The Expeditionary Force

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  • Having had my hobby passion reignited since discovering the 9th Age i have started painting again after an extremely fallow 2015, what i hope to do is manage to complete about 500pts every 2 months or so. Hopefully this will help me paint up most of my unfinished collection/lesser used options (as well as allowing me to start to experiment with greenstuffand conversions).

    Anvilheart observed the small expeditionary force under his command as they settled round the evening campfire, the low grumble from the Greybeards reminiscing was interspersed with laughter as one of the Warriors told a humerous anecdote over his mug of ale. Anvilheart kept himself slightly apart, the burden of command lying heavily upon his shoulders. Captivated by the flickering dance of the campfire flames he stared into its depths as he remembered the meeting that had led to him being here.

    Runic Master Thomm Brighthelmstone, brother to the King, was an imposing figure, wise and powerful in the Runes he stood behind his Anvil of Power fixing the young Runic Smith before him with a stern gaze. His deep sonorous voice broke the silence cutting through the tension. 'The Runes have indicated the importance of the contested lands to the East, and the King has decided the Clan must act to secure the vital region. I have been tasked with the honour of planning this expedition and ensuring its success.' Leaning forward the Runic Master placed both his hands on the magical Anvil 'You are my most promising student but we both know that many would not accept you as things stand, so i am giving you the task of leading the expeditionary force that will trail blaze the route while i finalise the final logistics here. You will command a small force and find a suitable base for the larger force following behind. You may face conflicts on route or in defence of the base site. This is your chanceto prove your ability and justify my faith in you. If this goes well we may be able to avoid the shame that some would look to impose on you.'

    Walking round the Anvil Thomm gestured for his trainee to follow him 'I will introduce you to Old Steine, who will be your second in command.' He paused at the door and looked down intently at his short (for a Dwarf) trainee 'I will introduce you as "Anvilheart", until you have proven yourself you must remain disguised, so ensure you keep your armour and helmet with you at all times. Keep up the charade of an accident resulting in horrific scars as the excuse for this.' After pausing to ensure his point had been understood he continued 'Old Steine has seen alot and his experience will be invaluable to you, so listen to him but trust your judgement and your ability to read the Runes.'

    Anvilheart was broken out of his reverie by the approach of Old Steine 'Ah laddie, scars or no, you will feel better with a mug of ale down you. There is no shame in your scars, take your helmet off and join me' The old Greybeard smiled through his luxurious white beard. Anvilheart declined the offer with a shake of his head 'Any news of tomorrow?' he asked, his harsh husky voice further distorted by his helmet. Old Steine nodded ' Aye the lads on sentry have spotted other campfires out on the plains, we may face opposition tomorrow.'

    The first 500pts or so
    The leader of the expeditionary force 'Anvilheart' the Runic Smith

    Volks Hearthguard, warriors with precision throwing axes

    Old Steine's Silverguard, greybeards with mighty axes

    Well supported by the Ballista, Giants Needle

    A standing stone, nice little objective marker

    The full expeditionary force of Clan Brighthelmstone


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    Very cool blog and I love the fluff :)