2.0 BETA Games- Infernal Zoo Game 4

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  • Yvraine felt the customary shivers run up and down her spine as Eingana swept through the Veil, banking they circled the clearing at the base of the mountain as her troops continued to pass through the Veil and form up into defensive posture.

    With all in order and a moment to collect her thoughts Yvraine reflected on the events of the past three days. Their easy victory over the humans had allowed her forces to arrive at the nest before any other corporeal egg hunters…but not before the scions of Vanaadra. The Wrath demons had absconded with the precious eggs and were already withdrawing their forces with their prize when the Sea Dragon Host arrived.

    Deep in the volcanic underbelly of the mountain her forces had matched blades with the hellish hosts. Her magics had carried the day blasting a fearsome Scourge from the sky as her bolt throwers skewered a foul winged Prince. Leaderless, the hordes of Wrath had lost their advantage giving Yvraine time to effect a withdrawl, the dragon eggs safely in her saddle bags.

    As the last of her Spearelves emerged from the Veil a dust plume on the horizon caught her eye, with an unspoken word Eingana strove higher into the air, eyes narrowed on the growing cloud. The sun glinted off wickedly curved scythes as a squadron of chariots crested the rise…Dread Elves! Yvraine examined her options and crystalized a plan as she guided Eingana back to the mountainside, she knew her forces could not face a third army in as many days.

    They would have to withdraw into the mountain and take their chances with whatever inhabitants it held, after quick council with her brother they agreed. Yvraine would wipe out the fast moving elements of the Dread Elf force while her forces withdrew into the rock. Her brother and his Wardens would hold the tunnel entrance while she scorched the Dread Elves and cover her escape into the mountain. At that point the entrance would be collapsed to protect their retreat.

    Eingana took to the sky again with a massive down sweep of her wings, Yvraine could already feeling the flames returning to her, in the back of her mind a distant memory floated up of the dwarves who inhabited these mountains millennia ago…a problem for tomorrow…

    Game 4:
    Alright, so after two big wins and a stinging loss on Day 1, I had dropped down the tables to table 4/5 and was hoping for a bit of an easier match up. Originally, I had been matched against a very similar EoS list to my first opponent, but when Day 2 dawned it turned out I was up against Joe and his Dwarven Holds.

    Double Organ Gun Dwarves:
    Rune Smith (General): 2 runes of Lightning, Rune of Devouring, 1+ armor
    Thane (BSB): 1xMight and 1xLightning, Rending Banner, Shield Bearers,1+ armor
    2x Engineers w Crossbows
    2x10 Clan Marksmen with Crossbows and Shields
    28 Grey Beards, HW/Shield, FC- Rending Banner
    16 Deep Watch, FC- Standard of Shielding
    8 Hold Guardians, FC
    2x Steam Copters (in one unit)
    2x Rune Crafted Organ Guns (both were entrenched)

    Sea Dragon Host:
    Display Spoiler

    High Prince General, LA- Destiny’s Call, Spear- Blazing Dawn

    MoCT BSB, HA- Alchemist Alloy, Shield- Willow’s Ward, Spear, Void Talisman

    Wizard Master on Dragon, Essence of a Free Mind (Div/Pyro)

    22 Spears, FC-Rending
    23 Spears, FC- Rending
    2x5 Reavers

    21 Flame Wardens FC- Rending
    5 Knights of Ryma, Muso

    Sky Sloop

    2x SGR

    Thoughts on the Match Up:
    Whew, double entrenched rune crafted organ guns with Engineers. These machines were going to be almost impossible to kill from ranged with my shooting and could give pretty much any unit in my army a really bad time.
    Fortunately, they make up almost 25% of his army so the rest is not super scary, the Deep Watch block is small, there is no killer King, etc. Though the 8 Hold Guardians outmatch my combat units/dragon, they are slow and hard to maneuver.
    I needed to decide at the deployment phase whether I was going to push and try to take down the organ guns…after looking at the terrain and the scenario, I decided to push.

    Deployment/Scenario/Special Objectives:
    Attacker Defender
    I got points if my monsters came within one inch of the tallest terrain feature
    I got points if I killed all my opponents towering presence creatures, in this case, he didn’t have any so I got these points automatically (intended to incentivize people to bring monsters)

    Spell Selection:
    Pyro Master: Pyrochastic Flow, Hereditary, Flaming Swords, Scorching Salvo
    MoCT BSB: Ravenswing, Awaken the Beast, Healing Waters
    Runesmith: Shattering, Gleaming and -1 to Wound

    Terrain and Deployment:
    Terrain from my left to right was: Hill in the middle, impassable tower, forest, hard to see behind the tower, forest bottom right, and hills in top and bottom right corners

    He let me drop first and I dropped everything for first turn, I had from my left to right:
    Ryma Knights, Dragon Mage, Reavers behind tower, Green Spears, Wardens w MoCT and Spear Prince, Sky Sloop, Blue Spears, SGRs along the back line, the second is out of shot on the right on the hill

    He had from my left to right:
    Steam Copters, Hold Guardians, Crossbows, Engineer, Organ Gun, Crossbows, Engineer, Organ Gun, Deep Watch w BSB and Runesmith, Greybeards

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 1:
    So, after seeing the centrally located forest and tower and how my opponent deployed I decided I could push forward and try to take an organ gun out by Turn 2.

