % of the times.
    Vampir Counts were counted in 7,2 % of the armies.
    The Dwarfen Holds were besieged in 7,7 % of the games.
    The Ogre Khans and the Warriors of the Dark Gods battled it out in 8,4 % of the battles which army was most used (both have exactly the same numbers o appearance) and did not see the Highborn Elves marching past them in 8,6 % of all battlefields.

    A global look at Team Tourneys:
    Here Undying Dynasties (3,8%) stole the red latern from the Infernal Dwarfs (4,6%).
    Than there came the Dark Elves (4,7%) followed by the Vermin Swarm (4,8%).
    The Empire of Sonnstahl (5,2%) chased both the Beast Herds (5,6%) and the Kingdom of Equitaine (5,6%)
    In the Forests the Sylvan Elves (5,9%) did try to ambush the Warriors of the Dark Gods (6,3%).
    The Saurian Ancients (6,8%) and the (Orcs and) Goblins (6,9%) had a close race.
    Then there came the Dwarven Holds (7,4%) and the Demonic Legions (7,5%)
    The most played army in Single Events the Highborn Elves (7,7%) were next.
    Vampir Counts (8,6 %) were counted slightly less than the Ogre Khans (8,7%).

    A global look at Single and Team Tourneys thrown together:
    Here the Infernal Dwarfs (3,3%) recaptured the red flag from the Undying Dynasties (3,4%).
    The Kingdom of Equitain (5,1%) and the Empire of Sonnstahl (5,3%) followed.
    The Vermin Swarm (5,3%) and the Beast Herds (5,4%) battled it out close to a draw.
    Sylvan Elves (5,8%) and Dark Elves (6,1%) played hide and seek together.
    The Orcs and Goblins (6,6 %)) came slightly shorter than the Demonic Legions (6,8%).
    The ancient Saurian Ancients (7,0) and the ancient Dwarven Holds (7,6) went to war over who was more ancient.
    The Vampir Counts (7,6%) counted how many Warriors of the Dark Gods (7,8%) there were.
    The Highborn Elves (8,3 %) were overtaken just in front of the finish line by the Ogre Khans (8,5%)

    So all in all it was a race between Vampir Counts, Highborn Elves and Ogre Khans where the Ogres ate the competition most of the time.

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