2.0 BETA Games- Buckeye Battles Game 4

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  • Day 2 of Buckeye and I had a bit of a Icarus-type Day 1; soaring to huge heights in Games 1 and 2 and tumbling back to earth a bit in Game 3. I began day 2 with 44 points finding myself in a very respectable position and ended up against VC. There were many VC lists at Buckeye that I was a bit nervous about facing (SkaveninAZ’s would be a nightmare for me) but O’Bryan’s actually felt like a good match up for me, he had:

    Brotherhood of the Dragon Triplets:

    Sea Dragon Host Army List:
    Display Spoiler

    Order of the Fiery Heart Mage Adept on Young Dragon- Alchemy, Dragon Armor- Alchemist Alloy, Shield, Diadem of Protection [General]
    Master of Canreig Tower Adept- Dragon Armor- Essence of Mithril, Great Weapon, Scepter of Power, Longbow [BSB]
    Royal Huntsmen Commander on Lion Chariot- Heavy Armor- Basalt Infusion, Shield, Talisman of Shielding, Great Weapon, Potion of Speed
    29 Citizen Spears- FC- Flaming Standard
    2x 5 Reavers w Bows
    5 Lancers- Champ
    20 Flame Wardens- FC- Flaming Standard
    20 Flame Wardens- FC- Flaming Standard
    3 Sea Guard Reapers

    Thoughts on the match up:

    Display Spoiler

    This is where I finally had an opportunity to use molten copper. With multiple 1+ cowboys w/o any fireborn ward saves my dragon mage could become a heavy hitter in combat and I had redundant magic missiles to threaten the Barrow Knight Bus and the Vampire Knights from Turn 1.
    The correct combination of my units/spells could wipe out the ghouls in a single turn
    I had relevant targets for my bolt throwers (black coach, Vamp Knights, bat swarms)
    Overall I felt confident I had the tools to get the job done against this army.

    Spell Selection:

    Display Spoiler

    I took:
    Dragon Mage: Molten Copper, Glory of Gold
    MoCT: Lash, Ravenswing, Awaken the Beast, Oaken Throne
    All he cast was heal spells every turn, I can’t recall him casting anything else

    Deployment Type/Objective:

    Display Spoiler
    Counterthrust, Spoils of War (3 loot counters)

    Terrain(see deployment pic below):

    From left to right: top forest, bottom hill, central forest, top hill, field

    From my left to right he had: Zombies, Great Bats, Black Coach, Barrow Knight Star with Both Vamp Cowboys, Ghouls w Foot Vamp, Bat Swarms, Vampire Knights, Zombies, Varkolak (after vanguard)

    From my left to right I had: Bolt thrower out of shot, bolt thrower, Wardens, Reavers, Chariot Commander, Wardens, Spears w/ BSB, Lancers, Dragon Mage, Bolter, Reavers (vanguard up)
    After our three drops back and forth I dropped everything for first turn

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Display Spoiler

    Movement: With a decisive ranged advantage I didn’t move much, shuffling the center forward a bit and shifting the Dragon Mage out to threaten the varkolak, but keeping LOS on the Vamp Knights

    Magic: My opponent stopped lash and let through molten copper which did 4-5 wounds

    I took a single shot down the flank of the Vamp Knights doing another2-3 wounds
    I take three wounds off the black coach

    Pretty solid first turn

    BotD Triplets- Turn 1:

    Display Spoiler

    He moved up into my flank aggressively with the varkolak, unfortunately out of LOS of the Dragon mage
    He brought the rest of his line forward tentatively, keeping his chaff back

    Magic: Through a combination of bad casting luck and strong dispel dice I stop his magic phase cold

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:

    Display Spoiler

    I see another opportunity to chaff multiple significant combat threats with a single Reaver unit and conga the reavers in front of the Black Coach and BK Vamp Star
    I march the Wardens onto the token on my left flank, protected by the Reavers.
    Dragon mage can move out of the Varkolak’s LOS while threatening the zombies, Vamp Knights and Ghouls and does
    Central infantry move up cautiously

    Magic: He stops molten copper and lets through lash on the Vamp Knights and I wipe them out

    Shooting: I do a couple wounds to bat swarms and fail to damage the Black Coach

    BotD Triplets- Turn 2:

    Display Spoiler

    He charges the chaffing Reavers with the BK Vamp Star
    He makes a more aggressive move towards the center with his Ghouls
    Varkolak either fails a charge or makes a cautious move setting up flank charges
    He moves his bats up to chaff the Chariot Commander, Wardens and Spears
    He turns his zombies around and moves away from the Dragon Mage on my right

    Magic: He manages to do some healing on the Coach

    Combat: Reavers die and he pivots to face the center

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler

    Wardens pick up loot counter and wheel to keep zombies and Coach in front arc
    I pull my reavers back and the Dragon mage moves to box in the Varkolak
    Lancers shoot forward to pick up the loot counter and be out of arc of the ghouls
    Chariot Commander pulls back

    Magic: Nothing significant happened here

    Shooting: I kill the bat swarms closest to my bolters on the left

    BotD Triplets Turn 3:

    Display Spoiler

    Either I had been careless, or it was too close to argue, but the zombies go into the flank of my Wardens on the left with the Coach into their front
    Varkolak fails a charge into the flank of the Spears (was a long charge)
    BK Vamp Star is cautious and just moves up to close the gap with the my central Wardens
    Ghouls stay roughly still
    His zombies on my right turned back around now that the Dragon Mage wasn’t a threat

