2.0 BETA Games- Infernal Zoo Game 1

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  • Finally, the Zoo has arrived, I was looking forward to an awesome weekend of gaming. After seeing all the lists and participating in the pairings/review show on @SkavenInAZ s channel I was interested to see how my match ups would unfold.

    My first game I came up against Alex and his EoS list, see below:

    Double Cannon Empire:
    Display Spoiler

    Prelate on Altar, Crown of Autocracy
    Marshall BSB Blacksteel/Dragon Staff
    Prelate Imperial Seal
    Knight Commander, Winter Cloak, Hero’s Heart (2+/5++, Fireborn)
    Wizard Adept, Alchemy

    40 Halberdiers
    20 Sword and Board
    20 State Militia
    10 Light Infantry (Crossbows)
    12 Electoral Cavalry
    2x5 Imperial Rangers

    2x3 KotSG Halberds

    For convenience, here’s my list:
    The Sea Dragon Host:
    Display Spoiler

    High Prince General, LA- Destiny’s Call, Spear- Blazing Dawn

    MoCT BSB, HA- Alchemist Alloy, Shield- Willow’s Ward, Spear, Void Talisman

    Wizard Master on Dragon, Essence of a Free Mind (Div/Pyro)

    22 Spears, FC-Rending
    23 Spears, FC- Rending
    2x5 Reavers

    21 Flame Wardens FC- Rending
    5 Knights of Ryma, Muso

    Sky Sloop
    2x SGR

    Thoughts on the match up:
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    The Stank, Cannon and Mortar are the real problems in this list. I have good answers for all the cav and infantry but if I lose the dragon or get two of my blocks crippled by the mortar on the way in it will be a hard fight.

    I’m debating the path choice as both pyro and div have a place in this match up. It will depend on the final deployment type and the terrain.

    However, I think the Wardens/Spear Prince will be very tough for him to deal with as they could probably munch through every unit in his army.

    Overall, it’s not a great match up for me, but there are 3 empire lists virtually identical to this one so I was bound to play it at one point or another.

    Scenario and Deployment:
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    Hold the Ground
    Marching Columns
    Special Objectives: Destroy opponents largest unit by model count, keep opponent out of my deployment zone

    Spell Selection:
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    I took:
    Pyro Dragon Mage: Scorching Salvo, Enveloping Embers, Pyrochastic Flow, Hereditary
    MoCT BSB: Awaken the Beast, Lash, Ravenswing
    He took: Glory of Gold and Fireball

    Display Spoiler

    Terrain: From my left to right we had impassable (cathedral thing in bottom left), field up top, fence midfield, impassable (house in the center), forest in front of my SGRs, field, fence in the center, hill in the upper right

    His Deployment (from my left to right): Knight commander (on oval base), Gryph Knights, 20 Sword and Board with Wizard, Halberds w BSB, Prelate behind, 20 militia, Steam Tank, Rangers behind house, Gryph Knights, 10 crossbows, 12 Electoral Cav, Mortar behind, Cannon, Rangers
    My Deployment (from my left to right): Reavers, Ryma Knights, Green Spears, Wardens with MoCT BSB and Spear Prince, 2 SGRs on the backline, Dragon Mage, Sky Sloop, Blue Spears, Reavers
    I dropped everything for first turn as soon as I could and away we went!

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:

    Display Spoiler
    The positioning of the house was extremely favorable as I could position the dragon to pick on artillery hill without threat of being hit by the stank’s cannon next turn
    On my left the Ryma Knights moved up to zone the Knight Commander and Gryph Knights
    In the center the Green Spears and Wardens move up to threaten his approach on the objective but not risk any charges. Dragon positions behind the house with artillery hill in her sights.
    On the right Blue Spears, Dragon and Sloop position to threaten the advance of the Gryph knights and Electoral Cav

    I focus mainly on the cannon, my opponent stopped pyro flow and enveloping but had to let through the hereditary and scorching salvo. I take 3 wounds off the cannon with some lucky rolls
    Shooting: The right SGR and sloop finish off the cannon. This panics the Electoral Cav who run off the board…whoa! The other SGR misses the stank with a single bolt.

