Cornerhammer Game 3 - Vermin Swarm vs Dread Elves ( Battle Report #203)

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Comments 3

  • zulu -

    I've got to agree with @henrypmiller on this one! I think VS are in a good place at the moment and have a strong book.

    I think you lost this down to the way you played. You decided in the first turn to push, and your thunderhulks and Vermin demon could have cleaned up that right flank. And then you decided to turn half the army around to shoot at 10 dancers of Yema!!! And sent one unit of thunderhulks into the spears unsupported. Once you'd decided to force combat with those elves you needed to commit to it...

    I think this loss comes down to human error rather than issues with book design.

  • Warboss Tooth -

    That artwork from corner hammer looks really good

  • Henrypmiller -

    Hi @skaveninaz really enjoy your reports. I have to say that you really messed This battle up. The matchup and Deployment was really in your favour.

    When you turned your whole army to deal with one unit and split your forces, you lost the game.

    In my opinion you should have move up the gunners alongside the rats and Mills on the left and destroyed the tower guards over 4 rounds, using the slaves to soak casualties. the dancers should have been prioritised as you did with the magic and small arms fire. I guess you had bad dice, But you shouldnt have taken the risk not to kill Them in 1 round and have Them charge the flank of the hulks! You had 2 T5 units vs 2 S3 units on the right. Even with an assassin in should have been No problem for Them plus the demon.

    I personally Think that vermin are a very hard counter to all elf armies currently. You should definitely not take This game as a repræsentation of How they fair right now.