Tournament Support and JimMorr proudly present the Magic Flux App

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  • JimMorr undertook the project of coding an app for android to manage the Flux Cards, Magic Dice and Veil Tokens for both players of a match. So with his help the days of fickling with cards, searching cards one forgot, sharing card decks, ... are over.

    Sending match data made easy

    That app has an additional feature I am very thankfull for. JimMorr asked us what data would help us if we got them from individual games. Naturally if I am asked what data I want I say everything. And he made me happy and coded the possibility to send to me almost every possible data.

    What data can you send to the project?
    If you want, you can send us which armies played each other, which went first, what the deployment and the scenario were, which units performed best /worst, what the outcome of the game was, when the game was played, how long the game lasted and the number of turns played.

    Do you have to send data to the project if you want to use the app?

    No, you don't need to send us data to use the app. It is perfectly fine if you want to use the app but don't want to send data to the project. Nothing prevents you from that. To send data there are two things you need to actively do together:

    1) You have to enter the data (the managing of the flux cards functions problemless without you doing that)
    2) You have to actively tell the app to send us the data. (No data is automatically send to us. If you entered something you can still change your mind before pressing send)

    Can I use the App at a tourney?

    The Team which is responsible for the Tournament Pack has taken a look at the App.

    Be aware not everybody trusts electronic devices as much as i do. As we dont want to force its use on anybody the official stance is that you have to ask your opponent if he is okay with it.
    So you may use it under the Tournament Pack if you both agree to use it. If the other Player objects it is back to cards, tokens and pencil.

    Where do I get the App?

    You can find the Beta of the App and how to get it here. The final version will soon be avaiable in the Google playstore.

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