    Double Cannon Empire- Turn 1:
    Display Spoiler

    Brutal turn 1 to lose a cannon and a huge cavalry unit that was holding down an entire flank. My opponent took it in stride and stayed positive.
    On my left he breaks the knight commander out of the gryphs and uses him to chaff the Ryma Knights, reasoning that it was unlikely they’d manage to kill him on the charge. The Gryphs move up behind to capitalize on my movements.
    In the center the infantry line shuffles forward and he uses his two remaining rangers from behind the house to chaff up my Wardens.
    On my right the gryphs move up to threaten any movement from my dragon mage or spears on that side

    Magic: Nothing of note
    Shooting: He misfires with his mortar and can’t shoot. His crossbows plink off a spearman

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:
    Display Spoiler

    I charge my Wardens into his chaffing rangers, who flee, roll really poorly and I catch them.
    On my left, I adjust the Ryma knights to continue zoning and leave them a comfortable lane to flee if the Knight Commander charges.
    In the center the green spears shift to the left to keep everything in front arc
    On the right the dragon mage swings around the flank of the Gryph Knights and the Blue Spears move up to occupy the fence

    Magic: I manage a couple wounds on the stank with lash and I move the Ryma Knights back out of charge range of the Knight Commander with Ravenswing
    Shooting: I manage 4 wounds on the mortar, not quite enough to kill it.

    Double Cannon Empire- Turn 2:
    Display Spoiler
    On my left he moves out the Gryph Knights to cover more zoning, but gives me a fairly makable charge with the Ryma Knights, Knight Commander charges the green spears and reavers who both flee
    Central infantry move up slightly and militia angle to chaff my Wardens. Steam Tank tries to power into my dragon and falls short by 1 inch (needed a 14). Whew!
    Gryph Knights charge my blue spears defending the fence.

    Magic: I focus on stopping the 5+ aegis on the militia and end up losing a reaver to a fireball.

    Shooting: Nothing of note

    The Blue Spears tear up the Gryph Knights doing 4 wounds after activating their rending banner. The Gryph Knights kill three in return (the fence helped a lot here). They actually lose the combat by 3, fail their panic and flee. I pursue and catch them and unfortunately I run into the stank.

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:
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    This was a decisive turn as my opponent’s left flank had collapsed completely and I was able to start striking at the heart of his infantry line.

    The Dragon Mage charges the flank of the militia (with an overrun into the flank of the halberds)
    Wardens charge their front
    Ryma Knights charge the Gryph Knights on my left
    Spears and Reavers rally and reform/feigned flight around respectively.
    Sloop starts repositioning centrally but keeping mortar in sight

    Magic: I get off Awaken the Beast on my Wardens to ensure I wipe the militia out to a man
    Shooting: I take off the mortar and put 2 wounds on the Knight Commander
    The Wardens and Dragon wipe out the miltia, the dragon overruns into the flank of the halberds and the Wardens reform to face

    The stank kills loads of spears but they pass their steadfast check and reform to bring more bodies into the fight
    The Ryma Knights push through 5 wounds on the Gryphs and take 3 in return. The Gryphs lose by 4 and fail their break test but outdistance the Ryma Knights on pursuit

    Double Cannon Empire- Turn 3
    Display Spoiler
    On my left my opponent rallies the Gryphs and shifts his Knight Commander and Sword/Board forward to threaten the central objective
    The prelate shifts over to blast the Wardens

    Magic: I focus on stopping 5+ aegis and he gets off re-roll to wounds
    The dragon brutally murders a champion, the halberds pass their test to reform and shift to minimize the frontage the Wardens can charge.
    The stank continues to crush spears who hold

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 4:
    Display Spoiler
    The Wardens go into the halberds
    Reavers chaff up the Knight Commander
    Ryma Knights shuffle around the arc of the Gryph Knights as I’m not sure I can take the return attacks with only 2 left
    Green Spears advance to get in range of the secondary

    Magic: I focus on buffing the Wardens
    Shooting: I manage to take the last wound off a gryph knight and the last wound off the Knight Commander
    The stank wipes out the spears
    The Wardens and dragon combine to kill 20 halberds. They are no longer steadfast and flee, I fail to catch with either unit, but as an added bonus the prelate fails his Dis 9 test and flees.

    Rest of Game:
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    My opponent manages to rally the halberds, but the prelate continues to flee. The remaining gryph knight hides successfully and the sword and board go into my spears.

    By the end I managed to push his prelate off the board and finish up his halberds with both the wizard and the BSB. All he had left at the end were 2 rangers, a Gryph Knight and the Steam Tank.

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
    Display Spoiler

    This really was not a great match up for me on paper, but a few things really swung it my way. The central house letting me protect my dragon mage from being hit by both cannons in a single phase was huge. The fact that it was within 24” of the cannon allowing that Turn 1 kill with little risk was huge for me. The cherry on top of that sundae was the Electoral Cav fleeing as well. Alex was fighting from behind at that point.
    I feel like everything else went to plan, pyro was huge in the match up letting me clean up the artillery and threaten enveloping on his big block every turn.
    I ended up with a 20-0 on standard scoring and then got max points for both of my special objectives putting me at 24 points after game 1.
    I knew I’d be on Table 1 after this and after lunch had a fairly good idea of what I’d be facing…
    Stay tuned!

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