    With the orientation of the forest I could get cover from one organ gun and one crossbow unit with the Dragon Mage and did so
    The rest of the battle line moved up with the exception of the Ryma Knights who held back to threaten advance by the Steam Copters

    Magic: I cast the hereditary and my opponent devours it. I manage a couple wounds on the organ gun that I am not getting cover from from a pyro flow

    Shooting: without great targets my SGR pick on crossbows and kill 1-2. The sloop has a shot at the damaged organ gun but does no wounds

    Double Organ Gun Dwarves- Turn 1:
    My opponent moved forward in his center mainly to block charges to his organ gun on my right
    The hold guardians and steam copters moved forward to form a flanking force

    Magic: I stopped Shattering and let Gleaming through on the Deep Watch

    Shooting: Everything he had focused on the Dragon Mage, leaving it one 1 wound remaining when all was said and done. Good thing I got the hereditary up, or he would have been dead!

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 2:
    My opponent had managed to block up my charge lanes/landing spaces and I couldn’t get either the sloop or the dragon into the damaged Organ Gun. I debated this movement a bit but ultimately decided to bring the Wardens and Sloop into the Deep Watch, I chose not to charge the dragon in
    I chaffed the Grey Beards with my Reavers on my right
    I held the Spear units back and the Ryma Knights continued to stay out of range of the Organ Gun/Crossbows while zoning the Copters/Hold Guardians from moving aggressively towards the center

    Magic: I got a big phase and needed to do 2 things, kill the organ gun and heal the dragon. My opponent stopped Oaken Throne and Pyro Flow, but I was able to get Healing Waters on the dragon and Flaming Swords bubble with the attribute doing 2 wounds to the Organ Gun, leaving it with 1 wound remaining…

    Shooting: I killed a couple grey beards for lack of better targets and managed a wound on the exposed engineer

    I wanted to kill the Rune Smith, with the double lightning runes and the casting he was the biggest threat. So my Spear Prince went into him and did one wound…
    The sloop rolled poorly and did nothing
    The Wardens did ok and killed 3-4 Deep Watch
    He killed 3-4 Wardens…and so the grind begins

    Double Organ Gun Dwarves- Turn 2:
    My opponent charges the chaffing Reavers with his Grey Beards
    The Hold Guardians begin sweeping towards the center while the Copters move up to chaff the Ryma Knights

    Magic: I let my opponent get off shattering on my Green Spears to stop the combat buffs

    Shooting: Unfortunately, two organ guns were two much for my 2 wound, 5++ fortitude Dragon Mage and he went down

    Grey beards clean up the Reavers
    The Spear Prince tries once again to kill the Rune Smith and does no wounds…
    The Wardens manage to perform well and kill 5-6
    The Dwarves strike back and manage to take down another 4-5 Wardens, we all stick

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 3:
    Ryma Knights charge the chaffing copters
    Blue Spears sprint past the Grey Beards who left an opening for them to get out of line of sight
    Green Spears position to threaten the Hold Guardians and tempt a charge
    Reavers move up to be useful

    Magic: My opponent was focused on stopping Ravenswing so he let through Awaken the Beast strength on the Wardens and Oaken Throne bringing back a Warden

    Shooting: I manage to take the last wound off the damaged organ gun and the wounded engineer

    I decide to just put everything into the Deep Watch and finish them off. The characters bring me down to just a couple Wardens but don’t do enough back and flee and the Wardens/Sloop pursue and kill them
    Ryma Knights do 5 wounds to the Copters, lose one in return and then run down the copters

    Double Organ Gun Dwarves- Turn 3:
    The Hold Guardians charge the Green Spears who flee quite a ways
    The Grey Beards turn towards my table edge and move forwards

    The crossbows nearest the Wardens turned to shoot them

    Shooting: My opponent manages to kill one more Warden and pling a wound off my Prince/BSB

    Sea Dragon Host- Turn 4:

    My Ryma Knights failed a charge into the Organ Gun, was maybe a 9 on the dice

    The Green Spears failed their rally and kept running

    The Reavers chaff up the Hold Guardians

    The characters and last Flame Warden move up right in front of the Crossbows while the sloop positions itself 15.1 inches from the Organ Gun

    Magic: I manage to get the Toughness buff on the characters/Wardens

    Shooting: I start trying to panic the Grey Beards, killing a number, but no panic

    Rest of the Game:

    My opponent manages to finish off the last Warden and gets the Reavers

    I manage to clean up the Crossbows, Engineer and Organ Gun

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
    Display Spoiler

    I had managed to get a 12-8 on VPs

    I end up with the Blue Spears and Rymas in his deployment and he barely managed to get the Hold Guardians and Greybeards into mine for a tied objective

    On Special Objectives I got 3 points total and my opponent got 2 for a 15-10 final result.

    I made a few mistakes, the biggest was not using the Spear Lord to crush the Deep Watch rather than wasting time with the Rune Smith. I could have easily wiped them out one round earlier, freeing me up to charge his fire base two full turns earlier. This would have won me the objective and preserved 600 pts of Wardens.

    Looking back, I’m not sure pushing with the Dragon Mage was the right call. I probably would have been better served hiding behind the tower and using her to hold my left flank while pushing through Salvo/Cascading from out of LOS.

    At the end of the day, I’m pretty happy to come out with a small to medium win against such a list, I’d typically put this as a red match up for me.

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  • Danrakh -

    As for trying to panic Greybeards - it may be tricky, since they are Fearless ;)

    • Vespacian -

      Fair enough! I can’t tell if it’s my bad memory or if my opponent was taking them, I’ll make sure and remind him!