2.0 BETA Games- Infernal Zoo Introduction

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  • Getting excited for the Infernal Zoo in Davis, California this week. This is the largest GT in the Western United States with a record-breaking year it looks like we'll have 36 players this year.

    The Zoo is a monster-themed tournament, there are some extra objectives cards which usually have to do with monsters (ex. if your monster kills an opposing monster you get 2 battle points). So I've got some background fluff below, along with pics of my full army and my first round match up.

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    The mission was a welcome change from her long search. Her advisors and counselors had been managing the trading affairs of her family’s vast holdings aptly while she led search missions all over the globe. With the recent discovery, her diviners were about the painstaking work to trace the mysterious dragon rider’s path through the Veil. All Yvraine could do was wait and thus the alarming news her spymaster brought her was a ‘welcome’ reprieve from her impatience.

    Her family’s longtime stewardship of the draconic race had led her across the realms to safeguard the next generation of their allies. A clutch of dragon eggs undefended was a prize of phenomenal value and many had already converged on the location in the hopes of taking the dragonettes.

    Fortunately, her forces had mobilized quickly and the area was unspoiled by marauding egg hunters. The local human town had sent out a defense force, not realizing the treasure contained within their borders. Yvraine saw some of the hated blackpowder emplacements the men had hastily moved into position and knew that she would have to destroy those if her force was to have a chance of success.

    With their typical discipline, the shining bronze and steel ranks of the Sea Dragon Host settled into position, waiting for the direction to engage with the garrison. One of the young griffon, gave a piercing call and Yvraine focused on the zealot leading the forces from a mobile altar to their god. These men would not yield easily she thought as Eingana spread her wings and took flight, she raised her sword and brought it down in a fluid motion and her soldiers leapt into action…

    Please note, my erstwhile frosty picked up a bolt thrower for my practice games to represent sky sloop. My new Sky Sloop will be ready the day of the tourney!

    My List:
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    High Prince General, LA- Destiny’s Call, Spear- Blazing Dawn

    MoCT BSB, HA- Alchemist Alloy, Shield- Willow’s Ward, Spear, Void Talisman

    Wizard Master on Dragon, Essence of a Free Mind (Div/Pyro)

    22 Spears, FC-Rending
    23 Spears, FC- Rending
    2x5 Reavers

    21 Flame Wardens FC- Rending
    5 Knights of Ryma, Muso

    Sky Sloop
    2x SGR

    Thoughts on my List:
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    Strengths: The list is a tool box, it has answers for blocks (Pyro/Wardens/Spears) it has answers for armor (Rending, Spear Prince, SGR, Lash), it has answers for Aegis/Fortitude (Div/Pyro)

    Weaknesses: It’s character heavy, despite having 70ish infantry it feels like a small army. The Dragon is key in a number of match ups and will be a target priority for most opponents.

    1stRound Match up:

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    So I’m coming up against a EoS list, he has roughly:

    Prelate on Altar, Crown of Autocracy
    Marshall BSB Blacksteel/Dragon Staff
    Prelate Imperial Seal
    Knight Commander, Winter Cloak, Hero’s Heart (2+/5++, Fireborn)
    Wizard Adept, Alchemy

    40 Halberdiers
    20 Sword and Board
    20 State Militia
    10 Light Infantry (Crossbows)
    12 Electoral Cavalry
    2x5 Imperial Rangers

    2x3 KotSG Halberds

    Thoughts on the match up:
    The Stank, Cannon and Mortar are the real problems in this list. I have good answers for all the cav and infantry but if I lose the dragon or get two of my blocks crippled by the mortar on the way in it will be a hard fight.

    I’m debating the path choice as both pyro and div have a place in this match up. It will depend on the final deployment type and the terrain.

    However, I think the Wardens/Spear Prince will be very tough for him to deal with as they could probably munch through every unit in his army.

    Overall, it’s not a great match up for me, but there are 3 empire lists virtually identical to this one so I was bound to play it at one point or another. Wish me luck!

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  • SmithF -

    Looking forward to your reports, the rules for Infernal Zoo sound like great fun!

    It is a pity that the Mage on Dragon didn't get the Order of the Flaming Heart, the boost in speed and power makes the dragon even more of a threat.

    Regarding path choice, I would go for Pyromancy: the Steam Tank has a "small" cannon, so it is less of an issue for the dragon, whereas the other two warmachines can deal some serious damage. Pyromancy can help deal with that, combined with your bolt throwers. I'd expect the cannon to die on turn 1 if you focus fire on it, giving your dragon some breathing space.

    Divination's shorter ranges will make it difficult to get into good casting positions.

    Good luck!


    • Vespacian -

      Agreed, the OotFH is great (been using it in various forms since 2.0 dropped). However it is both more expensive and tied to alchemy/pyro.

      This combo (even with essence of a free mind) has some big gaps in the form of DL and ID which were exposed in my experience at Buckeye. Divination really closes those gaps and at a lower price.

      I’ll be doing bat reps for all the games, we’ll see if I was right!