NA Masters 2018- Battle Report 2

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  • Game 2: Ben Kerr’s Dread Elves

    So after a disappointing loss I was facing Ben in Round 2 with an interesting dread elf list:

    Oracle Master (General)- Cosmology, Magical Heirloom
    Cult Priest (BSB)- 2+, Moraec’s Reaping, Divine Altar
    Assassin- Killy Stuff

    2x 25ish Dread Legionnaires, FC-Rending
    10 Repeater Crossbows, Std- Academy Banner

    2 Krakens
    28 Tower Guard, FC- Some Killy Banner
    5 Yema Acolytes w Champ

    For convenience, The Sea Dragon Host:
    High Prince on a Griffon (General)- Shield, Dragon Armor- Demon Hunters, Diadem of Protection, Lance- Nova Flare
    Order of the Fiery Heart Adept on a Young Dragon(Pyro)- Shield, Heavy Armor- Basalt Infusion, Talisman of Shielding
    Master of the Canreig Tower (BSB)- Shield, Heavy Armor, Void Talisman

    24x Spears, Champ/Std- Relentless
    24x Spears, Champ/Std- Relentless
    2x5 Elein Reavers

    20 Flame Wardens FC- Rending
    5 Ryma Knights
    2x5 Queens Guard
    2 SGRs

    Thoughts on the Matchup:

    I really liked this match up, he was pretty slow moving and had virtually no shooting. Additionally, his magic doesn’t really threaten the fliers and pyro was going to have a field day.
    One risk, was that we had capture the flags and my QG units are a real liability in that mission.

    Deployment/Objective: Frontline Clash/Capture the Flags
    He chose sides and I dropped everything for first turn
    A brief apology for the lack of pictures

    Turns 1-3:

    Pic after my turn 1 move

    I spent the first 3 turns getting my dragon mage/Ryma around his left flank (my right) and my griffon prince around his right flank (my left) and taking off his acolytes/repeater crossbows.

    Unfortunately for Ben with these hard hitters in his flank his spear units were really not in a good place and he’d been quite cautious with his heavy hitters as he was worried about the potential multi-charges

    Turns 4-6:

    The dragon mage and Ryma Knights combined with the blue spears manage to take out the two spear blocks on my right.

    Despite trying all game, Ben failed to take off either QG unit, between bad casting/wounding rolls and my hereditary he just couldn’t get wounds through.
    Ben had some bad luck he really didn’t need when 4 single bolts from by bolt throwers all hit (admittedly in half range) all wounded and he failed all his ward saves to lose the altar BSB in Turn 5.

    I had some bad luck to help ben out and my green spears on my left failed a terror check from a kraken charge and fled off the board, then the Flame Wardens counter charge failed to kill the kraken in 3 rounds of combat (it had only 4 wounds left at the beginning of combat, so this should have happened).

    Results/Thoughts on the Game:

    Ben’s tower guard and krakens were untouched, which was a lot of points, but he’d only managed to get one spear unit and one reaver unit so I was up big with the objective for a 17-3 for the Sea Dragon Host.

    Getting the altar was really lucky and some better rolls from Ben could have seen a tie on the objective if he’d grabbed a QG unit. But ultimately, I think this was a bad match up for Ben. This was the kind of win I needed to put me back into the running and I found myself facing off against a familiar face who had travelled out from Cali with me…

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