    Magic: He heals another wound on the Coach

    Combat: My Wardens manage to do enough wounds to the Zombies and Coach to not lose by much and hold

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler

    So, I felt I was in pretty great shape for this game. I had a few priorities to ensure a solid win:
    • I needed to get support to the left wardens to ensure that a bad combat round didn’t see the Wardens break and me lose the objective and 600 pts
    • I needed to get my lancers with the objective away from the Ghouls/Vamp Cowboys
    • I needed to take care of the Varkolak, he’d been dancing around so far, which was great, but he could seriously mess up my back lines if I left him unfettered
    Dragon Mage charges the Varkolak
    Lancers pick up the token and charge the Zombies on my right
    I pull my central infantry back

    My opponent had bad luck this turn with his dispel dice and ended up letting through Glory of Gold on the Flame Wardens in the center and Ravenswing on the Chariot Commander, getting him out of arc of the BK Vamp Star with an easy charge the following turn into the Coach
    I targeted the BK Vamp Star with the Bolters and take off 4 knights

    Left Wardens manage to hold against the Coach/Zombies
    Dragon Mage doesn’t manage to kill the Varkolak before it can strike, but doesn’t take any wounds and the Varkolak crumbles
    Lancers do pretty well, taking no damage and doing 4-5 wounds, zombies crumble a fair amount and the lancers reform to bring more horses into B2B

    BotD Triplets Turn 4:

    Display Spoiler

    My opponent had a big decision this turn, we weren’t likely to make it to Turn 6 so if he wanted to make an impact he’d have to do it now.

    The BK Vamp Star decides to make the charge into Flame Wardens in the center
    The Ghouls sort of shuffle around indecisively (I was surprised that he didn’t move to take the central objective, by not doing this he had essentially given up the objective)

    Magic: He brings back 3 BK

    In the biggest nail-biter on the left, the Flame Wardens fluff a little and have a break test on a 7 to pass, thankfully they do
    Lancers lose one but do another 5 or so wounds, the Zombies are now down to single digits
    The BK Vamp Star hit the Wardens like a ton of bricks, the Vampires do a total of 8 wounds…I make 6 Ward Saves. The BK’s fluff doing nothing and my Wardens manage to take 4 BKs, I actually win this combat by a couple, which is crazy. Looking back, I think on average the BK Vamp Star should have done 6-7 wounds, leaving me steadfast, so outcome isn’t substantively different, but the ward saves were very hot.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 5:
    Display Spoiler

    We knew at the beginning of this turn that we wouldn’t make it to Turn 6.

    Chariot Commander hits the flank of the Coach
    Dragon Mage hits the flank of the BK Vamp Star
    I was comfortable leaving the Spears chaffed, I didn’t like the 1-1 match against his Ghouls

    Another one of the phases where dispel priority is really tough for my opponent, Molten Copper, Awaken the Beast and Glory of Gold are all must stops. I believe he stopped Glory of Gold, Molten Copper killed 3 BK and Awaken the Beast went off on the Dragon Mage.

    Shooting: I think I shot at the bat swarms, nothing substantive happened

    In an epic fluff, my Chariot Commander only did a single wound to the Coach, but I was no longer losing these combats which is all that mattered
    The Lancers finished off the Zombies (or it happened next turn, not sure)
    The two Vampires did another 8 or so wounds to the Wardens and I saved all but 2 again (that’s 4 total casualties from 15+ wounds). The Dragon Mage managed 2 wounds on the Courtier and the Flame Wardens wiped out the BKs. With 5 static res and being up 2-3 wounds the Vampires popped!

    BotD Triplets (only 1 left now) Turn 5:

    Display Spoiler

    Not wanting to endanger any more points my opponent didn’t charge with the Ghouls
    My opponents main goal was to heal the Black Coach, which he did
    Basically the only thing that happened was the Zombie/Coach vs Wardens/Chariot Commander on the left flank, when all was said and done the Zombies crumbled away and the Coach was left with 1 wound.
    With that we called it.

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:

    Display Spoiler

    It ended up a 16-4 on points that last combat ended up causing quite a swing on points as not getting the coach and my opponent getting the Wardens below 25% cost me the 17-3. I had 2 objectives making it a 19-1 win for the Sea Dragon Host.

    My magic and shooting had a major impact on this game killing 6 Vamp Knights, 7 BKs, wounds on the Coach and bat swarms. Given the ranged threat, I was expecting my opponent to shove that BK Star down my throat, but he was very cautious.

    At the end of the day, I had some very strong luck in early/late magic phases as well as some crazy ward saves on my central Wardens which helped.
    I thought I played well securing the objective, had I not misjudged the angles my Wardens would have confidently handled the Coach/Zombies, as it was they managed to hold out long enough to get the Chariot Commander’s help.

    Once again, I thought I used my chaff really well this turn, my Turn 2 chaffing with the Reavers allowed me to make the aggressive moves I needed on the left to get the objective there.

    Kudos to O'Bryan for being a really nice guy even when the dice weren't going his way, he got my vote for favorite opponent on sports.

    So after 4 games I was 3-1 with 63 battle points which was good enough to land me on Table 3…

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  • Vespacian -

    Thanks ‘@SmithF’ love your reports as well, wish I had time to do battle chronicler!

    Was quite a good match up and outcome this game. I’m coming up against a considerably less favorable match next, stay tuned!

  • SmithF -

    What a game for the HBE! Well done, looking forward to the final game!